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I'm on aligner 22/35 top 22/30 bottom. So...

I'm on aligner 22/35 top 22/30 bottom. So far my teeth look 100 percent better, but the top aligner has a dip in the middle. However, my protruding teeth are gone, and my bottom row is almost completely straight. Another concern is what my bite will end up like, my jaw has been tired lately.

Thanks for correcting that and I'll let you know after my next appointment.

So glad to hear you can see such an improvement!

Have you had a chance to discussed your concern about your bite, or the way your jaw has been feeling with your dentist?

Yeah he told me that it should straighten out and if not I can get a refinement. As for my jaw being tired and my bite I haven't spoke with him yet, but soon. And the Dr. That is listed isn't the right one. Mine is Dr. Robert Girgis, he's an orthodontist.

I'm on aligner 28/35 upper - 28/30 lower and...

I'm on aligner 28/35 upper - 28/30 lower and the dip in the middle of the aligner is almost gone. I actually found out the my two front teeth were chipped and became somewhat shorter then the other two teeth from having a bad bite. My jaw feels fine now also from the rubber bands. Only complaint is I hope my over bite/ overjet is corrected sooner then later.

These are pictures taken at the orthodontist...

These are pictures taken at the orthodontist office before I decided what kind of braces to get, if any.

Thanks, and my orthodontist said that everyone is different as far as how there teeth move, especially when correcting an overbite or overjet. I've just been told to be very diligent about wearing them, it could be until the end of my treatment (18 more weeks). I may have to get refinements if it takes longer. The sooner the better. I have only had the invisalign for 1 year and 2 weeks. My estimated time is 18 months..and I have 15 months of aligners.

I see. Well I will be hoping you are able to be completely done in 15 months - because wouldn't that be great?!! But glad to know you are prepared to do refinements if needed. :)


Glad to hear an update from you!

Thanks for posting the pictures. That helps a ton so we can see what is going on. :)

You have had quite a bit of straightening & your teeth are looking nice. So glad to hear your jaw is feeling better!

Since you mentioned your concern about your overjet & overbite, I'd be curious to hear if your dentist has given you an idea of how much correction to expect for that?


Alright so I am officially done with my first...

Alright so I am officially done with my first series of Invisalign aligners and I could not be more happy with the results. My orthodontist has reshaped my two top incisor teeth that used to be fangs so they match up with my two front incisors ( I will have them reshaped again once I am completely done with the program). I have all the attachments taken off also. I do have some white spots and decalification but my orthodontist said he will take care of that as well once I am completely done. I took new impressions today and should receive my refinements within 4-6 weeks. In the mean time, I have been told to wear my aligners at night until my other retainers are made which should be available within a week. The only things that I have left to correct is my overjet/overbite and a little more movement for the left side of the top arch. In addition to a few millimeters for my bottom front tooth to move. I am not sure how much more treatment time I have but I have done about 15 months so far.
Thank you, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for giving us an update and posting the pictures - things are looking really good!!  I'm glad you are getting the refinements so you can get things improved even a bit more. Looking forward to hearing how that goes!


I just posted a new picture of what my teeth look...

I just posted a new picture of what my teeth look like, my mid-line is now centered when i close my mouth. I still have a few millimeters to go on the left until my bite is even on both sides. I have about 5 months left if everything goes as planned. I will have them reshaped as soon as everything is done. They are uneven from having a poor bite prior to my treatment, I had them shaped a little bit.

I agree with ocdave - looking good!

Has your dentist discussed how they plan to do the reshaping of your teeth? I'm assuming for your case they are going to do a little bonding?

I asked my ortho about bonding and he said I have enough enamel left to shape them. Basically I have my 2 front teeth on the right in picture slimmed down. My left upper next to my incisor will be shaped a bit more. I was thinkin bonding but bonding isn't reliable, it breaks and chips. Plus they have to shave my teeth anyways to get the bonding to adhere. I wish I didn't chip
My 2 front to begin with but once those few are shaped they will look even. I'll post after pictures.

Oh, that is great if you have enough enamel to shape them! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your progress. :)

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