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I made appointments with four doctors for this. I...

I made appointments with four doctors for this. I live in Illinois. Wish there were doctors in Illinois who participanted in the trials. They would have more experience. My first appointment is tomorrow with a Dr. Mir Joffrey in Schaumburg. The other three are Dr. Kenneth Stein, Dr. Fenner, and Dr. John Bull. I found all my referrals on the company website, www.cellulaze.ca website. I will keep you posted with more info after I talk to them. This is very exciting; however, I wish it wasn't so darn expensive. :(


Thanks for starting your review so early! I'm very excited to hear how each of your consults go!! I'm assuming you will be flying to different cities for each doctor then?

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I was very impressed by Dr. Joffrey today. He...

I was very impressed by Dr. Joffrey today. He seemed very, very, knowledgable. I would have loved to schedule surgery with him; however, I can't afford it. It would be $9,500, which would cover front of thighs,($5,000) ,outer thigh ($2,500), and butt ($2,000). Will update you on Dr. Stein. My appointment with him is next week.


To Carol1125...did you meet with Dr John Bull? If so what were your thoughts?
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Hi chgoflory, No, I cancelled the appointment and flew out to New Jersey to have it done with Dr. Dibernardo. He had the most experience and that was the deciding factor.
I just found this site and I wanted to come in and post here since you mentioned dr. ken stein. Just like carol, i thought Dr. Stein was friendly and trustworthy. My Cellulaze procedure was not as expensive as what carol was quoted, but I do not know why (less area to treat?). I did go with Dr. Stein because of his background and how comfortable he made me feel. I'm so happy I did! Most of the comments about the pain and what it was like immediately after are what I experienced, and 3 months later I definitely see results. 100% of my cellulite isn't gone yet, but I'd say it's maybe 75%. I think I will write a review for Dr. Stein too because I really recommend him.
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