Lipo on Upper and Lower Abs and Flanks(sides) - Chicago, IL

Here are my stats: 5'7-155lbs 38 years old and...

Here are my stats: 5'7-155lbs 38 years old and female w/no kids, who is happily married to her job :-) So happy in fact she's kinda put all her time in energy into her job that she doesn't get the exercise she once did and has a tummy that was NEVER there before.

Ok, gonna stop talking in third person. I'm getting lipo on my upper and lower abs and flanks in 2 days and was once nervous but now excited as hell!

I've mentally prepared for the recovery period, which is something I didn't do 13 years ago for my boob job, and fell into a depression of sorts because of it. Im an independent busy body, so having to go slow and depend on others doesn't come easy for me. However, that procedure was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I went from being a hippy girl with size A boobs to balancing my body with full Cs. I felt more like a woman. Now--like then--I've got no boyfriend, don't really care what others think, and doing it strictly for myself. It's kinda a gift to myself for everything I put into my climb up the ladder, AND a way for me to jump start my healthy lifestyle. Can. Not. Wait!

I'm going to post before pics tomorrow and OF COURSE afters as well. I'm spiritual so I'm gonna ask for prayers. I don't care who or what you pray to, I'll take it! Whether it's Buddah, Jesus, Mary, Medusa, or your favorite pair of panties...a prayer is a piece of love and I LOVE love :)
lipo buddy! how are you doing today? getting nervous??? :)

Before Pics!!!

Going in for my Pre-Op today! Then tomorrow's the big day!!!
I grew up in Chicago (Lombard)...congrats on your upcoming surgery I am sure you will LOVE the new you. I already love my results even though I am still swollen. I really hadn't prepared myself for the recovery time as I thought I had. I am a little over a week in and pissed that I can't go jet skiing this weekend, I HATE missing out on fun. :-(
Reply may miss skiing this weekend but you'll be working it next Summer :) By the way...did I mention I'm moving to Dallas at the end of this month? Yeah, I gotta lot going on :-p
Girl...running around like crazy to prepare. Im actually excited. ive psyched myself up, remembering I'll be staying in a hotel, so trying to look at it as a surgical vaycay, lol!!! Don't bust my bubble ;) I've mentally prepared myself for the pain, but after posting these pics. I feel more confident going in. I'll be prepping nutritious casseroles tonight and putting them in the fridge for my arrival back home. How are you sista lipo??!!!

Day of... hotel won't let me check in yet, however I did get to check my baggage---thank goodness.

Now I've got an hour before I have to be at the surgery center and just walking around the city for a bit. Maybe I'll go in a little early so they can start me on drugs, lol---I'm SO HUNGRY AND THIRSTY!!!!

Anywho...the next time you hear from me, I'll be closer to my goal and on pain meds. Again, prayers are welcome :-)
Wishing you much luck on your surgery. Btw I love your introduction. :) I know you will enjoy your new body, just take it easy. Keep us posted.
thinking of you honey. hope your ok! xxx
Oh wow I use to live in Dallas (undergrad UTA) it is a great city! And I totally agree this new body is totally worth missing that outing...they are NOT going to be ready next summer. Heck its this summer (fall might as well be included with summer as it doesn't really cool off til late Nov/Dec) I plan on wearing some half tops and jet skiing before! :-P Said I prayer for you hun.

In and out due to meds....

...but TOTALLY worth it! Dr. D is fabulos and his team rocks. Should you go to him you HAVE to meet the RN there, Marilyn. You won't meet a better person.

Not in what I consider pain. More discomfort. Little high on drugs. So talk tomorrow...
Thanks man! I'm sore today, but not as much as I thought I'd be. Hey...NOT complaining ;)

The Gross Part... Don't look at these pics aren't for the faint...

Drain-Drain-Drain. So, I put down plastic bags and covered them with absorbent HUGE beach towels and placed a beach towel on top of my tummy to not mess up the hotel sheets...yeah. Didn't work. I'll definitely be paying for those. Anywhoo. I've added pics of only HALF of the gauze I went through last night. Yes, they look bloody but they're supposed to. The fluids that's squirted inside you isn't red, however, if there's even ONE drop of blood caught on its way outta the incisions, it's gonna be bright red. Don't freak out.

I'm including the gross pics, because I believe people should mentally prepare, that you don't just get this done, and then bam all is right in the world. Preparing mentally is the biggest piece of the puzzle. It's made it easier for me. Post more later today.

Gross Pic #1

Gross Pic #1

Gross Pic #2

Gross Pic #2

Hoping you have a smooth recovery! Rest up and so keep us updated with your progress!


2 Days post op

First off, thanks for your support and prayers. greatly appreciated. Tips for those who haven't had the procedure yet: 1)Have gauze or maxi pads the first day to tape with surgical tape afterwards over your incisions. You're gonna drain like crazy...which is AWESOME because what drains out is just less fluid your body has to absorb. 2)Keep your garment on. It DOES reduce swelling, and those who say it doesn't...well, lucky them. 3) Stay hydrated. I had Gatoraide and tons of water, which has kept me peeing, but has also helped eliminate some of the swelling.
Ok...that's it for now as far as tips. Unlike a lot of people who've posted GORGEOUS day-after pics, I was told to not take my garment off until today at my first post op appt. And I am following doc's orders like it's my job! So these pics are 2 days post op, so swelling has kicked in and seems to be mainly in my lower abs. Oh, also my legs are swollen. Doc says it gravity pulling the fluid down, so I'm now propping my legs up and it's helping. I'll keep you guys posted on the progress. Again, thanks for the love.
Hello lovely. How are u feeling today?
Hey pretty girl! Feeling sluggish because of pain meds. Thinking I'm stopping those today and start hitting the Tylenol harder. Besides that I've got that sunburn feeling folks talk about on here. NOT FUN. But all in all everything else is good. Oh, and started my period. Haha!
Looking good Chi-town!

