Operation Bye Bye Boobies Has Begun! - Chicago, IL

I am a 25 year old young woman who has always had...

I am a 25 year old young woman who has always had large breasts. In high school I was a C-D cup and now I am a 32F (wearing a 36DDD because it's the closest size I can buy at the store that fits halfway okay). It is almost impossible to find bras that fit my tiny frame and large boobies! I've gained almost 30 pounds in the last year due to my boobs being so heavy that it's extremely uncomfortable to work out. I'm 4'11 and I weigh about 123 pounds soaking wet. I've done dance and gymnastics since I was 8, so I've always been pretty self-conscious about having big breasts when none of my team members did. I've always been in really good shape and have been really happy with the shape of everything, but my large boobs. I stopped doing dance and gymnastics a few years ago because my boobs made it almost impossible to do anything without hurting myself or having a boob pop out, lol.

I've always thought about having a breast reduction for many years, but knew I couldn't afford it and was afraid that they would get bigger after having children. I have been having so much pain in these last few months that I have to constantly take pain meds EVERYDAY, I can no longer sleep on my stomach because my breasts are so sore, I can't exercise the way I used to, and I get bra strap digging in my shoulders and nasty rashes between and under my boobs. Ugh!

I went to see my primary doctor May 3rd complaining of really bad breast, back, and shoulder pain expecting her to prescribe some stronger pain killers. She examined my breasts and asked if I had ever considered a BR and I explained how I didn't ever think I could afford one or get the insurance company to approve one. Luckily she has been my doctor for 13 years so she has heard me complain on quite a few occasions about my boobs, lol. She immediately wrote a referral and said that there was a really great PS on the very next floor of the building! My primary doctor said that she would write up some really extreme documentation for the PS and write what ever she needed to, to help me get approved.

I went upstairs and scheduled a consultation with the PS for that very next Monday. Did I mention that the PS, Dr. Peter's looks amazing?! lol. Fast forward to my consultation on May 7th, it went great! The entire staff was extremely nice. Dr. Peter's measured my breasts, explained the procedure, and answered every single question that my boyfriend and I had. I did not have any documentation from chiropractors, pt's, or anyone because I had a lapse in insurance for a few years and couldn't afford to pay out of pocket. I figured the insurance company would make me complete the pt and chiropractor visits before even considering to approve me. Dr. Peter's said that I was such a great candidate for the surgery that she was going to send in a request with just her documentation, my primary's, and the photos and she would be shocked if I wasn't approved. She also said that my breast were very nice and full, just too large for my frame, lol.

I checked the mailbox everyday, for 10 days before I got a call from the PS saying that I had been approved!!! I scheduled my Post-op for May 29th and made it very clear during the visit that I wanted my breasts to be small for my size (B cup if possible). My surgery is scheduled for June 8th and I can hardly wait! I don't even remember what it feels like to be pain free anymore! Less pain and smaller boobies are so close and I've been reading everything possible about how to prepare for surgery. I am so excited to be able to start dancing and tumbling again, wearing strapless summer dresses, sleeping on my tummy....sigh, I could go on for days. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)

So excited that Friday is the big day! I got 2...

So excited that Friday is the big day! I got 2 post-op sports bras and couldn't resist trying them on, lol. I had 6 boobies after trying to stuff myself inside that bra, haha. Sports bras havenever really fit me well, unless I wear 2 of them and 1 regular bra, lol. I also havent had a monthly cycle since April 2011 due to severe PCOS and Endometriosis and guess whos Aunt Flow showed up yesterday?? Yup, this gal right here, lol. I hope that surgery will not have to be postponed because of this. My mother also ordered a wedge pillow for me to sleep more comfortably after my surgery. I'm thankful for so much support from my family and boyfriend. Anywhoo, I'm trying my best to be patient, but this is taking forever!! LOL

3 days!!! Not much going on here. I pre-registered...

3 days!!! Not much going on here. I pre-registered by phone today, how exciting. Time is crawling by sooooo slowly. Due to surgery, I can't take any of my normal meds for back pain....only Tylenol, lol. To top it off, I have terrible cramps too, grrrr! Only 2 days of work left this week, so I'm super psyched about that. Lastly, I spoke with my PS today and she says that it's totally okay that I'm on my period and to just wear a pad. I hope all of you beautiful ladies are having a great week! Thanks so much for the kind words of support and encouragement, it really means a lot and it helps me so much :)

Hello ladies! 2 more days!!! Called the insurance...

