Three week Post op appointment

Hello everyone! I just found this forum and I...

Hello everyone! I just found this forum and I think it is great. Everyones reviews seemed to have helped me so far. I have wanted BA since I can remember. I never seemed to have developed the same as everyone else. I am almost 24 years old and do not have kids yet. Right now I wear a 34A/32B but many bras I can not fill up unless their is pushup padding. I am planning on doing 300 cc moderate plus profile. Which will bring me to a 34 C. I have gone to 3 consultations so far and I have my last scheduled one on Feb 9th. I am planning on having the surgery on April 1st. I am having a hard time deciding on a doctor. The doctor that I am most impressed with uses only IV sedation for anesthesia. He does not put his patients under General anesthesia. For some reason this makes me nervous. I asked if he gives any IV pain meds before I wake up and he said that they assess my pain when I wake up and then they will give me vicodin. The doctor that I am seeing on Feb 9th sends his patients home on a PCA pump for pain control and uses general anesthesia. I know it is best to just go by who seems to be the better surgeon, but the pain control and anesthesia seem important to me. Did anyone else only do IV sedation? What are your thoughts on just taking the vicodin? Was it sufficient?

Okay so I finally called yesterday and scheduled...

Okay so I finally called yesterday and scheduled the surgery. My best friend is actually getting it done by the same doctor on the same day, so we will be going through it together. Does anyone have any advice on incision area? I was told by this doctor that he prefers to go in periareolar rather than inframammary, but I really want to be able to breastfeed when I have kids. I have heard some reviews say it doesnt matter periareolar and others say it does affect the breastfeeding with that type of incision. I am really nervous now that I put down my deposit. I really want it done but if for some reason they are messed up in any way, then I know I would wish i never did it. ahhhh the stress......

The Dr. That I am going to has told me that he is...

The Dr. That I am going to has told me that he is comfortable doing whatever incision I want. He however prefers to do the periareolar incision because it is much less scarring. I have also gotten to the point where I would prefer the periareolar incision, however many sites say that this incision will decrease my chance of breastfeeding more so than the inframammary incision. My doctor said that it really does not lessen the chance. If I am not able to breastfeed after the surgery, most likely I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed anyway. Any thoughts on this?

So my Doctor had said in my consultation that he...

So my Doctor had said in my consultation that he would lower one of my creases slightly because it is higher than the other. I keep reading all of these terrible double bubble stories. It makes me really nervous to have my natural crease lowered. Is anyone else aware of their crease being lowered? And how did it turn out? I think I am just over analyzing everything because the time is getting closer. ahhhh!

As of today I am exactly one week away from having...

As of today I am exactly one week away from having my BA surgery! My best friend is also doing it the same day with the same surgeon. She will be wheeled in right after me! So after I tried on the sizers I decided I can't imagine going any larger than a 300 CC implant. I have a very petite body and I dont want to look uneven. I told him I liked the 300CC so we decided it would be best to do a 339CC in the left and 304 CC in the right. (supposedly you lose 30 ccs going under the muscle). We are doing Allergan style 15 silicone which is a moderate plus profile. He is also lowering my left crease slightly. I am so scared of getting the double bubble. But he seems confident that he can prevent that. We chose the periareolar incision. I like that incision best for scaring purposes. However it also makes me nervous because I want to breastfeed. Has anyone had implants before with a periareolar incision that has successfully breastfed? He knows my concerns and he said he will cut through a few ducts but it all has to do with the way in which the surgeon makes the incision. (stretching the skin while cutting it, vs just hacking away at it). I suppose I will cross that breastfeeding challenge when it comes. He gave me all of my prescriptions (zofran, norco, robaxin, and keflex). I paid everything except for the surgery center fees so far. My surgery is scheduled for 11:30 am and I will arrive there at 10:00 am. The last 2 months I have really gotten into working out at the gym on a daily basis, and it sucks that I will have to stop now for a while. I am really hoping I am doing the right thing. I have wanted these since I was in highschool. But I get so nervous that I will have complications or that they will just come out looking weird or too big on my body. ahhhh!! I hope this week flies by. My mom is very against it, but she is driving me to the surgery. I have attached some more Preop pics. I will update the night before surgery!

Well I can't sleep because I am so anxious! I am...

Well I can't sleep because I am so anxious! I am only 8 hours away from my 10:00 am appointment! Surgery is scheduled for 1130 am. I couldn't sleep last night, and as you can tell, I am not sleeping much tonight. I filled all of my prescriptions, got an awesome neck pillow, picked up light foods to eat after surgery, and my doctor told me to wash with this special soap the night before and morning before surgery. I told him I liked the 300 sizers, so he will prob go with the 304 and 339 CCs. I am so nervous about post op complications and I really hope they drop and fluff right. Ahh!! I will post when I am feeling up to it tomorrow, and ill try to post a pic as well! Wish me luck ladies!!!!!! :)

I finally have boobs!! I ended up going into...

I finally have boobs!! I ended up going into surgery at 1:00 pm because they were running behind. I got out at 2:00 pm. My best friend went in right after me and I got to see her before and after both of our surgeries! I immediately asked to see her when I got out. I am not sure what sizes I ended up with because I dont remember seeing the surgeon after. Right before I went in he gave me some Versed and I dont even remember being wheeled back. The surgery was over before I knew it! I was in a lot of pain when I woke up, and he gave me some fentanyl, liquid vicodin, and then finally toradol. The Toradol really did the trick. After I ate crackers and apple juice, they took my IV out and I was already on my way home. Recovery was about 2 hours. The ride home was rough, every turn and bump hurt really bad. I have my awesome pain pump though! I am so excited for my post op appointment to see these babies. The left side hurts a lot more because he had to lower the crease and put in a bigger implant. There is a little bit of blood on the bandages of the left side. I am so glad that it is finally done!! I will update more tomorrow after my appointment! Thanks for your support ladies!

