Good-bye, Bras That Look Like Tank Tops....Hello Tube Tops !! - Chicago, IL

I am 5’8, 150lbs. I’ve been the same...

I am 5’8, 150lbs. I’ve been the same height and had the same body figure for the last 10 years.

At 17 years old, I was a C/D cup and was pretty content with this size. Although I already had stretch marks, I was still able to comfortably wear clothes without worrying how my chest looks. Even strapless bras. As the years went by, whatever weight I had gained went straight to my breasts. One day I’d start noticing side breast fat just popping out.

As the years went by, I started feeling more and more insecure about how I looked. Clothes just didn’t feel nor look the same. Strapless bras no longer fit me and halter tops would leave painful red marks around my neck and shoulders at only 20 years old.

Although the thought of a breast reduction was in the back of my mind since 18 years old, I truly felt I needed one by 21 years old.

I am now 26 years old and a 38 DDD. I’ve gone to chiropractors for back adjustments and received prescriptions for excessive sweating to prevent further painful bumps under my breasts.

After years of soaked bras, painful bumps, permanent indentations & rashes on my shoulders from large straps from bras that look like tank tops, I’ve finally decided to make a move. I was tired of the constant back pain and just depression from being so uncomfortable…and to not even be able to fit into a bathing suit !! I hate wearing black all the time, trying to "hide" my large chests. You just can't hide a large chest !!

My first consultation was on Friday, April 27th. The doctor’s assistant who walked my into the room made me feel so warm and welcome and even sympathized, as she also had a reduction ! She also showed me her results after once being my size.
The doctor walked in shortly after and we chatted. He’s shown me his work and I got so excited thinking, “this could be me.”

We took the before photos, and shortly after, I scheduled my surgery date for June 5, 2012. Only 1 month away and already I am having dreams almost every night, waking up happier every morning.

I know I’ll start getting more nervous and it gets closer to the day, but happy thoughts ! My pre-op appointment is June 4th, so I will post more, as time goes by. Until then….. ;)

Welcome JB! Did your doctor talk about how much tissue he will be removing? You are going to enjoy the freedom you have once this surgery is over. I wish I had done it when I was your age! But am happy I finally got it done, none the less. Better late than never :-) Good Luck!
Thank you for those kind words, Iowa ! My doctor suggested a "C" for my body shape and height, but I'm seeking a full "B." This was my most comfortable size and he said this was possible without compromising anything. It was also give me some room to grow if I gain weight in the future (hopefully I won't ! ) or have children.

I bet you will do great! I hope you will keep updating us as you get closer to your day and during your recovery.

So, yesterday I had my doctor visit for my pre-op...

So, yesterday I had my doctor visit for my pre-op exams..... X-ray & blood work. Just knowing the surgery is less than 2 weeks away...... starting to get a bit nervous. I think my biggest fear is showering. That and sleeping...I move around a lot during sleep. Worried a stitch might rip out and I wake up in a pool of blood. Ahhh, happy thoughts !!! ;)

Today, I purchased baby wipes as a temporary substitution for showering for the first couple days of surgery. All of the forums I've read, women said they showered the very next day. I don't know.....I think I'd be too scared. Also, I'm trying to come up with a meal plan for the first few days of recovery- just something simple to just re-heat in the microwave.

Almost 3 pounds total will be coming off of me !! That's 3 pounds off my poor, sore shoulders. I will be quitting smoking within the next 2 days, which will only add to my anxiety.

I am now telling you what I've told everyone else.... .After I heal & until the rest of summer, I will be wearing nothing tube tops & spaghetti strapped tanks as tops.

12 days and counting.......
my doc said once the drains were removed, showering is ok-which was the day after surgery. She said for folks who get a free nipple graft and/or an anchor, they need to make sure not to get the area wet. i have waterproof dressings over the stitches. also, doc said to keep incision dry by using gauze in the bra to help with healing.

Hey JB!

Quitting smoking is the tough one...the surgery and recovery is easy in comparrison. I actually had quit well before my surgery and I actually wasn't even planning the surgery when I boys were griping at me too much and I got tired of hearing it so I quit :-) It isn't easy, but we will cheer you on with that too.  Remember, it takes about as long as it did to smoke a cig as it does to get past a craving, so if you can just tough it out for about 7 minutes you can usually get beyond that one, of course there will be more cravings, but just get through them one at a time and they will eventually become less and less. The member letitiah2007 just quit for her surgery so she may be a good resource for you to call on as well.

For me the first shower after felt sooooo good! It really wasn't a shower, I just stood with my back to the spray and let the water flow over me. For foods I did easy to digest things like bananas, yogurt, and pudding. Remeber that your pain meds can be constipating, so avoid foods that will intensify that problem. Make sure you have some stool softeners on hand like Docusate Sodium or Miralax. If I were to do it again, I would even start taking the Docusate two days before surgery and just continue to take it until going regularly again, because that belly ache was painful!

