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I am almost 41 years old. I am 5'10" and126 pounds...

I am almost 41 years old. I am 5'10" and126 pounds. I had BA 4 weeks ago - 320cc silicone mod profile under the muscle. I wish I had a before picture to post- I was completely flat with no breast definition whatsoever - it was just 2 nipples on a flat surface.
I am so happy to finally have breasts! My surgeon is amazing and I feel like my results are natural and fit my skinny body. I guess I am just worried that after going through all this I am still too small. I am athletic so I didn't want to go too big - I just wanted to be more feminine. For me this has been a significant change given how flat I was before. I thrilled with the shape and personally I finally feel like a woman - it is just relative to the general population I wonder if I still look too small? It was so hard to tell with the sizers. For me it felt like a big difference from where I started...

Updated on 6 May 2013:
I am wondering what size bra I will be... I am almost 5 weeks post op. When are you supposed to go for sizing? When can I start wearing bras on a regular basis?

So I went to Nordstrom to get sized and ended up...

So I went to Nordstrom to get sized and ended up in a 32D! I was shocked! The brand I bought the bra in tends to run a little small so I think I might be a 32C in other brands. We'll see...

I totally understand about not being able to wait to go bra shopping! We'd love an updated photo in your new bra!

i just finished reading bare necessities site and on how to fit bras. they are right on. they use the method my favorite store uses---intimacy store. look at the conversion charts for european and US or UK on that site. see if the bra you are trying is european. you will end up with a larger letter. i just posted my two new bras on my site. i love them. now i want another one in red lace!! today i went to work, had to be demure, and so no cleavage today, but yet i had busty look in my new regular daily bra. i was amazed how womanly i felt. the day before i went to lunch with a friend, and i wore the new pushup with all the glory and cleavage. what fun! i can choose what i want to be that day! with my 325 cc i am amazed what it can make me look like.
How many weeks post op were you in the photo? It's my understanding that once things settle, they won't be any 'bigger' but, they will sit at a more natural position and protrude forward a bit more as the muscles loosen up. I am 5'10 w/ a thin frame as well and I got 397cc mod profile under the muscle. I have felt I could have gone bigger at times too but, I think what is most important is that you are happy with the shape and the way you look and feel w/ out clothes. I think you have wonderful results. They are symmetrical and perky and I think, over more time, you will really happy w/ the size you chose!! You look great!!

7 weeks out

So I am 7 weeks post op. Rightie is still a bit higher and not quite as soft as leftie, but otherwise I am doing well. I have to wear tape on my incisions until 3 months. Began running at 6 weeks which felt great. Still wish I had gone bigger but I get the feeling most people feel that way! It's so funny that I now wear a 32D but I really only look like a B in my clothes.
I am experiencing the same feelings that you are. I got 325cc & 350cc hp (which seems like a lot) but my hips are very curvy so I still look like a pear shape! After spending so much money and having high expectations, I too felt discouraged. I do think that your breasts look great and you appear to be quite thin so they fit your frame. However, I know how you are feeling and if you ever need someone to talk to, message me. :)
The size is absolutelyl perfect on you! You could not be luckier!!!!! And don't flip over the D cup, it's just where your band size is so small your cup is bigger. If you were larger around with the same breasts your cup would be a large B/Small C most likely. Congrats!!!
do u have any updated pictures?
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