Today is the most painful day so this post will be...

Today is the most painful day so this post will be short. I feel like death. My muslces hurt so bad, the norco is really not touching it. The muslce relaxer helps. I can't shower until the pain pump is out, which it is supposed to last 72 hours. I am extremely nauseous. Went to my postop appointment today and the doctor is very pleased! will post more later.

Feeling much better than last time when i posted....

Feeling much better than last time when i posted. Still taking all of the meds, but I went down to one norco instead of two. Im posting pics of day three. So far I am very happy with the results. I am supposed to keep the post op bra on for 3 weeks, blehhhhh. The post op bra was getting really tight and uncomfortable because of the swelling, but I decided to unsnap the last snap to make it a little more comfortable. Still not sleeping through the night or anything, but I have a really comfortable neck pillow that helps me. I'm so excited to see what the look like when they drop more on the bottom. Getting tired again so i'll write later.

I am loving the girls still! I am now able to...

I am loving the girls still! I am now able to sleep on my side although I do sometimes wake up in pain when I roll over on top of one. My PS said I can start wearing other bras including bras with underwire. As long as I don't wear anything that is going to push them up. I went an bought some bras at Kohls today and I am a 34 C. What I am wondering is how much my breasts are really going to change in size? Will I still be a 34 C? I feel like most of my swelling has gone down and they have dropped very nicely and quickly. Well anyways I hope I will still be a 34 C b/c I kind of went overboard on buying bras because I got excited. I have attatched new pics. My scars are looking awesome for only two weeks out! I notice that my nipples do itch and they are a bit sore still. I took the steristrips off this morning. I got the okay from the surgeon to do some light exercising at the 2nd week mark, so i will be lifting lower body and doing some light cardio starting this week. Do any of you girls who have the periareolar incision go tanning in the tanning bed? He said as long as i cover the incisions I can, but I need to find something good to cover them with. Anyways, I am completely happy with the girls. They are still feeling pretty hard but getting softer and softer each day. :)

Today I had my 3 week post op appointment. I got...

Today I had my 3 week post op appointment. I got confirmation that I received the 286 CC in the right breast and 339 CC in the left. I requested my operative report which was interesting to read the details of my surgery. The PS told me that I no longer have any restrictions. I can work out and basically do whatever I want. He said at the 6 week mark they will pretty much look how they will look. He said of course they will always be changing a little as time goes on. I will update new pics soon but so far I am still loving them and have never felt so confident naked! Yay for the gym tomorrow though! Couldn't be happier :)
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You look amazing KMA! Your photos and review were very helpful. I'm going to a consultation with this doctor as well (deciding between him and 1 other surgeon.) How are things going? Any news/updates?
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Hello, I am also 5'8'' 129lbs, and am considering 425cc High Profile silicone under muscle. Do you like your size, and i going to big with 424cc or would you have gone a little bigger if you could? Also did you do high profile or moderate plus profile. I have had two kids, who have both sucked the life out of my breasts and have no tissue up top, this is why I think my PS suggested high profile for me. Any thoughts please let me know, thanks so much!
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Did you under general anesthesia or local? I'm going to dr geldner is August and I'm so nervous! Also, how long was your recovery time? Any tips for post op?
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Did you go withthe round implant? Anyone have any info on round vs teardrop shaped implants?
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They look GREAT btw! Hoping mine turn out as good as yours!!(:
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Thanks! I went with round. I really did not do any research on the teardrop implant.
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Wat are your stats
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5'8" 126 lb.... i got 286CC in left and 339CC in right, silicone.
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Yes you look great I'm 3 weeks po op also with 300cc. Last week my ps said I can do light cardio. But nothing else. I got mines put under my crease so I have to wait for my 6 week appointment. I will be happy when my swelling goes down.
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Are you still sore? I am kind of achy now and then.
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Nope I may have a sharp pain here and there. But I have a hard time getting comfortable at night. I sleep on my side but I toss and turn a lot. I been off work 3weeks so I'm not doing ANYTHING! You think your doing to much?
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My left crease had to be lowered. I didn't realize how uneven I was until he pointed it out. I tried cardio the other day and i got extremely light headed. maybe i'll wait another week for that.
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Did your doctor say you could workout so early?
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yeah. He said I can go back to the gym, but just to use my brain about whats a good idea and whats not. obviously i will not be lifting with my chest muscles.
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You look great! I am almost at post op 3 weeks too. 320cc mod profile.
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Thanks! Thats awesome! When I click on your profile, nothing shows up. Did you post any pictures? I hope you are feeling
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Hey another quick question? it's just that i can't make up my mind. These is something i really want for me, yet i don't want these to interfer with my health. just that there is times were Im @ 100% that ima do it and then i research and then back out :(... did you do any reasearch on mold on the implants after years they have been implanted?
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Mold? I know it has been reported before but I've never heard anyones story of it actually happening. I believe this was only reported in saline implants because they need to be filled. I chose silicone. If you have a good plastic surgeon he will be doing everything sterile and there should be no chance of this. The best thing to do is research the best PS.....not to dwell on the possible complications. Be aware of the complications that ppl have the highest incidences of. And do everything that ur PS tells you to do and you will be fine. I was freaked out just like you....just spend ur time researching your plastic surgeon. Hope this helped!! :)
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Wow! You're totally killing that swimsuit! Look amazing!
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They look awesome! Perfect for you figure! Congrats :)
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Thank you! I was so nervous about them being too big but I think I made the right decision.
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You look fantastic
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Wow you look really good!!
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