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To finally rid myself of the emotional and...

To finally rid myself of the emotional and physical discomfort these things have caused since the day they came in!

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I have hated my boobs pretty much since the day I...

I have hated my boobs pretty much since the day I noticed they were bigger than most girls my age (about 7th grade). I have wanted a reduction pretty much since then as well. I am now 24 and have a 2 year old, and let me tell you having a child does not help in the boob department when you are already too big. When I told the nurse, at my first BR consult, that I breast fed my son for a little over a year and was so excited because everyone had told me my boobs would shrink to nothing afterwards, and what do you know I'm the exact same size!!! She said she's never heard of that happening before, yeah me either. A couple years ago right before I had become pregnant I had lost about 30 lbs. and only my band size shrunk one size but the cup size stayed an F, then pregnancy of course made them bigger. After breast feeding I am now a 36G, I have just lost 15lbs. and nothing so far. I'm 5' 2" and currently 165, I'm trying to loose about 30 more lbs. or get as close as possible before I have BR. I had a first consult about a month ago but then found out in order to go through my insurance I have to be seen at his medical office instead of the cosmetic office so my apt is June 11, which can't come soon enough. I'm just scared my insurance won't cover it because of my weight so I'm really trying to get another 5 lbs off before my apt. Wish me luck!


Thank you so much for your encouragement! Just counting down the days til my next consult (next Monday) so we can submit everything to insurance. Then it's more waiting, man we spend a lot of time waiting during this process!
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Thanks for sharing your review, AJ! Good luck at your appointment! I can't imagine that you wouldn't be covered if you are a G cup. I was an H and it wasn't a problem at all with BCBS. Let us know how it works out!
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I had my appointment with PS on Monday so now it's...

I had my appointment with PS on Monday so now it's just the waiting game. They still need the paperwork from my chriopractor, but hopefully they can get it sent out soon. I'm such an impatient person, and I just want to know if I'm going to actually be able to have this procedure so I can start palnning everything (I'm such a planner). I also have only told my family a couple of close friends because I didn't want to jinxs myself by telling everyone I'm doing this and then not get approved. Cross your fingers for me!!!


Wow I would probably have a panic attack if he said that, but I'd totally take it just because who knows when the next time he'd be able to fit me in would be!
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Well I called the insurance co. Yesterday to find out the status of my preapproval, and the man said I was approved on July 3rd and that the surgeons office should have the paperwork by early next week, but I could call and get things scheduled. Oh by the way the man I talked to asked if my surgery date is this comingtuesday because apparently that's the date the surgeon had written, I'm hoping they did that so we would get a quicker response. But of course when I called the surgeons assistant she's out til Monday, so hopefully when she calls back Monday we can get this thing scheduled! It's really wierd to think this whole thing is actually gonna happen. I think it's so easy to just be excited and antsy to do it when it's still not certain if you'll actually be able to it, but once you get approved it's a total reallity check and it freaks me out a little if I think about it to much. But obviously not enough to no do it!!!
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Congrats on the approval, AJ! What are you going to do if your PS really does want to do the surgery on Tuesday? Talk about no time to freak out! Please let us know when you do get your date scheduled!

I have date!!!!!! August 22!!! Pre-op is August 13.

I have date!!!!!! August 22!!! Pre-op is August 13.


It's nearly here!
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WooHoo! That will be here before you know it! Congrats :-D
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Only two more days!!!! Just running around trying...

only two more days!!!! Just running around trying to make sure the house is clean, laundry done, and freezer meals ready to go! If it weren't for having all of this stuff to do before Wednesday I'd probably just sit here and freak out at the thought of having surgery.


Good luck tomorrow!! Please let us know how it goes when you feel up to it!
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Two days!! Yay!
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