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Am an active 30 year old (125 lbs) who eats...

am an active 30 year old (125 lbs) who eats healthy and exercises regularly. Regardless of how many squats I do, I have been struggling with cellulite since my mid 20’s. I have been self conscious of my thighs for many years now and finally decided to do something about it. I began researching non-invasive cellulite remedies and came upon “endermologie” or lipo-massage”. After investigating Endermologie, I found that it is an FDA approved treatment that has been around since the 1980’s (in France) to increase blood flow, stimulate lymphatic drainage and remove toxins trapped by skin tissues. The motorized device gently folds the skin that smoothes the deep skin tissue, which in-turn reduces the appearance of cellulite. These are NOT my words, as I thought I would share what my findings were. After having an understanding of the procedure, it made sense to me to give it a shot! And, WOW! It literally feels amazing – like a deep tissues massage & I began noticing a change in my skin after 2 sessions (don’t be discouraged though - many don’t notice until 6-10 treatments). I have now completed 13 Endermologie Treatments and 2 Ultrasound Cavitation Treatments and can honestly say I don’t think I have ever looked this good. My skin has completely transformed and doesn’t even dimple when I cross my legs (you know what I’m talking about ladies J). I also started losing inches around the 10th treatment and am now 1-2 sizes smaller than when I began. This is not a treatment that supplements exercise, so I continued my regular workout regimen & didn’t alter my diet. Please let me know if you have any questions – I am happy to help b/c so many women struggle with cellulite and I finally found something that works!!
Inga Dorochova

One more key thing to mention is to go to a certified technician who knows what he/she is doing. I have heard stories of others’ experiences which were completely different from mine. If you live in Chicago or the Northern Suburbs, I highly recommend Inga Dorochova. She truly knows what she is doing with these machines and is very experienced. She practices at 2 locations - downtown Chicago & Buffalo Grove (She goes by Adena in BG). The website is http://www.endermologiechicago.com/.

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Hi! How much is each session? Or is it $1000 for a group of sessions? Thanks
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It was $1000 for 10 sessions
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thanks for the review! i'm a fairly thin girl (...though i *could* be more active...) & it's helpful to hear from someone whose cellulite isn't due to excess weight. i know everyone's different, but it's cool to see that endermologie worked for someone in a similar boat. i'm becoming more and more interested in this procedure! i was wondering - how frequent were your sessions?
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I started w/ 2x per week for a month, now just started 1x per week and next month will switch it to 2x per month. Yes- I'm a size 2, but no matter what had cellulite. This really works.
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The first 10 I did twice a week, then I dropped down to once a week, and now I am going once every other week. Your body begins recognizing the procedure and tightens more and more. The goal is to get your skin to the point where you only have to go once a month.
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any chance you have before and after pics? I read a review saying that its only temporary and you have to continue treatments to maintain, what is your opinion? I know its not a cure but if your cellulite goes back to exactly how it was if you stop treatment but continue to look after yourself its a little disheartening. Would you think that it offers improvement that becomes the new normal? I sound similar to you and have minimal but noticeable cellulite on backs, sides and front of thighs (and butt) but after working out 10 hours a week + about 30-40 miles running I want to feel better wearing shorts and bikinis as the rest of me is slim (being dramatically underweight is the only way I get rid most of it but I then have chicken ribs sticking out and hollow cheeks which is not healthy)
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Hi there! Inga took a before pic, but we keep forgetting to take an after pic! I will post them once I have them available... From what I understand, it becomes the "new norm". I now go once a week, but after next week I'm going to change it to twice/month. I went on a motorcycle trip and didn't go for two weeks (a LOT of sitting and drinking = cellulite). It took one 35 minute treatment to bring me back to where I was prior to the trip. Your body begins "recognizing" the treatment, therefore needing to go less often. Eventually, I plan to go just once a month. I don't mind b/c it FEELS AMAZING!! It gets pricey, but I justified it bc it makes me feel good about myself & you only live once ;)
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Forgot to mention. If you are looking for a permanent treatment - I would recommend the ultrasound cavitation. They have the machine in the Chicago location. I did this twice and noticed instant results. This is permanent results
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Wow!  Congrats on such amazing results and thanks for sharing!

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No problem :)
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