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I am a 26 y/o female and have been told by another...

I am a 26 y/o female and have been told by another PS that I would likely need a breast lift. I have a consult scheduled with Dr. Geldner in April to discuss a lift + implants. I was wondering what the approximate cost of a lift + silicone implants looks like? I would like to do the implants submuscular, if possible.


I saw dr Geldner. cost was going to be $8936 with silicone implants and a lift on one breast.
Mine is 9400 all pre and post op plus post op bras included. Having it done in Colorado on march 7 th. More expensive there than Nebraska where I live. Having lift with 339 silicone under the muscle.
My lift with silicone implants will be $6680. That includes everything except medicines and the bras I'll need.
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