Day 4 Post Op

1.Not as swollen as I thought I might be, but wearing my garment religiously.
2. Gonna stop taking pain meds today. They just put me out of it, and I want to have the wherewithal to actually KNOW what's going on with my body.
3. Started my period today...early?? Hmmm.
4. My vajayjay is SWOLLEN!!! Geeeez! SO WEIRD. But that's where the fluid settles I'm told. There and in lower abs.
5. Everything below the waist is swollen...all the way to my ankles. My ankles are cankles!
6. Got that crappy sunburn feeling on my left side...ugh! I've been told that's the nerves healing. Yeah, not fun.
7.Not gonna weigh myself until the 2 month mark. WAAAY too up and down on that thing right now.
8. Getting my second ultrasound massage today and getting sutures out also.
9. Go back to work tomorrow. Boo! Haha!
10. Talk tomorrow!
yea i stopped them 2 days ago because of vomiting and headaches. have u gone to the bathroom yet?
I pooped on Monday and then this morning. I'm contributing it to Starbucks ;-)
oh thats great news. i had to eat baby food. stewed prunes. was quite nice! hahah

Day 8

Swelling down on legs, ankles, and feet.

Not a lot of change in the way i look. However, I've had 3 ultrasound massages and while it's hell while it's in motion, it feels SO GOOD once it's over. Ahhh...I highly recommend them. They also told me to give myself massages. I try, but they're nothing like what they give. Wow, just wow.

My garment has now become my favorite accessory. Primarily because it keeps swelling at a minimum. I feel lost without it.

My doc put 4 incisions in me for the procedure, and stitched 2 up and left two open. He removed the sutures a couple days ago and they're fine but one of the "open" ones is still draining a tiny bit. Nothing big, but thought I'd mention it.

That's it for now. I hear day 10 is usually a biotch, so I'll let you guys know. Haha!
Hey there! I am happy that the surgery was a success and that you had a speedy recovery. Your looking good girl.
you know what sucks right now babe? im getting my sex drive back and theres not a lot anyone can do about it! haha
Just saw this!!! Bwahahaha!!!!

2 Week Mark...

So here's a brief up to date status at 2 weeks:

I'm a little sore at night but during the day, I'm pretty much good as gold. At night I talk a couple of extra strength Tylenol and I'm good. My pace walking is getting faster and I'm able to sleep on both my sides and tummy.

I'm taking Zinc, B- complex, Vitamin C, and Bromine. Been taking those since day after surgery and I contribute that and wearing my garment like it's my job to my nearly no bruising and minimal swelling(well, minimal in comparison to some pics I've seen).

Every now and then I'll feel a nerve or two tingle of cause a burning sensation, but not nearly as bad as last week. Well, that's it for now. I'll keep you guys updated :-) Oh, and I've added some more pics...
I love the before and after pic of you leaning over...I plan on doing the same pose as it shows a lot. Glad you got the great results....rock on!
Okay, So I thought you looked pretty good before.... But now , Look out world! You look great! Happy Healing!
Thanks so much Ava!!!

Dr. Michael Damen at Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Institute

I'm sorry, in all my excitement I haven't mentioned the facility name of where I've had both Lipo and now Perlane-L administered.


And by the way, the Liposuction and Cosmetic Institute in Chicago do more treatments than anyone else in the country. That is a fact.

If you're in the Midwest and choose to do fillers or lipo, then Dr. Damen in Chicago is the person you want to go with. He and his team are AMAZING. After doing the lipo 16 days ago, I decided to have Dr. Damen administer under eye filler.
I'm not going to trust my face and body to just anyone. Once you take a look at his credentials, you'll understand why being the anal person I am, chose Dr. Damen. I suggest you go here:
He takes his time in the consultation and that's what you want. I've had a bad experience with Botox with another doctor who didn't take his time, so I admire Dr. Damen for being methodical in both consultations and answering ALL of my crazy questions.

Again, just wanted to give the team there a shout out!
hi babes! how are you? did u move yet?
Thanks! Yeah, glad I did that one :) Good luck and you rock on!

1 month 1 day post op

Just some pics. Still wearing the garment at night and girdle to work. They're like my security blankets :-)
What a figure! You've gone back in time, your like 18 again! Just lovely results, you might have just reinspired me to ga ahead and get mine done. I hated my BR recovery, so was seriously considering skipping the TT, but after seeing you, might need to do it.
Very nice,love it!!
Thanks DaRo! How's it going??

Just some photos...

Incredible results, you are looking great wow. I am on Day 2 Post-OP and just looking to others for inspiration and also something to look forward to. :)
hang in there my friend!!!! it's worth it :-) happy healing!
You look amazing!
Dr. Michael Damen

Dr. Damen is phenomenal! He loves what he does and takes it seriously and uses an artistic approach in helping you to achieve your goals. He, Annee, and the entire team are fabulous. Can't say enough good things. You're also very lucky if on surgery day you have Marilyn for your nurse, she's an angel. I trust them so much, that I'll be getting fillers next. I'll keep you updated!

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