Okay, this website has been a great help to me so...

Okay, this website has been a great help to me so I want to give back and add what I am going through as well.

So I am a mother of 2 and I am 5'3.5 127 pounds. My son was 7 pounds 11 inches 22 inches long. I have a lot of extra skin and stretch marks. I've thought about getting this procedure for 11 years now and I am finally going through with it. I'm tired of feeling unattractive and not wanting to take my shirt off whenever I am with someone new. I have been divorced for 8 years and I hate the insecure feeling I feel whenever a relationship gets to "that" point, so I am dong something about it. I got my info from here and have decided to go with Dr. Placik in Chicago.

I had my consultation today and I have to say the office is so beautiful, clean, and upscale. The receptionist/nurse was AMAZING!!! So sweet and understanding, and made me feel so comfortable. She sat with me and talked to me calming my nerves. Dr. Placik came in and has such a natural kind demeanor. No creepy feeling at all while I let it all hang loose in front of him and he marked me up and showed me what needed to be done. He took his time to show me my options and what to expect with different cuts.

There would be a higher scar to remove ALL of my stretch marks, but a lower one to keep about two inches of the stretch marks. I loved this because I truly have to be comfortable with my decision and I can decide which is more important to me. It was nice to have an option. :)

He is competitively priced. So I'm looking to book this surgery and get it done asap. I will post pics from today's mark ups. :)

So my friends please help me prepare and let me know what I should stock up on. I am looking to have this done in exactly 4 weeks if scheduling works out.

Before pic after consultation

congrats on your decision to go to the flat side... It's amazing how we become complacent with our appearance when motherhood takes priority over your personal needs. I have put mine off for the last 7 years... always thinking that we could use the money and take the kids on a nice vacation, or pay for an extra year of gymnastics, dance, cheer,basketball...but finally, I made the decision to move forward specifically for me. You deserve to get your body back, and I am super excited for you! sending encouragement from Atlanta!!! XOXO
Awwww Thank you so so much. I am actually calling tomorrow to schedule the appointment and pay the down payment. I wish I could fast forward to first day post op. Lol.
I know that's right! I am heading to the flat side in about 7 hours. I was super anxious and now I am calm, but up cleaning my house that is already clean. I guess this is my way of dealing with it. I know you are excited about securing your date, keep me posted!

picking a date and paying the deposit

So...I have been going back and forth with the thought of bbl. It seems like the perfect timing to have it done but I'm nit sure. I would have to save up more and therefore postpone my tummy tuck. Something I don't see as an option right now. I was hoping to get the tt done in March but due to the surgeon having to be fully paid 4 weeks in advance I had to hold off. I will be scheduling today :) :) :) and paying my deposit so I am extremely excited :) :) looks like May for me. I'm hoping around May 9th or 10th. Gives me two months to lose the 10 pounds I want to lose (it was advised to lose it before surgery, since it allows the skin to stretch more.)
Good luck! I'm planning also on getting a TT. My consultation is on March 3rd with Dr. Galiano can't wait to see your results.
oh please keep me posted. I was so stuck between the two. Good luck. Almost to step 1. :)
I've scheduled my surgery for April 9th. Can't wait sooo nervous, exited at the same time. I'll be getting a TT with MR and lipo to upper tummy and flanks. I'm also just taking a week off! Will see how it goes. God willing everything will go smooth.


Alright...I just put down $5,500. I have two months to pay the remaining $2,000.00. Then I have until the day of to pay the OR $1100.00 and anesthesiologist $1200.00. I'm almost set :)

bathing suit

I went to target today and saw all the bathing suits. For the first time I was so excited to look at bikinis!!! No more tummy coverers!!

Count Down

Okay I am going to write, write and write some more. I am so anxious. My surgery is May 9th. It seems soooo far away. I wish it was tomorrow. :(


Alright. I was all nervous and going nuts. My manager who I was just transferred to in Feb would not let me know if my 1 week off pto and 1 week working from home was approved. Since this is cosmetic I didn't want to go to HR. Anyway, it all worked out and I'm good to go with my time approved. So I need your opinion friends. I'm taking 1 week off completely and the 2nd week in working from home. Does this sound like I'm trying go do too much too soon?
What else are you getting done besides TT?
Well I'm having the lipo with the TT. After I heal I will go in for a nice pair of boobs. Lol. I'm so tired of my A cup. :)

Dr. Otto Placik review update.