Just think, in two weeks you will be two weeks you could be wearing your first spaghetti-strapped long as its button down! Good luck!
When I'm at home, I always put my bra straps to the side, off my shoulders. Although I don't get the best support for the girls, it sure is a great feeling for my shoulders. I can't not wear a bra..... I feel a pulling down (tugging down) on my chest and I start to feel a pool of sweat underneath my breasts within minutes. How uncomfortable ! I am actually considering purchasing a stool softener, just in case. The less strain, the better (right ?) *lol*

72 hours from now, I will be in la-la land & my...

72 hours from now, I will be in la-la land & my surgery will be almost complete. I am getting so nervous !!! It's been 8 days without a cigarette. The first few days were the worst but I barely have cravings now. Perhaps this is my chance to finally kick the habit.

I had another dream last night about the surgery was performed in my bedroom and both the doctor and I were completely nude. *lol* I hate these dreams !!!! It's going to be a very awkward pre-op on Monday. Ahhhhh......

Until then....... ;)
Hi faythfull !! Only 3 teensy days away. Omg, I am starting to get very nervous !! Good luck to you too !!
Jb8518!! Its getting super close!!! I am also the 5th!! How are your nerves? I am just keeping myself busy busy! ! I cant sit still or I go insane! I know what you mean about the straps!! I am a k and its gotten so bad that when I am home i wear huge sweetshirts no bra and I have to lay on the. couch!! My neck and shoulders hurt sooo bad!! But the positive Tuesday that will be no more!!! Cant wait to read all.about your.updates!! 3more days with the sisters!!!

OMG !!!! It's done !!! I've been home now for...

OMG !!!! It's done !!! I've been home now for almost 3 hours now- and believe it or not, I cannot stay in bed. I'm still a little dizzy here and there from the transdermal anti-nausea patch but other than soreness, I feel great. I was scared of headache and nausea, but I've got neither. Guess, we'll wait until tomorrow for the real pain as my body adjusts. (Eeek !!!)

The day before :
Pre-op appointmet and got (4) prescriptions filled:
1.) Vicodin for pain relief
2.) Antibiotics to help prevent infection
3.) Transdermal patch for anti nausea
4.) Two tablets for anti nausea

Ran all of my last-minute errands- food shopping, stores, laundry, cleaning, etc.....
I left home at noon for my pre-op and didn't get back home until almost 11 at night !! Perhaps I was getting so nervous I kept forgetting where I needed to ge !

Last meal was before midnight: Wingstop and Culvers for dessert- My two favorites =)

I didn't get to sleep until almost 3 am, had to leave by 6:30am. Slept on my chest...... 1 last time for a while.

The morning of surgery :
Woke up just after 5:30. Jumped in shower and washed the breasts with an antiseptic / iodine solution sponge that I was provided with. No hair conditioner, no makeup & no deodorant. Bleh.

Arrived after 8am to the office and took some final measurements. Said bye to my mother and that's when I started getting really nervous and teary-eyed. The longer you wait to go in, the more nervous you get !!

I was taken to the O.R. just after 9am. IV was put in the top part of my left hand.
Within seconds I started feeling woozy....the next thing I know "Okay, we are all done !!" I replied with a scratchy throat, "No, wait....I was just talking to you." My oh my......

We literally started driving home within the next hour and I felt fine.... Sore and woozy, but fine. Talked almost the whole way home !

I'm taking it very easy on what I'll be eating for the next 2 days. Bought a lot of fruits and oatmeal.

I've just been watching TV and munching on grapes and took only 1 Vicodin- there is a burning feeling at the bottom incision and stitches are but I was informed that it perfectly normal.

My throat is still very dry and scratchy- I can't tell you how much water I've consumed. I am dying to eat his peanut mix I bought but it would irritate my throat too much.

So far, we've only drained my tube container once (blood and fluids). Seems like it will have to be drained every 4-5 hours, just to prevent any spillage. I just hope sleeping will be okay. I absolutely love sleeping on my chest !!

Tomorrow, my doctor will be removing my drains. Although it's not directly in my way, I'm just paranoid I could accidentally tug it.

Can't believe it's finally done.........

Will have more photos in the next few weeks / months. =)
Congrats on your surgery JB! I'm sure you will look fabulous :) 2 days until I'm free from these massive boobies! LOL. Wishing you a very speedy recovery!!

So glad that you are doing so wonderfully, JB! Even wrapped in the post-surgical dressing you look so tiny and cute! I'm so happy for you!

A word of advice from experience: Make sure if you are still wearing that patch to wash your hands very well if there is any chance that you have touched it. It can really mess with your vision if it gets in your eyes.

OH! And a very big congrats on the non-smoking!!