Hello ladies! 2 more days!!! Called the insurance company today and found out that they are paying for 85% of the surgery and that my max out of pocket could anywhere from $0 to $4700. I'll take it. I'm just thankful that they are covering anything at all, lol. Nothing new here today, Aunt Flow seems to be going away so that's always a good thing. Just in time for Friday. What are some great post-op items that you ladies couldn't live without? Gonna get my last minute items between today and tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day :)

Less than 12 hours left!!! I have to be at the...

Less than 12 hours left!!! I have to be at the hospital at 6am, so I don't see much sleep happening tonight. I am beyond excited and can't wait to see my new boobies! I did have a bit of a damper on my day earlier. My mom got called in to work tomorrow, so she wont be able to be there for surgery. My boyfriend is pretty confident that he can handle it on his own, since I'll be sleeping most of the time anyway, lol. What can I say, I'm just a mama's girl :) I ate my last meal before fasting and I'm getting my last minute things together very slowly. I'm super excited to have a vacation from work! LOL. I'll take it any way I can get it, whether it's on a beach or on bed rest, lol. I'm hoping that the anesthesia isn't as bad as it was for my last surgery in April. Boy did I feel sick! That's it for now, I'll update as soon as I can. Have a great day ladies!!

Hello ladies!! I'm back and I'm 3.5 pounds...

Hello ladies!! I'm back and I'm 3.5 pounds lighter! Lol. I am finally feeling decent enough to update you gals on the surgery. Excuse any typos, I'm typing from my phone since I'm not feeling up to the laptop just yet. I had to wake up at 4am to get to the hospital at 6 yesterday. It turns out that my mom's job let her take off, so she was able to come along after all. I found out when I got there that since I'm so tiny the insurance changed their requirements from 500 grams per breast to 217 grams per breast. Of course I wanted to be smaller so my PS removed.....wait for it.......784 grams from one breast and 714 from the other! Surgery was close to 5 hours long, my PS wanted to make them "perfect". I can actually see my feet when I look down now! I woke up to absolutely no back pain, but I was in a hell of a lot of pain from the front. I got pain meds 3 times through the IV and 1 Vicodin by mouth and it still hurt like sh*t. Even taking all the precautions to avoid nausea and dizziness after surgery, I still got it lol. A lot of it. I don't know how I made it the 30 minute drive to my mom's. As soon as my boyfriend and mom saw me they were amazed. Even with my boobs swollen and engulfed in all this padding, they still look much smaller than my old boobs. My mom says they look like B or C cups, yay! Even if they turn out bigger, I am still completely satisfied because I have no more back and shoulder pain. I also had to have a catheter and I think it scratched me when it was removed, it's extremely painful to urinate which is all I have been doing :( I made it to my moms in 1 piece, but the very brief walk from the driveway to the couch completely did me in. I dry heaved for 10 minutes straight which was terrible. I have not been able to shake the dizziness and nausea yet. My family and boyfriend have been amazingly supportive and have been totally doting on me since I got here, I'm milking it for as long as I can :) Sleeping last night was absolutely terrible. I am supposed to take 1200mg of Vicodin every 6 hours, but they made me so loopy I couldn't fall asleep until after 5am this morning. I was having all types of crazy hallucinations! Scary stuff ladies. I have been in a lot of pain and i feel like I've overdone it moving too quickly from those crazy hallucinations. I'm only taking 1 pill now instead of 2. One other thing I noticed is that even with padding, the surgical bra is quite big, especially in the straps. I was probably 12 the last time I was this small cheasted. I appreciate all of the support from you ladies more than you know. Thank you gals from the bottom of my heart! I'll upload a pic or 2 today as well. Can't wait to get these drains out Monday either. Yuck!

Post-op day 2 is much better than yesterday. I'm...

Post-op day 2 is much better than yesterday. I'm itching right under my bra band and under my arms, it is horrible. I was finally able to use the restroom, which has me feeling so much better. It took a while for the stool softeners to kick in. I hate this wedge pillow with a passion, it hurts my back when I lay for too long. I've been eating pretty normal, but I still get nauseous every once in a while. I love waking up to the comments from you lovely ladies. I appreciate every one of you. I'm anxious to get these drains and padding out. My follow-up appointment is tomorrow and I can't wait, LOL. That's all the excitement of today so far. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday :)

Day 3 post op and I am OVER THE MOON! Had my first...

