6 weeks post op!

Hey everyone! I'll get straight to the point here!...

Hey everyone! I'll get straight to the point here! I am 22 and i have an athletic build: broad shoulders, hips, but no boobs! This has always been something that has lowered my self esteem. I have been considering a breast augmentation for YEARS! and finally decided why not? I'm young and nows the time i would want to live for myself and be confident. I definitely have some concerns such as am i doing this too young, will i have money for more surgeries later, will i have money for MRI's, safety, and of course regret. definitely something im the most nervous about. Currently im a 38B (with a lot of padding) so im really a 38A im sure. With this surgery I will become a 38/40 Full C/Small D. Big - but propotioned to my athletic frame.

So far I have had my consultation and pre-op. The day is coming closer and I am getting nervous! Dr. Horn and his staff are extremely nice and comfortable to be around. There was no awkwardness regarding my body or my decision. So excited!! Ill keep updating!


Hey girl! I also have an athletic build and broad shoulders. My doc put moderate profile implants in me which mean they are little more wide to fill out my rib cage. Feel free to check my pics out for ideas on size etc....Good luck!! :)
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What size.did you end up going? I'm nervous I'm going too big!! Thank you for the good luck wish! Mine are also going to be wider! I'm getting 510cc in each.
I ended up with 375 silicone. I was a small 34a and now i'd say I'm close to a full C maybe small D which is perfect because even though I have curvy hips and thighs, I'm only 5'1" so it doesn't make me top heavy. It's hard though...cc's are different on everyone. Also makes a difference whether you do saline or silicone. My sister in law got saline, less cc's than I did, but her boobs are way bigger than mine! How tall are you?

So today is exactly one week till my surgery and...

So today is exactly one week till my surgery and I'm just getting more and more nervous! I have a feeling I will be more and more hard in myself as the day draws near. And as I say hard on myself I mean worrying I'm making a mistake, going too big, capsular contracture, need for more surgeries, and especially if I'm going too big! Here's to hoping my nerves calm a bit! Getting ready though and getting everything I need.

Any advice how to calm down? Haha


Hello woman! It will look great :) Try not to worry about the big number cc's... I too have an athletic build and my PS actually went with Ultra High Profiles! She was able to match my breast diameter and give me more projection this way as well as tilt them to give a natural appearence. I thought I would need mod plus for my broad shoulders but honestly...I couldn't be more thrilled with my results!!!! If you have faith in your PS, show him/her photos of your "ideals" and trust him/her to do the figuring ;) Good luck!
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I think I was in a similar boat - in the week and especially the final few days leading up to my surgery, I really wasn't so worried about the surgery itself as all the complications and things that could go completely wrong. Ultimately, I just kept reminding myself that I was comfortable with my PS and that I felt he had more than enough experience to help reduce those risks - I just needed to trust that everything would work out. Now, 2 days out, so far so good! :)
Good for you! I think my worry cones from knowing everyone's body can cause.problems and not so much my PS and not having the mula to have another surgery any time soon! Glad yours went well and I.hope I'm just as happy. I know tthese next few days I'm going plying be soooo hard on myself!

Tomorrow is the big day! Definitely nervous but...

tomorrow is the big day! Definitely nervous but not nearly as nervous as I have been. Drinks I have to fast starting at midnight but my surgery isn't until 3pm tomorrow! Oh well. One thing I'm nervous about is that I just got a.new job...which I have to start Wednesday. Hopefully that's enough relaxing timebefore I have to.go back to work..4 full days. Not a very active job but im I
Still nervous. Extremely tired though from.working so much lately. Off to bed I go. I will definitely update tomorrow before and after the.surgery ..how I'm feeling, etc. I can't believe this.is really happening! So excited!

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Alright! I did it! Today was the day and I just...

Alright! I did it! Today was the day and I just got home maybe.a half.hour ago. This.morning I was more antsy than nervous..took forever to.finally get into.surgery. I responded very well.to the anesthesia..no nausea and was and am super hungry after surgery.
I have a high pain tolerance but the pain was pretty intense. Looking down I still can't see anything since the ace wrap is so tight. Apparently I have a high medication tolerance as well because I had to get a lot.of.meds at the doctor to make the pain manageable. I'm not tthat sleepy..pretty alert and watching the blackhawks game..waiting for some food to get here with an ice pack on my chest. Definitely already starting to bruise I can see it. Sitting down not doing much it's not.too bad. But its amazing what we use our.chest muscles for! Flushing the toilet, putting a chapstick cap back on, etc. It definitely is painful but hopefully worth it. Tomorrows my follow up.where I put on the sports bra so ill update.in the morning and how I'm feeling!


Good luck today! Happy for you!
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Ok today is the day after the surgery and I'm...

Ok today is the day after the surgery and I'm definitely sore. I'm going to upload before and after pics today. I have my post op in a couple hours and. Ill get to put on my sport bra and take this ace bandage off which definitely puts a lot.of.pressure! Mother nature hates me.and gave me my period yesterday (the day of surgery) ..so i also have cramps! But the meds.are.taking.some.of the edge off. Will update after post-op today ad upload my pictures!! Any comments.or.questions?!

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Felt amazing to take off the ace bandage and put...

Felt amazing to take off the ace bandage and put.on a sports bra. Noticed some stretch marks so I started putting some cocoa butter on them..upset with myself I didn't start sooner . Its only the day after my surgery and Im a little worried how uneven my breasts look. My left looks high and and perky and near the center...where my rright is not as perky and more off to the side. This is definitely worrying me. I can only hope they even out over time. My left was always naturally bigger (by less than a centimeter) but now it is much more noticeable . Please tell me this will even out! Definitely freaking out. I didn't notice until I came hope from my post op. So that makes me more angry. Sigh. Other than that still a little sore and tired...hopefully I sleep better tonight.


