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I am so disappointed. Almost 6 weeks ago, I had...

I am so disappointed. Almost 6 weeks ago, I had fat repositioning on lower eyes and I look older and hollow. I can still see a fat bulge under my right eye and the skin underneath my eye either has discoloration or bruising. I was thinking I would be further along at this point, because of other photos and reviews I've seen on here and other sites. I'm so discouraged and depressed. My doctor says I need to be patient and see what happens.


I'm sorry you aren't liking your results so far.  Please be patient, it takes months before you see any results.  I hope things start to get better!
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So sorry to hear that your results were not positive. I'm scheduled to have surgery on upper and lower eyelids in April, and your story makes me really take note that surgery is surgery, and it's serious and, unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong. Also sorry to hear that this has left you feeling sad and depressed. Do take heed re: other's advice such as helenag that the healing process takes time and differs from person to person. In the mean time, would little things help? E.g., have you noticed even small improvements over these last few weeks? Would make-up help camouflage the discoloration and bruising? Any foods that could accelerate the process -- e.g., I've seen others suggest pineapple, arnica, etc., to help with swelling. Wishing you the very best!
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Yes, I have noticed slight improvement. I'm just a nervous wreck. Hopefully it will all get better in time.
Dr. Douglas

Not helpful. Doesn't explain things and not supportive.

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