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Here I am at the age of 57, finally having a...

Here I am at the age of 57, finally having a breast reduction in December. I resisted it for a long time. The resistance was based on my feminist principles that a woman's body was fine as it was. I am a tall woman, 5"10" and had the frame to carry my 40H or I breasts (depending on bra fit).. During my 40's I tabled all thoughts of a reduction, because my dearest friend was battling breast cancer. At the beginning of her battle, she had a double mastectomy, radical treatment at the time. My dear friend chose aggressive treatment because she witnessed her mother's struggle and eventual death in her 30's from breast cancer. After a valiant fight, my friend's battle ended in March 2007.

For years I've lived with enormous discomfort in my upper back and neck areas. Regular massages provide some relief. The pain has increased as I've gotten older. About a year ago or so, a friend of a friend had a reduction and I watched her process. I started thinking about it again. I discovered this site which I read avidly. I talked to my internist who advised me to chose a surgeon from Northwestern or Rush. She encouraged me to extend my recovery time from 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

In late July, after a 2 month wait, I had my initial appointment with Dr. Thomas Mustoe from Northwestern. His office submitted my paperwork. I was sure I'd have to jump through hoops to get approval. Imagine my surprise, when his office called me 3 days later to let me know I had insurance approval!

Here I am, a little less than 7 weeks from my surgery date! I will update periodically and will likely post pictures as the day gets closer. I appreciate any words of wisdom that can be shared with me.


Come on over to the perky side, you won't regret it!!! I'm from Chicago's south side and had the same sentiments as you. But when I figured out that my pain was connected to my 38Gs and possibly the Gs caused a pinched nerve in my right arm that has severely affected my ability to hold a pen and write, I decided to look into a BR.. Despite the fact that my Mom had breast cancer twice. Insurance covered my BR, so I added a much needed TT to the surgery and made it a Granny Takeover (instead of a mommy makeover, which I'm too old to relate to) and got her done! Now I'm 4 weeks and change post op and resigned to just healing. It is a process! Especially at my age. Keep us informed of YOUR journey! See you on the perky side. :)
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I was 63 when I had my BR and have never looked the new me, and you will love the new you....congrats.
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Thank you for your encouragement! I know this will be life-changing for me!
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It's too soon to write a full review of Dr. Mustoe. Thus far, he and his staff have been super. I will be adding to this section later. I don't know what the total cost of my reduction will be. As of right now, I've not paid a cent.

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