So a day and two weeks away and my nerves are just...

So a day and two weeks away and my nerves are just crazy. I'm extremely nervous but very excited I honestly don't know why I'm nervous but for those of you that have been in my shoes .........What will help my nerves???!!!

I'm currently a small A and I'm going to be getting 350cc saline under the muscle. I'm 23yrs old no children and doing this for ME:)!
I was feeling the same way a week ago! I am a week out from my procedure and last week I was a wreck! I feel much better now after talking to my surgeon and his patient care coordinator. She put the anxiety in a good perspective for me..the idea of surgery when we aren't sick or hurting is something that can be difficult to wrap your head around! For me it also was the thought of such a huge relatively permanent change. Even though it is something I have wanted for years, the idea of it finally being a reality was a bit daunting! You will be fine! Just take a deep breath and remember that this is something you want and are doing for yourself :-)
Same here! I have been wanting it since I was 18. My husband is okay with the surgery because he knows I want them for me! It's just like what do I expect .... I am one of those people who swears I get so nervous!!! I will love the outcome I'm just like so close but so far away it seems. I'm the manager of my store and I know I don't need to worry about work and it's just I'm always at work so my head is constantly thinking work!!! I know I have a wonderful team of girls I just keep focusing on the bad but this is Sooo good for me!! On the side note how is recovery going!! And thanks for the comment it helps!!
You will do great! I was very nervous too but just kept thinking of the end result and not the actual procedure. Reading other reviews also helped. We were similar size to start and I also got 350cc unders. I am 4 days post op and feel better everyday. The morning after my surgery and every day since I have left the house and done an activity with my kids. I have my mom and husband here helping but am now able to hold my youngest who is 20 lbs with no pain.

5 days AWAY;)! (Rice sizer test)

So I'm curious my doctor hasn't gotten back to me yet but what about flying say 4 days post op? I'm really wanting to make it back home to Kansas and I'm just curious as to what you girls think!!! & I figured I would add my rice sizer test photos & photos from my pre op;)!!!
Good luck
Thank you so much:))
Yay for picking the bigger size lol what r u stats?

Guess what day it is!!!!

So today is the day! I go in at 1pm I'm super excited and a nervous hot mess too! More the fact that I know today is going to be painful but it's what I want!! I know a lot of you girls like to hear recovery story's and such and I will be on here as much as possible keeping you up to date with photos & every detail!

All done!

I'm 30 minutes out of surgery I find out my doctor put 270cc in me verses the 325cc filled to 350cc I wanted, but like I told him going in I do not want to look to big or to fake. I have yet see these bad boys so I'll update tomorrow as well with pictures and we can see if I'm happy or not!:)! By the way anyone who is nervous don't be it's a breeze!!!!
congrats! :) wishing you the best recovery!!
Congrats and happy healing!! Can't wait to see how everything looks! I'm so glad your anxiety dissipated!
Congratsss :)

Long time now time to show!

Sorry ladies, I have been a very busy woman. My husband and I got a puppy the day before surgery & I flew home to Kansas three days after surgery!
So let's back up a few:)........ May 5th- day is surgery! I was super nervous we got there at 12:30 surgery was supposed to be at 1 but I didn't get called back until alost 3!( the person prior to me was getting a tummy tuck and surgery went longer! So they got me hooked up with my IV which was the worst part to be honest! Surgery was a whole 45 minutes:) after that I remember waking up asking the doctor how big he went and he said 270cc so at first I didn't know what to think so I was thinking they were small I was wrapped up in so much stuff because that's how my doctor does things( picture above) it was very uncomfortable! The next day I got that stupid thing off and I get to see my new boobies that I fell in love with! Very sore but I love them!!! They are beautiful so I kept taking pain meds about 4 days in I went to nights only & I got a heat pad which helped me sleep really good!! So three days ago I got my stitches out but everything has been wonderful and I'll update more but I want to share!
You look awesome!!! Did you go under the muscle?????
Yes under the muscle:)!
You look great!! and I Love the lace bra. Where did you get it? Have you started to d&f??

Don't second guess yourself! Do it!'

So I want to tell anyone who is second guessing themselves to just do it! I wouldn't go back I'm so happy with myself now & my hubby approves as well! Any questions please feel free to ask!
You look great!!! So you have 270cc filled to what amount?
270 filled to plain 270cc I'll post a photo of my device ID card for you!
Hey girl! You look great! What are your measurements? I'm trying to decide on size and I would love my final result to be similar To yours :) thnx

My boobies ID card

I have been asked what I'm filled to so I'm just plain 270cc so check it out! Girls I definitely recommend finding a doctor like I did one that put the highest amount that you ask and goes from there! I wanted 350cc but if you can tell that would of looked outrageous on me! So during surgery Dr. David Ross put 350xx in and went from there after surgery I woke up to him telling me 270cc which I was scared was going to be to little but I will never thank him enough for using his professional opinion b.c 270 cc is perfect for my body and is exactly the perfect fit for my body& it brought me to the size I wanted a 32D/DD depending on the bra & were I buy it from !
did u get high profile?
They are moderate profile

32D/DD Depending On Bras????

Hey ladies how are you doing ? I figured I would stop in and show you a few suits& bras my new girls are sporting!! I love these new tatas:))! I feel way better about myself!!
You look great!!...perfect size on you!!

3 months post op

Hey ladies I'm doing wonderful & I hope you are too!! This was smooth sailing for me so let's see my three months post op????
Wow, amazing results you look absolutely incredible !
Your results look great! I can't believe thats only 270! My surgery is Aug 26, I'm thinking maybe I should go from 325 to 300. I trust my surgeon though, I hope he makes me look as good as you!
I couldn't believe I was only 270cc! I'm a D/DD depending on the bra I wear bit I swear by my surgeon I feel he was a gift from god!
Dr. Ross

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