Day 3 post op and I am OVER THE MOON! Had my first follow up today with Dr. Peter's and she says that my boobs look fantastic. No bruising, minimal swelling, and she has no concerns. I got those dreaded drains out and boy do I feel better. They did hurt a bit when they were taken out, but not anything too terrible. I saw my boobs for the first time at the office and immediately burst into uncontrollable tears. Dr. Peter's looked so nervous and asked if I hated them, and through sniffles I told her they were perfect. I LOVE them!! I cried all over her expensive blazer and she said that she was so touched and had never had this type of reaction from a patient. I felt like a big baby, lol but I couldn't help it. I get to shower tomorrow thank goodness and get out of this surgical bra (it's too big now anyway). I feel 10 times better with no drains, but I will continue to take it easy. I will update tomorrow with new boob pics after my shower. Today I'm just adding 2 pics without the drains. I hope you ladies are having a fabulous day!

Post-op day 4! Had my first shower, which felt...

Post-op day 4! Had my first shower, which felt great. I was totally exhausted after the shower, so I'm going right back to the couch. I switched into one of my own sports bras, which barely fits. Maybe because of the swelling?? I definitely have oral thrush from the antibiotics, so I'm rinsing with Nystatin twice per day. I think that's about it. I feel pretty darn good! Updating my first real post-op pic today. Have a great day ladies!!

5 days post-op. Feeling much better and sleeping...

5 days post-op. Feeling much better and sleeping better too. Had another shower today and I couldn't help but feel that my stomach sticks out farther than my boobs now :( I also sneezed twice and felt like my nipples were going to fly across the room. That was scary, as I've tried to stifle my sneezes since surgery. I feel a bit of tightness under my boobs, but I guess that means I'm healing. I started reading 50 Shades of Grey to pass the time and it's a bit cheesy so far. 11 chapters in and this girl is "blushing, flushing, or biting her lip" on every page! Lol, I don't know how much more I can take. My nipple sensitivity is crazy! Lol. I can feel my right boob so much and the left boob almost not at all. I swear my right boob is so sensitive it can tell the weather or something! Even the slightest breeze sets it off. Hopefully it levels out soon. I hope you ladies are feeling great and having an awesome day. Remember to carry an umbrella today, because my right nip says it's gonna rain ;)

Is anyone watching Dr. Drew's Lifechangers today...

Is anyone watching Dr. Drew's Lifechangers today about the lady getting a breast reduction?? I'm over here bawling for this lady. So emotional.....still so fresh for me.

Day 6. It feels like firecrackers going off in my...

Day 6. It feels like firecrackers going off in my boobs. It hurts....damn nerve endings. I'm also really sore and tight right where my underboob meets my side. I hope that goes away pretty soon. Every time I move it feels like that area is ripping stitches. Did anyone have blisters after surgery?I have one right below my right boob that has been there since surgery. I don't know if I should be putting anything on it or if I should just leave it alone. I was feeling really good today and decided that I was feeling up to riding literally around the corner for ice cream with my boyfriend. We got to the place and no more than 2 minutes later I was so tired, I had to go sit back in the car. Long story short, I was so exhausted from my 5 minute journey that I had to take a Vicodin and slept for half of the day. I haven't even showered yet. I was so sore! My boobs were hurting, swollen, everything....from a 5 minute trip. Oh yeah, and the ice cream definitely melted. It was a horrible experience, so as much as I hate it, the couch is where I belong for now. This really makes me nervous about going back to work on Monday. I don't have anymore vacation days to prolong my couch sitting past this upcoming Monday. I hope I'm okay by then. Speaking of work, I've been thinking about a witty response for the group of older women that I work with when they ask what's different about me, lol. They never talk to me, but they are soooo extremely nosy that I know they will ask about my boobs...or lack there of. I want to respond with something that takes them completely by surprise, lol. I guess I have some time to think about it. I hope you ladies are doing great :)

Hello ladies! Feeling much better today. I managed...

Hello ladies! Feeling much better today. I managed to go out for 30 minutes to go get ice cream and didn't have too many problems. I napped for most of the day and it felt great. All this good eating at my mom's house is doing a number on my once flat tummy. I will be doing some major sit-ups as soon as I'm able. I had a bit of a moment again today, I put on an old v-neck and didn't even come semi-close to filling it up. I swear some days I feel like I have an A cup, lol. Updating new pics of my v-neck and hopefully you ladies can cyber-hug me and assure my that I'm not that flat. Have a good day ladies :)

Hello ladies, hope everyone had a good weekend. I...