Thank you!! Still can't wait to see the final result!

Today is my 2nd day post op and i finally uploaded...

Today is my 2nd day post op and i finally uploaded some pictures. im still pretty sore - especially my sides (under my arms - side of breasts). but hopefully healing as the days go on. Woke up this morning with some crust on my sports bra where my incisions are (under the breast) so although that worried me a bit im sure its normal for just 2 days after surgery. hoping things get easier from here on out especially since i only have 2 days of resting left before i go back to work on Wednesday, but even then i can take my time and my own pace. the sports bra is a little uncomfortable for the fact it sits on or near my incisions - but cant really help that. The more i heal the more ill post some pictures. Looking forward to being able to shower today!


Thank you.. You are right.. I was too worried about the number and the size fits perfectly! Just sore!

Ok finally updating. Today is 5 days post op..so...

Ok finally updating. Today is 5 days post op..so almost at a week! I'm still a little sore but sleeping is getting easier which is not hurting my back as much. The hardest thing is not being able to stretch in the morning!
I.had some scares and ccalled the.nurse with some.questions but everything seems to be going well. I have some.pains here and there but we know that's normal. They are still riding high and my skin is still stretching and itchy and shiny! The side of my boobs hurt the most still and the bruising is not yellowing and looking nasty! But hey! Its healing!!! I started work again today....and it was tough. The pressure on my chest, the weight, and the layers.of.clothes.is heavy on my shoulders.and body.but I just have to get used to it! Ill update more!


Hi Angela 2120, I am scheduled for a BA with Dr Horn on the 27th! Im hoping all goes well! Keep us posted on your progress!
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Best if luck! I waited around for awhile before the surgery..the anticipation was terrible! Everyone is really great! You don't see the doctor much but a bunch of nurses. Keep us updateD!

Today is 2 weeks post op. posted some pics. get to...

Today is 2 weeks post op. posted some pics. get to take the tape off the incisions today..which im extremely nervous to do because im afraid im going to pull off the scab! my right breast has started to drop 2 days ago and my left started yesterday. hoping i can go bra shopping soon =] pain and recovery wise im doing pretty well. The sore spots? Still the sides of my breasts and underneath the most but its definitely getting better. My bruising has gotten better as well ii still have some spots but thats it. Still in the sports bra (4 more weeks of that) and by then im hoping they have both dropped enough to get a good bra!


Nice to see ur getting better angela!
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Thank you! I just want to feel normal again and be able.to.do whatever! Haha hows.your.process?
Im loving the new boobies everyday! I am very pleased with Dr Horns work, the PS i was going to use initially didnt want to go bigger than 375cc on me! Oh man i would have been so disappointed with that size, Dr Horn assured me that 430 was okay for my size and by golly it is,sometimes i wonder if i shouldve went with 450cc! but nah this looks natural on my frame..I too cant wait to feel normal again,lol but it hasnt even been a week yet so...( :

Okay so I'm just about 4 weeks post op. Feeling...

Okay so I'm just about 4 weeks post op. Feeling more normal but I still have pain. The sides of my breasts still hurt ..I'm assuming from the stretching.aand my incisions are a bit sore. Still some slight bruising in 2 areas but that's all and I'm hoping that goes aaway soon. I'm also hoping I can bra shop soon. Still have to wear the sports bra for 2 more weeks. God is that getting annoying. But its ok. Getting excited for the 6 week fully healed mark and post op appointment...and for trying on swimsuits ssoon! Anyway ill try to upload some pics at 4 weeks tomorrow. They r still a bit high but. I'm not seeing much room for them to drop so that's a question I definitely have for them at my post op. That's all for now!


hi just read your review Im not sure if u said what kind of implants u got? i know it says 550 cc but are the saline? silicone? hp? mp? looking good In the white bra :)
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I'm 510cc silicone! Thank you! Obviously I'm not skinny and need the boobs to even me out! Haha
Im with u on that! i think mine could have been bigger . :(

So friday was 6 weeks post op and im feeling...

So friday was 6 weeks post op and im feeling pretty much back to my old self. They still havent dropped completely but as i said before im not sure if they will drop much more..i dont see where the room is to drop! But we'll see. my 6 week appointment is this Thursday which will technically be about 7 weeks. Although i was freaking out about being too big i feel i could have went bigger and almost wish i did. They definitely are smaller that when you try them on at the consultation once they are in and under your muscle. But I am still happy. I am pretty proportioned now.

The sides of my breasts and under near the incision are the only parts that are still a little sensitive. Not really sore..just not feeling normal. Hoping that will pass and i still have 2 tiny bruises - one on the side of my left breast and a little one near my cleavage on my right breast. Hoping those will pass over time as well.

My incisions are pretty dark. I started scaraway silicone strips on wednesday of last week so I will update how those are. I thnk i can notice a difference already and they say you wont notice a difference until 4 weeks. They are not any lighter yet but i think they are thinner.

I still massage but probably not as much as i should be! I still find sports bras more comfortable..as of now my incisions are still sensitive to wear an underwire. But im sure I'll get there! I think thats it I'll post again soon! Added some pics!


Hi Angela, Congratulations on your amazing results! Do you have any updates? Dr. Horn will be performing my breast augmentation on 12-6-13 and I need all the advice I can get. Thank you :)
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I'm thinking about going to dr horn, he's the best surgeon I've seen/met, but the price quote I was given was very high (actually thats the only reason I start looking for a different docs) anyway, do you know if they were running a special for prices when you booked your surgery, or was it just the implants you choose that determined the price?
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