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Longer, Thicker, Darker Beautiful Lashes - Chicago, IL

I have a problem every spring with my lashes...

I have a problem every spring with my lashes falling out due to allergies. I was determined not to have it happen this year when I heard about this new product.

I have been using latisse for approximately 8 wks and notice longer, thicker and darker lashes and have gotten dozens of compliments already.

My concern was the side affect of it changing my eye color because I have very light eyes, but I haven't experienced any of this or any other side affects.For me, it was deifinitely worth the cost. I can't wait until the full results!

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Very down to earth. Takes time to listen to your concerns

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It's a moot point now. I ran out of Latisse and can't afford $120 for more. I ordered Lumigan from overseas, but was told it will be a couple of weeks until it arrives. Good luck, all of you/
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Has your Lumigan arrived yet?? Don't worry, you won't lose what you've gained, whilst waiting. It takes several months for your lashes to revert back to shorties!
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Actually (hopefully someone will correct me) but I thought I read the other day that Bimatoprost (Latisse/Lumigan active ingredient) DOES increase the number of melanocytes in the lash follicle/cortex (or wherever it is!).They are what give color/darkness - so maybe...
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Hi- yes, my lashes are longer, thicker and darker. I really don't know how they became darker, but I understand that sometimes the product can darken the color of skin along the lash line. No, I have not tried lumigan,but that might be an option for me, it is half the cost.
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Hi -- you say your lashes are longer, thicker and darker. How would they get darker? Does Latisse changethe pigment in the hair follicle? Also, haveyou tried the Lumigan, which isless expensive?
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