Hello ladies, hope everyone had a good weekend. I start work tomorrow unfortunately and I still don't feel 100% better. Not even 50% actually. I'll definitely be taking it easy tomorrow and I wont hesitate to come home if it gets to be too much. I went shopping with my mom today and got 3 more sports bras to wear for the next few weeks. I got a padded one to ease some of the sensitivity in my nips and it was a size.......34B! I couldn't a 32 but this one is pretty snug anyway. I had to use one of the old folks hoover rounds for the entire trip, since the walk from the car to the store wiped me out. I almost took our the entire wall of Wal-Mart! Those things take some skill to drive. Overall it was a good day. I'll update you ladies tomorrow about my workday.

Icing my boobs. Super swollen. Boo work. Boo steri...

Icing my boobs. Super swollen. Boo work. Boo steri strips. And I'm constipated. Tomorrow will be better....g'night.

Took a half day at work today and had the best 3...

Took a half day at work today and had the best 3 hours nap ever when I got home. Took my mommy out for lunch and came home to tackle these steri strips. I used baby oil and let it sit for a bit while in the shower and I managed to get 5 whole strips off before I nearly passed out. It was tough stuff! I think there was a clearish fluid seeping out along with a few scabs. Is that normal?? I managed to uncover most of one nip though, so I call that progress! I'll upload a pic, but ignore how swollen they are today. I'll try again tomorrow. Happy Tuesday ladies!!

I did it!!! I got all of my tape off!!! Thanks so...

I did it!!! I got all of my tape off!!! Thanks so much for all the suggestions everyone. I soaped up my boobs then lathered on vaseline and let it sit for 2 hours and watched one of my favorite shows (So You think You Can Dance). Then I got in the shower and got the strips wet and slowly peeled the rest of them off without passing out. My boobs feel so much better without the tape even though they looked a little prunish after showering that long.

I finally retired from my mom's couch and came back home. It's all up to my bf to take care of me now, lol. We went grocery shopping and got some things for dinner. I forgot the warnings about the frozen food section and almost lost a nip trying to go get a tv dinner...terrible. I definitely wont forget again. That's all ladies. Happy hump day :)

Hello ladies! Today makes 2 weeks post-op and my...

Hello ladies! Today makes 2 weeks post-op and my boobs have been super tender all over. Is it normal that they are more sore than before? I've also had 4 different times where I've accidentally hit my boobs in the last 2 days. I'm really nervous that I've done some damage. I started applying the scar gel last night and the incisions on my underboob seem like they are pulling more. It's really sensitive underneath like I have open spots. My bf and I looked and there aren't any open spots or busted stitches, is this normal? I also got my first reaction to my post-op body yesterday. One of my guy friends at work asked me if I had lost weight, lol. I'm like "yeah, I lost about 4 pounds", I couldn't help but laugh. Nothing else new...I'm tired of sleeping on my back. I can't wait to sleep any other way! Happy Friday friends!!

Going into the dreaded third week, but I don't...

Going into the dreaded third week, but I don't feel too bad. I'm still pissed I can't sleep on my side yet, I tried last night and it didn't work out at all. The back sleeping is really uncomfortable :( I went and got 4 new Bali Comfort Revolution bras yesterday and they feel so much better than the front closure sports bras I was wearing before. I'm really happy that I can switch it up now. My energy is starting to come back and I'm not as tired anymore. Today I went to church and I also went to get a mani, pedi, and my eyebrows done. All that's left to fix is this mop on my head, lol. Maybe I'll go to the salon next weekend. I have been getting so many compliments from people asking if I lost weight, but I'm still sort of self-conscious about my tummy poking out farther than my boobs for the first time in my life. I walk around sucking in my tummy whenever I remember now, lol. Scale still says 119 so I can't complain about that. I start my second week of work tomorrow and I will try not to skip out early everyday like I did last week, lol. I'm updating my 2 week pics and I think I'm healing pretty nicely. That's all for now, going out to eat with the bf. Have a happy Sunday ladies :)

Ladies!! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I...

Ladies!! Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I have been working like crazy!! Tomorrow makes 3 weeks for me and I'm feeling pretty good. My follow-up with Dr. Peters is July 9th so I'm pretty excited for that. I have a bit more bruising and tiny amounts of scabbing this week, but I guess that's all normal. I feel 95% back to my normal self at this point, but still no lifting my arms, driving, or sleeping normal......yet!

