BBL Revision , He is Fixing Me All over Again,Will Get Shifrin''NDD Up! Chicago, IL

Well ladies I'm about to go in a second time...

Well ladies I'm about to go in a second time Here's my story, Had a bbl, tt, in April of 2013 to no success with a local Chicago dr. Left me with a flat butt and a not so pretty scar ugly belly button , and alot of excess fat leftover I was very much unhappy but waited out the year to heal and gain some more fat to have a successful procedure this time . I've searched for the ultimate Drs.. having traveled to NYC for the infamous Matthew Schulman and did my extensive research on the Florida Drs. as well ..out of the country was a no go for me out of the question. .Much credit to those gals that have that courage but I don't have enough (balls) lol for that travel. .Having been disappointed from the first bbl I had many questions and almost seemed like a dam pest and doubtful of any Dr I had my consultations with .I felt I was asking to much for my expectations to perform what I wanted. .I went to see Dr.David Shifrin and I must say I was sold I had to make 2 consultations with him plus emails and spoke with his staff including the girls in his office that had a bbl with him. . Nothing personal against him I just had a horrible first experience so I needed someone to understand me and he DID..I can't say enough about his staff his practice including himself he is absolutely gentle, understanding and knows what he is doing to have to deal with me with such ease the way they did is a plus they are truly GENUINE, he answered every question honestly and that's what I wanted, not a cookie cutter type of person. A young lady had some work done as she was leaving and I was arriving and she couldn't praise him enough of his work and his bedside manner.He has his work cut out for him but assured me he will make me look and feel the way I need including fix all the mistakes from the previous procedure, Mind you He doesn't have to do that but because he is a Awesome human being he's taking it upon himself to fix that ! And I have no doubt in my mind I'm in Great hands! I've seen his work personally and he has what it takes for me trust me I've had MANY consultations and he was the one that made me feel like I was not just a client.I feel like we're buddies now..lmao.I can go on and on about this wonderful team Dr.Shifrin and Adrianne and his staff I love this team.. Stay tuned ...
Wow. Looks great.
Now your butt looks great!
Best Wishes on your revision with new PS :0)


Hey Rs ladies, today is the day I'm Goin back not Goin to lie in nervous and anxious ..But God is good , I have my best friend of a hubby and a great PS by my side .. Let's do this..I'll see you in a few hours pictures will be coming soon. .Thank you ladies!
Thank you Bella!
Happy Monday!
Yes Happy Monday Bella! Thank you RS sista!

ON THE OTHER SIDE Lord God bless me this is a STRUGGLE!

Hey ladies I've made it to the other side and I can't tell you I'm in PAIN my first bbl was nothing like this will maybe cause it wasn't performed correctly. .But I'm coming along walking and taking deep breaths..I think it's my anxiety I worry too much! !But My Lord will get me thru this..I can say OMG ..I can see the results already and my waist is snatched!! Thankful for my husband who is everything and taking care of me!..
Glad you made it and your waist i snatched. Get rest and happy healing. You're fortunate to have your hubby with you.
Oh goodness I've been resting all day with a few walks and than back to bed..I feel better and better every time I wake up .Oh yes I'm so blessed to have this man he is changing, wiping, sterilize everything , caring for our kids. . He is amazing..Bella Thank you again for for keeping in touch thru this journey. . It's greatly appreciated. =)
Good for you,i'm Happy to hear all is good and wishing you a speedy recovery. Sweet Dreams.

He is the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! Chicago Ladies Looking for a BBL We Have Found a True Artist!!!=)

Sooooo HAPPY with my results so far I can see how it's Goin to play out already..=)) I LOVE IT!The staff is absolutely amazing, the surgery center was also amazing. I can go on and on about this team..Dr.Shifrin , Adrian were a joy, he listened to my Lil pesty self and my questions answered them all and knew what I wanted.
Glad u r already pleased with ur surgery! Happy healing! x
Happy healing
Will you be posting b4 and after pics soon? Thanks

Trying to recover. .

Hey my Rs loves, sorry I've been MIA, it's been a rough few days but it is coming along slowly, getting over these headaches, I'm still very much swollen and just plain tired , but I have to walk and keep on my feet to get a speedy recovery,allot of anxiety cause I didn't go thru this at all before. But thanks to my hubby who is 1000% here from changing my bandages to literally making me poop , taking me a bath Lord I feel so horrible he barely gets any sleep just checking up on me till he wakes up to go to work.. But it's coming along had my DR.appt today to check how I'm doing and it looks great! I have to keep reminding myself the first bbl I was up and perfectly fine after day 2. Which is whyi didn't get the results I so yearned for. Oh but this time I'm in pain from the aggressive lipo Shifrin did, he also did scar revisions on my tt , belly button and dog ear. God Bless this man he didn't have to do that but he did all to perfect me. And I will say it's perfect. Thank you sisters for checking up on me .=)
Can u show some pics
So happy you love your results. My consult with Dr shifrin was great. EVERYBODY has such nice things to say about him., Im scheduled for Sep 14 th, Im so excited. Pray for me and I will continue to pray for you
You are in my prayers Doll! You are in Great hands.. I'm sure you will be just fine..

3 week pics..

more pics..

more pics.

Young mom3 do you have any new pics post them girl i need some booty motivation lol, i need that booty don't lie motivation girl so i can turn up lmao talk to u soon girl
Hey love tomorrow is the day i'm so excited cant wait to see what he is going to do with this body i will be posting pictures soon so get ready ladies here comes the new me!!! I hope that everything goes well and safe and hope that i have great results so i can BRAG BRAG BRAG Lol.. This is one of the most intense dI have been in years about myself soo LADIES WISH ME LUCK AND KEEP ME IN YOURS PRAYERS!!! And of course your BOOTY PRAYER TOO LOL
Good morning can I ask what office you got your procedure done at
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