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Im 40 and have had two kids. Looking to have...

Im 40 and have had two kids. Looking to have another child in the next year. I had thought about this a few years back and recently gained about 15 lbs after a car accident. I have always worked out or had a personal trainer. However, my butt would be toned but not as full. So I thought why not put the weight to use. My guy loves a bubble butt.
Right now I'm looking for a surgeon in the Chicago or LA area. I have my irst consultation itch Dr. Kenneth Stein next week in Chicago.ironically my girlfriend has scheduled with him in Dec 2012. She's trying to get a few of us o get it done at the same time to lower cost. I was told they still have openings for Nov 2012. I want to surprise my guy when he comes back from his guy trip.
Does anyone know about Dr Stein or have had a procedure with him?

hi trena, I'm also from Chicago I'm just glad their is another bbl sister from chitown .
I've had the conversation with my guy. He wants to know the risk first. He also told me I already had a nice butt. joselyn22 where are you in you venture? I have an eval scheduled with Dr Stein
I heard if ur doctor puts drains on u it's painful when they drained u out Sonera girls have risks like infection but is nothing more serious like butt implants...u get sermons that's not very common but that's why u have to wear that garments vitamins ur percs....and same lucky girls don't have complications at all...I'm still paying. the 10% when I'm done I'll book my surgery date I'm w Dr. salama. let me how ur consult goes w Dr. stein

Has any one that had the procedure had problems...

Has any one that had the procedure had problems with their butt becoming lumpy? One of my transgender friends told me thats why they did not get the procedure. Instead opted for injections... of what i dont know.

So I go for my eval this in two days. My guy is...

So I go for my eval this in two days. My guy is still not sure if he wants me to do this.
I'm new here and really leaning towards Dr Jimerson in Atlanta, but I'm in Chicago and the travel, hotel and cost of procedure is steep. Wondering if (Trena or joselyn)either had luck with a Chicago Dr.
so u decided which doctor yet....I recommend u to check their before and. after honestly I had to learn the hard way all the top doctors w bbl are on throw south Side. one of the tops are Dr. afiti. Dr. Campos. Dr Cardenas. Dr. jimerson.. Dr salama my doctors . to be honest. doctors here in Chicago are real professional w other procedures but not with bbl.. good luck and keep us posted
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