I am having sooo many problems with my nips acting out! WTF?!? I expected some sensitivity, but not to this extent. My left nip isn't that bad, but my right one is always "turned on" and it hurts a lot when she's standing at attention all the damn time. Anything gets my nip to rise, I mean anything....it doesn't even need a reason to stand up anymore. Not to mention how many people I'm creeping out talking to them with one headlight on. I can't go close to anything cold, which is a super pain since it was 101 degrees today. I've been sitting here hot as shit because I'm scared to turn the AC on. Lord have mercy!

I also looked at my IC's website and my out of pocket portion for the surgery was only $670, so I'm thrilled about that. It definitely makes up for my nip shenanigans today. Overall I love my boobies and wouldn't change a thing. I'm so overly confident about my body now, that I have to constantly remind myself (be reminded) to put on a shirt, lol. I LOVE IT!!

Tomorrow makes 4 weeks! I have my second follow up...

Tomorrow makes 4 weeks! I have my second follow up with Dr. Peters on Monday. My boobs are starting to fluff and drop now, but I feel like they've gotten bigger since surgery :( I hope that I'm just overreacting, but I really feel that way. Please say that other women have experienced this before....anyone?? I'm still very pleased with my breasts, I guess I'm just terrified that they will be right back at porn star status by Christmas. I've been keeping my sports bra on as much as possible but definitely slacking on applying the Kelo-Cote twice per day. I can hardly remember to put it on once a day! Work is wearing me out and I just really want to find a rich old guy with one foot in the grave so I never have to work again, lol. Wishful thinking. I slept on my side for the first time last night with minimal discomfort :) When I have a minute of free time, I like to catch up on Fifty Shades. I'm halfway through book 2 and it's still not amazing to me, I just can't put it down! So addictive. Anywho, I'm done rambling....I hope everyone has a great day! Week 4 photo updated as well.

Had my 1 month follow up with Dr. Peters today and...

Had my 1 month follow up with Dr. Peters today and everything went great! None of my stitches are visible and the only incision that is still raised is my underboobs and armpit one. I get to stop wearing a bra at night, but I'm sure that I will continue to for a few more weeks, and I can also start exercising (yay!). I forgot to ask earlier, but does anyone know if I can take my bra off during the day yet? I wanted to wear a strapless dress this week. I could not be more happy with my boobs, Dr Peters is AMAZING! She wore the most gorgeous pair of Michael Kors shoes today, and I swear I wanted to steal them, lol. I'm always checking out her shoes and clothes.

I went shopping over the weekend and everything that I tried on looked fabulous. I got a few halter dresses with the built in cups I could never fit before, and guess what size they were....xs!! It feels so good to shop without having to worry about my boobs fitting correctly. Bad news is that the bf and I have spent way too much on new clothes for me, lol. I have to laugh to keep from crying at my credit card bill this month, lol. Started massaging with Vitamin E today too, my boobs were getting really dry from the antibacterial soap.

Sorry ladies! It's been forever since I've updated...

Sorry ladies! It's been forever since I've updated. Work has me extremely busy. Nothing new going on. Today makes 6 weeks and I feel great. I'm going to attempt to start exercising next week and see how that goes. Sending hugs and prayers to my Piggles this morning, I can't wait to hear how you're doing! Will update pictures very soon. Happy Friday!!

Oh my goodness, it's been so long! Just reached my...

Oh my goodness, it's been so long! Just reached my 3 month post-op mark and I am feeling fabulous!. My confidence is at an all time high, and I've even started dancing again 4 days a week. I had my last appointment with Dr. Peters today, and I don't ever have to go back again. It was bittersweet because I feel like I owe her so much. I think I'll go back and flash her a few times throughout the rest of the year. I have a TON of catching up to do on RS and I promise to update more often, now that things are settling down at work. I hope all of you ladies are feeling fabulous!

New 3 month pic :)

New 3 month pic :)

Received the official before and after pics in the...

Received the official before and after pics in the mail today. I'm posting them below. WOW! What a difference 3 months later. Still happy with the boobies :)

Hello ladies!! I hope everyone and their boobies...

Hello ladies!! I hope everyone and their boobies are doing great! Just curious if anyone has had children post br. Were you able to breast feed and did they get bigger? 9 months post breast reduction hubby and I are due with our first baby September 7th!! I'm so excited and luckily my boobs haven't gotten much bigger. I'm hoping that they continue to behave, lol. I hope all of my friends are doing well :)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lisa Peters was amazing!!! She listened to everything I said and tried her best to get me as small as she could without compromising sensation. She is Extremly informative, detailed, and very realistic about outcomes. I love my new boobs and I'm glad I went with Dr. Peters because they look PERFECT! I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a quality PS.

