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Hello all- I've been lurking for a couple months...

Hello all- I've been lurking for a couple months and want to say this is an amazing site with an awesome community. I'm like most of you - I never had a "small" phase or at least one I can remember. I've always been larger than a D and have been flirting with 32G/34F for several years now...although I'm sure I was wearing the wrong size for years - just trying to squeeze into sizes that "regular" stores carry. I long ago decided that I would have to shell out for a correct fit and have been spending $70/average on bras. Needless to say my boobs have always been a hindrance. No running, high impact exercise, wearing shirts that fit correctly, etc. I kind of always fantasized about getting a reduction but never really though it was in the realm of possibility. Well, this year (my 34th) has been complete hell. I have had ongoing muscle pain especially in my upper/lower back, neck and shoulders. I feel like some of this is because of hormonal imbalance - I found out I'm subclinical hypothyroid (which is a tale for a different message board, sigh) and have been taking meds to correct this. However much pain my hormonal imbalance causes though is due to any structural imbalances my body has. Well, hello!!! There are two huge boulders sitting atop my chest and they're not exactly hanging high these days. I went through the protocol of physical therapy, muscle relaxers, etc. to no avail and my primary doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon. Luckily, as I found out this week, insurance approved my surgery. Hooray!! It's the first good news I've had all year. I am about a month away and I'm super excited but nervous. I just hope the pain of my surgery doesn't add to the pain I've already got. I can't even make it through the work day (desk job) with both bra straps on. My arms are killing me as well as my neck and shoulder. (Anybody else with arm issues from their boobs or am I crazy?) My PS said I will only need a week off work and I am petrified that that won't be enough. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Right now I'm trying to focus on the positive...


Welcome! I was really nervous once I got the go ahead from insurance and had it scheduled. As it got closer, I just wanted it over with...anticipation was killing me! It's now Friday and I had my BR on Tuesday. The first day was rough for me, coming out of anesthesia and such. The dizziness and nausea were hard. The day after surgery, I was pretty sore and stiff. My body was yelling at me to sit down and stay put, and I didn't as much as I could/should have. So, yesterday and today, I've been able to keep up on my pain medication and just relax. The time isn't dragging much because the pain meds have me so sleepy. But, rest is what my body needs me to do so it can focus on healing. Like you, I went into this WORRIED that I would need more time away from work than I can really muster. My doctor suggested 7-10 days, but I'm going back to work on day 7 (took 6 days off). I planned to go back on Monday, but my post-op is that day, and the dr doesn't want me to shower until after that....and I'm not going to work before I shower. :) So, today is day 3 or 4, depending if you could the surgery day, and I feel like I could go back today if I had to. I wouldn't want to because I'm moving around pretty slowly and get tired quickly. But, from what I can see right now, being back to work at the start of next week will be ok. I think if you don't have any complications and follow the doctor's instructions by making yourself stay put, don't lift or reach anything, and take it really easy, you'll be ok to go back. While I don't have subclinical hypothyroid, I did have chronic pelvis, lower back and upper back soreness and more recently, I started having pain in both of my shoulder joints. For the last month, I think my posture had finally reached a point where my shoulders were well out of whack and reaching up to close the sunroof in the car or reaching behind me to grab he seat belt had become painful. It was even becoming painful to lay down. My shoulders would be sore in the morning. And, when I had a massage a few weeks back, my shoulders became really painful just laying on the massage table! This had never happened to me before. Since my surgery, my shoulders aren't hurting. My back is a little sore from all of the sitting this week. The pain meds may be helping those pains. But, what is notable is that I feel like I have more range of motion in my neck already. My joints feel looser. Maybe being completely relaxed under anesthesia and relaxed all week with the meds helped loosen up the spasms, and hopefully, moving forward, the lighter load on my chest will have helped my body get back into, and stay in, alignment. Wishing you good luck! :)
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BTW, I went from a 36FF (I was smashed into a 36FF, spilling over) down to a D. I'm still bandaged up and swollen, so I can't be sure, but I know I am definitely higher and lighter.

Welcome to the community!   We will all be here for you through this journey:)

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So, one month 'til go time...I had a crazy dream...

So, one month 'til go time...I had a crazy dream last night that I had my surgery, but my PS only reduced and didn't lift them up. I just had these smaller knockers hanging down. Ha, it was pretty bad, but luckily just a dream. Pre-op appointment is on Nov. 2. Do any of you ladies have advice on what to ask about? I know the basics, but I'm trying to compile a list.


Thinking about you and sending hugs your way for tomorrow:)

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Hi Lucky! Congrats on the insurance approval. I bet you will find that the discomfort of recovery (and that is all I had was some discomfort, although I didn't have any underlying medical conditions to exacerbate the issue) is totally worth the outcome you will have! Good luck!
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Thanks, Iowa71 - I know it will greatly improve my situation. I appreciate the comment!
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