It's been almost 72 hours since my BR. Got my...

It's been almost 72 hours since my BR. Got my drains taken out yesterday- I literally passed out !! (Thank goodness I was laying down) I got very lightheaded, dizzy and clammy. It passed after about 5 minutes after I had some juice and a cold compress for my head. Not going to lie.... taking the drains out was very painful..... brief but painful. I was squeezing my mother's hand.

When we first took a peak at my new breasts, I started crying. This was EXACTLY what I wanted.

The 2nd and 3rd days are more painful than the 1st. It takes your body a good day to realize the change...... just like a cut on your finger. Doesn't it hurt more the next day ??

I haven't had much of an appetite, but been eating easy foods- oatmeal, fruit.
Even after drinking 10+ cups of water a day, all of these meds are messing with my stomach. I took a stool softener, so hopefully it will help.

After the drains were taken out, I was told I can shower...... Yeah, I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

I got into my tub and was able to wash by bottom half. After I dried off, my mother used baby wipes for my upper half. May I say, that it was quite refreshing if you can't take a real shower. =) Just get the scentless, sensitive skin ones. The less fragrance, the better.

My head and vision is still loopy from the meds, but I don't plan on going anywhere. I'd rather have loopy than pain.

So far, yes I am in quite a bit of pain. However, I've been in pain for 10 years, so what's another 2 weeks ?

Next Tuesday is my follow-up, might be taking some stitches out. My oh my.

More to come soon !!! =)

Sounds like you are doing pretty well. You look fabulous :-D They are so cute and perky! Keep taking the stool softeners regularly and that will help eventually. Did you have a patch put behind your ear during surgery to help with nausea? That can really mess with your vision. If you accidentally touch it and then wipe your eyes it dilates them and makes it very hard to see close up. Hope you are getting plenty of rest! Will be anxious to see more pictures as you progress through your healing!
Hows tge recovery so far? Glad all went well!! Remember to get plenty of water and rest!! Praying recovery goes smoothly!! Wil wait for updates as you feel like it!!

*** DAY 5 *** Okay, it's been 5 whole days...

*** DAY 5 ***

Okay, it's been 5 whole days already since my BR ! Wow, wow, wow.
I've decreased my pain med intake from every 4 hours to every 6 hours. Although it helps with pain, Vicodin has some pretty uncomfortable side effects- dizziness, constipation. I've got 2 antibiotic pills left.

Haven't taken a real shower yet- just tub for the bottom half and baby wipes for the top half. I think tonight will be the night. I am soooooo nervous. I am getting bored just staying at home, but at the same token, I know I wouldn't be able to handle doing anything extreme. In the evening, I'll step outside for a few minutes to walk around, get some fresh air.

I'd like to share a few very vital tips for the first 3-4 days to secure maximum comfort in an uncomfortable situation.

1.) STOOL SOFTENER !!!! No matter how regulated your system is and how much water you drink, your pain medication will mess with your system and cause constipation. And even if it didn't, you certainly do NOT want to strain going to the bathroom when you're all stitched up. It hurts, and it could pop a stitch out. Target has a 100 ct. for about $5.

2.) TAKE PAIN MEDS AS DIRECTED, NOT "AS NEEDED"- The first day after surgery seemed the simplest and least painful (at least for me)- due to the anesthesia. The evening after your surgery, start taking pain meds as directed (every 4-6 hours). Relieve the pain before it gets really bad. Because, trust me.... when you wake up the next morning, it will hurt a lot more. It's like cutting your finger; always hurts more the next day.

3.) ICE PACKS - Buy 4 small ones if you can find them and use them in intervals- 2 at a time. It helps !!

4.) BABY WIPES - I had my surgery on Tuesday- today is Saturday and I still have been too scared to take a real shower. I hop in the tub to wash my bottom half- my top half, use baby wipes. I must say, it is a wonderful temporary substitute for a shower.

Other than that, just take it easy. No stress, no heavy lifting, stretching, etc.......
I just hate not being able to scratch this itch on my back.... ;)
How are you feeling now, months after surgery? Scars healing up well, etc?
Hi there ! Just had my 5th month anniversary- so far so good. I can sleep on my front with no problems or pain the next day. I know it takes up to a year for the breasts to come to their "final resting place" but I feel like the right one is still a bit larger than the left. I have a follow up within the next couple weeks. I've been wearing the medical adhesive strips for the scarring. Around the areola is least visible. The rest could be better (had some open wounds a few weeks after surgery, leaving larger scars) but at this point, I don't mind the scarring, compared to the pain I had with the large breasts. It's not like I flash them around. *lol* My shoulders thank me every day. I still can't believe it, it feels like a dream. I touch them when I wake up, throughout the day and before I go to bed. *lol* Thank you !! =)

So glad you are doing well, JB! Thanks for the update. By the way, you look fabuous :-)
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