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So how are ur boobs and baby now?
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Baby boy is almost 6 months old and the boobies are a size, maybe 2 bigger. I can still fit my pre pregnancy bras, and I also just stopped breastfeeding so I'm assuming they will go back down eventually. Still nowhere close to where I was before surgery though. Thanks for asking! :)
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Oh girl I'm so happy for you! And congrats on the baby boy. I have two girls and two boys and trust, boys are much easier. Just always wear tight bras. I breast fed all and it felt so good when they were full of milk to just not wear one , omg huge mistake. My sister had three kids didn't breast feed but always kept tight bras , she's fixin to be 38 has natural double d's and they are still like a teenagers. I always envied her.. But not for long lol. I'm proud of u for breast feeding . You wldnt believe how many girls refuse to nurture their babies the natural way. I think ur breast are beautiful and love that baby up!!
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For the size you had pre-op I must say your breasts didn't look as bad as mine do. But reading this helped alot.
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Thank you. I hope all goes well on your journey :)
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Congrats on getting married and expecting. My son was born on sept 7th 17 years ago! I came across your profile today. My surgery is 4/1/13 and i found your posts encouraging. Good luck with the baby
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Thank you so much! :) glad my posts were able to help someone. Good luck with your surgery!
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OMG!!! You have been busy GG!! I am so happy for you :). Congratulations to you and your hubby. I haven't heard of anyone on here having a baby after BR. Have you asked your ps about it? Does she have any patients that went through breast feeding? So nice to hear from you. I hope the pregnancy continues to go smooth and I'm sure your boobies will stay cute :).
  • Reply
Hi Ana!! :) my ps says that it could go either way, that I'll just have to wait and see. I don't like that answer, lol. I want to be prepared. So far they are only about a cup size bigger, so I hope it stays that way. :) how are you??
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I'm doing good :). Almost 1 year post! My girls are awesome ;). I still can't believe they're on my body. Don't sweat the breast feeding. I couldn't breast feed my babies and that was before surgery. I tried so hard but just couldn't produce enough milk. I just wanted to share that with you. If it doesn't work out it may not be because of the BR.
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Hey, I just wanted to say congrats and I hope you are well. Your results look really nice and very natural. :)
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Thank you so much! I absolutely love them :)
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hey girlie you look great also omg i so happy its all over i cant wait to for it to be three months like you im so ready to run around and do stuff and its only been five days ago you look great girl omg i cant wait to be able to work out its time to get on the stomach omg girl im gone think im the bomb lol... and its nothing wrong wit that im just not gone let it to go to much to my head lol.... j/k but im so happy girl and you look great stay in touch godbless...
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Hey! You look great! I might send your story to my PS. He was a stuffy old man and before he had a look said I don't go lower than a D, expect an E and you won't be disappointed. If you go too small they could split with the tension. The annoying thing is this man is really good at what he does..but maybe because he never takes any risks. You had some volume on those bad girls! Maybe that's why the end result is so good.I'm so happy to read your story I've been quite upset today. I'm glad to hear how much you're enjoying the girls. I think we're pretty similar in frame. If I could look just like you OMG!
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Haha! Weren't they just huge?? I'm surprised I didn't fall forward all the time. I read your story and I'm so sorry your visit didn't go as expected. Feel free to froward my story to him. I went down about 4 cup sizes after surgery and your breasts look very similar to mine. Either way, I think that you will love your new breasts. Definitely keep me posted on how things go :)
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Thanks for your support. Well 4 cup sizes will take me to DD - pretty much what he said but I want smaller than that. I emailed him the link..no reply yet. I will be grateful with a DD - a lot of women go up to that but I love sport!
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Hi GG! Hope you are doing well :).
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Hi Ana!! I am fantastic and oh so busy, lol. How are you and the girls? :)
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I really hope I look like you afterwards. I had my surgery yesterday morning so I have a long way to go but looking at your pics gives me motivation
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I'm sure that you will look fantastic! You are gonna love your new IBT's :)
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your doctor did his thang you look great!!!!
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Thank you!! :)
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Thank you so much for the in depth reporting. My lovely wife is looking to have this type of surgery done as well. She is 55 and concerned about her health. I support her decision 100%. I will have her read your post and see the results. Thanks again.
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Thank you so much :)
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Beautiful results! Thanks for sharing!
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