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I am 26yrs old, 5'4, 150 pounds.I have two...

I am 26yrs old, 5'4, 150 pounds.I have two beutiful children. I have always wanted lipo. I would like to loose about 25 pounds, I know lipo is not a weight loose surgery. Should I loose weight first or get the lipo firts. Im so confussed and stressed out because I have no idea what doctor to go to. I have gone to see 3 diffrent dr. that claim to be the best but I dont want to rush and go with the wrong dr.

I have an appointment wensday I have a good...

I have an appointment wensday I have a good feeling about this dr. I hope hes the one. I do have to admit Im getting scared with all these storys off people who said the lipo went wrong and getting an infection. My husband is being really supportive Im lucky to have him otherwise I would have gone nuts finding the right dr. is harder than I thought!!! I will try and post some pic. soon

So I finaly found the doctor that made me feel...

So I finaly found the doctor that made me feel comfortable. The doctor and his staff were very nice and answer all my questions. I have never seen a doctor spend so much time for a consultation, all the others always seemed rushed. The day of the surgery was March 14th 2013. Oh MY GOD the pain is not what I expected seriously for 4 days after surgery was very painfull. Its been two weeks after my surgery and I feel much better and Im able to go back to work now. I am still swollen but I can see a huge diffrence already. Im so happy I took my time to find a Dr. Even though it was painfull I would not think twice to do it again.
Dr. Micheal A. Epstein, MD,FACS

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At your age losing hose extra pounds will not be very difficult with exercise and diet, however vaser lipo is such an unbelievable shortcut. loosening of skin depends upon individual skin laxity .Go ahead!
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hi tj3745- i know how u feel....i have 2 kids and weight and measure the same like you.....i had vaser on 1/13/2012....and i am not happy with my results. so you know, if u dont have tight abdominal skin....lipo is not a great'll end up with flacid loose skin and may end up needing a tummy tuck. if u do decide to do it...make sure he is good doctor...and he removes enough fat...i can show u pics if you want.
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I would really apritiate if you show me some pic. thats what im affraid of having loose skin and needing a tummy tuck. I had a c section with my second baby and it is no joke! I was in so much pain and would not want to go threw that again.
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send me ur email in private.
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I'm not sure about the medically correct advice for your question but to me I would say find an eating program you can stick to - not a fad - have the lipo and you will find it is a great motivator to to keep yourself looking great. My big advice is to look at Vaser Lipo - I wouldn't consider any other after having had this done myself. As for the weight loss I have down loaded an app called "myfitnesspal" which is just a good old fashioned calorie counter, energy in/energy out - It advises the calorie intake you require to loose or maintain the wait you want - it makes eating flexible, you can still have a treat, you can still eat carbs, you can still be normal but it makes you think about everything you put in your mouth - I've tried so many things that work short term but are never sustainable forever as they are unrealistic forever - to me this is a sensible sustainable way to watch your weight and it's free. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide...
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Do submental lipo under the chin before weightloss if you'll have too little fat left afterward for Dr to do the lipo there, when part of your reason for doing the submental lipo is so the resultant scar tissue will help tighten things up under there.
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What??? Thats the dumbest thing I've heard lately. This lady is talking about having liposuction for weight loss and your telling her to have lipo under her chin? Good grief! Dont listen to this woman. If your wanting lipo to lose weight, then it wont work. Liposuction is used to reshape or sculpt your body. You should try losing the weight first and if you have problem areas that look bad, then lipo would be a consideration. I just had lipo on my upper arms, inner/outer thighs, trunk, and hips. It was very hard on my body but I am liking my results so far. I lost weight first and got within 15 lbs. of my ideal weight before surgery. I havent lost any weight so far. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)
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I dont want lipo to loose weight I know its only to sculp the body. Im considering getting lipo in my inner thighs too and dependig on the results I might not want to loose so much weight and exercise to tone up. How did you decide on the doctor .
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us.

You are correct that Lipo isn't a weight loss tool, as there is a maximum that a doctor is allowed to remove during a procedure. Also, in order to keep the weight off, you have to have to eat healthy and have an exercise regime.

Whether or not you have lipo before or after weight loss really depends on you, your body and your doctors advice. It would be best to have a few consultations with different doctors, get their advice and find someone you feel comfortable with.

You can use our doctor finder feature, to find board certified doctors throughout the USA and Canada.

Hope this helps!

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