Future #????DOLL I need help

Looking for a great doctor. I am from Chicago and...

Looking for a great doctor. I am from Chicago and thinking about looking into a Chicago Dr Any Suggestions . I have been trying to decide if I want this done or not but you only live once right. I am 20 YO no kids and don't plan on having any for a min either . I have been wall watching all you realself sista's and you all seen so nice. Man I want to have this done before my 21st birthday. Which is in Jan . Help ladies
Welcome to RS sis! What are you looking to have done?

Why am I so scared?

Ladies I want it done so bad but I am starting to punk out.

SOOOOO. Dr Perry from Fl has my attention ;)

OMG He has been such a good help. I am not talking to no one but him. We are emailing each other from his personal email account and I feel like this is putting me closer to my BBL Journey..... Also looking into Yily Duran and Baez....

Dr Baez is emailing me now...

She is nice and calm. Answering all my questions and everything. Perry quoted me for 9600$

3000$ is my Quote for Baez

So I am thinking like is this to cheap or what. My thing is she wants me to lose 35 lbs . Smh Ladies HELPPPPPPP still wanting on Dr. J , and Duran to Quote ME.. To much stuff going on with Yily for me right now.
I know Duran wants you to be Under 200lbs for her to work on you.. What's your height and weight if you don't mind me asking? My bday is in January too so imma be a bad chick for the New Years.. Im going to Yily November 5th!! Excited
5'6 210lbs and My Bday is Jan 29.


I think I am gone just take it .... Still deciding
Good luck with your decision! I've heard great things about Perry so you should be fine! And it would be cool if you were going to Miami around the same time as me! Best wishes :-)

Perry or Salama???

Stuck in between the 2. Help ladies
Good luck :)
Dr. Matthew Schulman is awesome! Check out him out, that's who did mine. What are you looking to have done?
depends on whos work you like best


Don't know if I want to stay here go to the DR...... SMH I want to get this dont before Dec-Jan.... Any tips on what I need to Start doing to get ready ANYONE????
She is a great doctor look at her recent patients they are more than happy with their results - I will be having surgery with her on the 20th if you want a buddy.
If you're planning on getting things prior to the new year, your decision time is short. $3000 sound very inexpensive and tempting but do your homework. This is your life. Dr. Salama has had great results. I' m scheduled with his partner Dr. Rami Ghurani in November. I can't wait to get it over with so I can be shaking booty-thang and jelly somewhere. Good luck to you. I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you.
Hey girl have you made a decision? My bday Jan 21 whoop whoop Chitown Aquarius's in the RS buildin..lol I'm also 5'6 1/2 and weight 228lbs.

Changing MY doctor...... Unknown as of now

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