Don't Give Up on Yourself! Derma Roller Does Work - Chicago, IL

Hey I would just like to post my experience with...

Hey I would just like to post my experience with the derma roller. Prior to ever using the derma roller my tummy was very crepey and had a lot of loose skin due to me having a 10 lb baby and gaining 50lbs during my pregnancy! I purchased the derma roller in February and this has been my third roll since then I have had greeeaat results!


Oh, wow. You look great! Do you have any more info on how you achieved this?
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Please let me know how often you have been using it and what was the care with oils or serums before treatment. Please help me, I have same problem after 2 pregnancies and I am very disapointed. Thanks
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Please tell me you derma rolling routine! I have loose skin as well :( what Dermaroller are you using? What products are you using? Thanks!
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