22 Y.o. with Hollow Eye - Chicago, IL

I am interested in getting tear trough fillers,...

I am interested in getting tear trough fillers, but I am a bit nervous about the healing process. I average 8-9 hours of sleep each night, have a healthy low-sodium diet, yet the hollows are persistent. I am assuming it is hereditary. I'm looking to find the best doctor in the Chicagoland area to go to so my mind can be at ease. Any recommendations?
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You have to see someone that you feel comfortable and can trust. Make sure to go to an oculo-facial plastic surgeon. and make sure they use cannula to inject the fillers.
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Hey (: I just wanna say, I think your very brave for coming on here and sharing your little story lol. I don't normally comment on public posts, but because you were the same age as me, well I thought I could start a conversation off with you lol. I'm 22, and from New Zealand & have a similar problem to yours. But mine is from lack of sleep, & not eating the correct foods. Was wondering if you have any suggestions for me that I could do, (differently) to help me be confident again (: please & thank you lol.
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You can use our Find a Doctor feature to research doctors in your area that are experienced with under eye filler.  Based on what I've seen from other users, the downtime is pretty quick- it just depends how much you bruise.  It seems to vary from person to person.  
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