Breast Augmentation

My goodness, I have been obsessed with researching...

My goodness, I have been obsessed with researching different surgeons and going to consultations to find the right one, I've been to 5!
I finally decided on the Dr, now I have to decide on the style and cc amount of the implant! I have the BA scheduled for August 7, 2014. Just under a month to go! I have had such a hard time deciding on which implant to choose!

Every consultation I went to offered a different size implant!

I have it narrowed down to 2 different sizes in 2 different styles.
325cc mod+
400cc HP

I am currently a 34AA (so small I know!)

I want to be a mid-full C cup

I'll add a few wish pics and some computerized outcomes my PS came up with!

This has been such an emotional roller coaster! I am glad the site is here with all of your reviews!


I highly recommend 400 HP. Check out my 350s. They are rather small in clothing yet perfect for me and my size. The difference between 325 and 400 is small, and you do not want boob greed, so no worries about choosing 400, unless you are a lot shorter and smaller than me. Congrats on finding a doc!! That's the hardest part!!
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Hi Mamamel1974! Thanks so much for your advice. I took a look at your profile, I'm so glad everything turned out fine! SO sorry you went through that. The size you chose is similar to what I'm going for. Look a bit bigger naked and when dressed can be covered up/modest looking. I am afraid of boob envy! Im just on the fence about choosing the size! I've read so many reviews on here with similar stats and the results vary so much! It truly is a procedure that is unique to the individual. I even tried out the rice test, the Dr. recommended it! He said it will help just to get an idea of the weight that comes with the BA. It's still a toss up between the 2 sizes. I hear you lose some of the cc when its placed behind the muscle. Choosing the right cc amount is getting to be such a pain in the butt! I'm just going to email the dr. the wish pics and I'll trust his judgement on which size to go with.
Yes, you lose volume. I added 125 CC's going from overs to unders and the difference is small, except these feel wider (side boob!!) so do not stress and pick 400. You will not regret it and the difference between the two is very small. My 350s look like my 225s in a push-up bra, without a bra, which is the look I wanted. Go for it, girl!! No regrets.

Time is ticking!

After doing the rice test, walking around the house to feel how heavy the implants will be I have finally decided on the size! I'm going with 400cc HP.

(I even wore the rice sizers around my boyfriend! He went shopping with me to by the nylons and helped measure out the rice. So sweet!)

The PS said both would look great and most importantly both "fit" me based on all the measurements.

Now only 7 days to go! Can't wait!!


Praying so that everything can go well on your day. Can't wait to see the new you.
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Thank you very much! So sweet of you!
Good luck with everything! Your big day will be here so soon! I have 400cc's HP and am very happy with the size :)
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Tomorrow is the big day!

Just a quick update. Tomorrow is the BA! I'm so anxious! I can't have anything to eat or drink after midnight and the surgery is scheduled for 12:30. Glad that i won't have to go hungry for too long! I want to thank everyone here for being so sweet and supportive!


I hope everything went well today. Can't wait to hear all about it!
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Thanks! I'll write an update soon
Wow! Today is the day, good luck to you, everything will be great and go quickly. Good choice on size and doc ;-)
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Boob Day!

Hello everyone! I really appreciate all of your kindness! All is well. The whole elephant on your chest is true!!! I a have a band across my chest to push down the new girls and it makes it a bit difficult to breath. I can get in and out of bed on my own for the most part. The anesthetic made me nauseous and I barfed at the surgical center. The nurse gave me alcohol wipes to smell he said it helps the nausea. It did. I ate Graham crackers and had some ginger ale delicious after not eating for most of the day. I have a pain pump that numbs the area and it's amazing! I want to limit the number of Norco I take since I get constipated easily. TMI sorry! I have some chicken noodle soup/broth and pineapple sherbert amazing! I'll try to update again with photos as soon as I can. I got allergan 400cc armpit incision.


Mmm pineapple sherbert?! Sounds delicious! Hope you're doing well :). Try to get some pics for us soon!
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Pain pumps are great! I asked for it, but my PS does not do those. Glad to hear everything went well! Do try to ambulate every couple of hours when you're awake, and do your deep breathing exercises. :-) Take it easy for the next couple of days! Will be following your progress! Take care!
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Quick pic

Day one doesn't look so bad from underneath! They feel like they're at my collarbone


It's amazingly delicious! Thanks so much I am definitely feeling much better than yesterday (day of surgery)

Another picture and quick update day 1!

I haven't been able to get much sleep. I've been able to take a few naps. I'm feeling MUCH better pain wise. I'm trying to keep the Norco to a minimum and relying on the pain pump. I'm starting to have a greater range of motion in my arms. My right arm was in more pain than the left. If I massage my left arm I can hear the a sloshing sound kind of weird! Most of my pain is just on the sides of my breast and in the cleavage area. I have some sensation in my nipple but they are numb for the most part. I can't wait for tomorrow to take off the bandages and shower! And of course to see the new girls! They look awesome already and they're all wrapped up! I'll also rake photos of the incisions (axillary) once the bandages are off. The Dr. suggested a gel deodorant or spray, I use a regular white solid so I'll have to pick a new one up. Feel free to ask any questions!

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Just a side picture to see projection and proportion to the rest of my body. Feeling so bloated! Also some more pre - op photos.


So you haven't actually seen them yet? I would go mental! I didn't have anything over mine.. although it would have been ok if I did because they looked so ugly lol. But the anticipation would have killed me. I'm excited to see yours too!
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I lifted the bandage so I can see the lower pole but I can't wait to see then bare! I hope they don't look like torpedoes but I know they probably will :( can't wait to drop and fluff!

a quick peek

A quick peek before I take the bandage off tomorrow!


Looking goodness far ;)
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Good ;)
Thank you! I can't wait to get the markings and bandages off! Of course to see how they're doing!

super high and tight!

Day 2 po. Pain is more towards side boob/armpit and cleavage area. I've been getting a lot of nausea from the pain meds. Bloated, haven't been able to go #2! Took out the pain pump today and finally took off the wraps! Such a relief that thing was on so tight I was having difficulty breathing! Feeling super tight and super high almost at my collarbone bone. A bit difficult to take pictures of them arms are still feeling so sore! Bra is a 34 c!


Love the sneak peak! Good luck with the healing!
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Definitely high, but looking good! Mine were that high too, crazy isn't it? Has your PS mentioned whether you will have to massage? Mine gave me the go ahead at 6 days but I didn't feel comfortable with the pressure it put on incisions, so I waited an extra week. I feel like it made a huge difference though, so if you get the green light, do it as often as you can!!
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Aren't they! I was expecting that, so when I unwrapped them it wasn't a huge disappointment. More of a like " that's what everyone is always talking about!". Sooo happy this site is around or else I might have had an anxiety attack! The PS said to schedule a post op visit at 2 weeks and he will decide if massaging should start then or whatever needs to happen. I'm not looking forward to the massages themselves just the outcome lol. Can't wait to drop and fluff!

p.o. day 3- feeling more normal?!

Probably TMI but, my most exciting news is I finally went #2! I've been drinking a laxative tea at night to help the bowels moving and I think it worked! ( or at the very least it makes me feel better that I was working on trying to find a fix!) I cannot explain the relief, felt so much better afterwards!

On a different note whenever I'm laying down for an extended period of time and I get up I feel like the implants are literally sliding down my chest, such a WEIRD sensation!

I might not have mentioned it before but I have been able to get up and walk around since day one. Of course with some assistance at day one. Now I can pretty much get up from a lying position on my own with minimal struggle. At first I felt like a turtle!

Appetite wise- I didn't have one for the day and P.O 1. That's probably why I was feeling so nauseous those days! It's just tough to eat when you feel like it's going to come back up :/

Mt appetite is much better now. I started off eating homemade chicken noodle soup (thanks grandma) for lunch and dinner with lots of fluid and crackers day 1. Day 2 I was hard boiled eggs, soups, bread and dinner I graduated to broiled chicken! Today I had a egg scramble with sausage and veggies and well as a sandwich.

My nips are super sensitive! Implant feels like it's really pushing on them from the inside if that makes sense. I also have some sensitivity in the "side boob area"

I'm getting used to the tightness in the chest.

Still super bloated!

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Wow!!! I just read your responses that's awesome you went to Dr. Schierle!!!!!!! He's my PS to!!!!! He's so amazing!!!!! Best in Chi town!!!!!! Be patient with the swelling !!! Your results will be awesome!!!!!
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Thanks so much, your results look great! He is so awesome!
I agree he's awesome!!!

When boredom strikes!


I know what you mean, I would have been horrified by the way they looked at first if I hadn't seen it before on this site. My PS did tell me they would be sitting very high with some swelling.. but words just don't cut it lol seeing pictures is way more helpful! I can see a difference in your last pic too :)
Tell me about it! I just thought to my self massages are going to be my best friend! Thanks! Small change is better than no change! I'm going stir crazy I've been cooped up home for 3 days!

P.O.D 4


All the best with the healing! Now we just have to wait patiently for it to drop and fluff. :) Any boob greed thus far?!
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They are a little smaller than what I thought it was going to be but I'm happy enduring is healing properly! Once they drop and fluff I'm sure I'll be more than happy!


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pod5 vs pod2

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Day 12 p.o


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Definitely some progress! And less swollen up by armpits. Looking good :). How are you feeling?
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