Alright. I am really excited about my tummy tuck and I love the office and everything. However, I am really disappointed in some of what has happened with them so far. At my consultation their computers were down because they get bad reception down town and they couldn't give me my quote in writing so they said they would e-mail it to me. I never received the quote in writing. I had the prices written down so I didn't think there would be a problem. However, as now I am ready to make my final payment and then pay the Anesthesia and OR fees. When I asked for my balance due, I was told my Anesthesia fees were not $1192, but instead were $1992. Another $800. Of course I was disappointed because now I have to shell out another $800, but it's my fault for paying $5500 and not getting the quote in writing. On top of that I went into the office and paid $5500 cash and they were unable to give me a receipt because again the computers were down. They said they would e-mail me the receipt as soon as the computers went back up. Well, several days later I had not received anything and got nervous so I called and asked for something in writing and they sent me an e-mailing verifying they had received the $5500 cash. Never an actual receipt though. I am having my surgery in 7 weeks and still have not heard anything from the nurses or anything about what to expect or if I will have to go for blood tests. I have heard nothing from them at all, which again is disappointing. So my total for this surgery is $10,592 and I'm not impressed with the customer service here at all. :(
hey ladies, I'm new to the site, however i am researching TT doctors and would love to see more of your pics and hear about your upcoming procedure...this process is so scary yet I want my old tummy back lol
any updates? i have a consultation coming up and would love to hear more about you experience.
Hi! I'm not sure if you had your consultation yet, but I STRONGLY advise you get your quotes in writing. If you had your consultation I'd love to hear about it.

4 weeks!!!

OMG! My surgery is only 4 weeks away. I'm totally totally excited!!!!!! I see all these swimsuits and I want to buy them soooo badly. :) :)

before pics

I figured I'd add more before pics :)

with clothes

No one ever guesses what's underneath those clothes. Lol

2 weeks away.

Only 2 weeks exactly til my surgery. Ok. Now I'm starting to get super nervous.
Wow only 2 more weeks! Time really starts flying by at that point! Your pre op belly looks slightly similar to my pre op belly! Lol! You are going have amazing results!!! I can't wait to see your post op pics! =]
Oh I know. Thank goodness I have finals this week. It's keeping my mind occupied. I have 1 week and 3 days til surgery. I'm sooooo excited and nervous. I'm kinda scared about the incision honestly. I am trying not to expect too much so I'm not disappointed but I am anxious to see the results :) thank you for sharing this excitement with me :)

1 week 3 days

Alright everyone. My doctor's office became a lot better. They called me in and gave me a packet 4 weeks before surgery with all the info needed. They also gave me receipt after receipt after my initial post so I hope that is a good sign. I am a little nervous since they weren't as responsive as I had hoped during the beginning that it might be the same after, but only time will tell.
That's exactly how I was too….no one would really know how bad it was underneath my clothes….you couldn't tell at like (like you). So that's when you really know you're doing this for YOURSELF, and not to impress anyone else. Good for you. Excited for you! I think you will have great results :)
Thank you so much for your comment. :) I have to say you look amazing!! Your journey had been a long one and I thank God you have had to strength to endure it with such a beautiful smile and to take the time to reassure others. I greatly appreciate it. :) I hope my results look remotely close to yours. :) :) :)

3 days until surgery!!!

Okay, I start breathing hard and my palms start to sweat whenever I think about this, but in 3 days I will be on my way to the hospital for my surgery. I'm so nervous and so excited. I just can't wait to be post op 1 day. I have to admit though that I am a little nervous about the depression I have heard about after the surgery. :(
Good luck on your upcoming surgery. See you on the flat side!
Thank you hun. Hi you ladles are amazing!
Can't wait to see your results! Good luck!!

surgery day tomorrow.

Ok so tomorrow at this time I will be preparing for surgery. I'm sooooo nervous! So excited and a little shocked. It feels like a dream. I can't believe this is happening tomorrow. TOMORROW! Lmbo. Time flew by.

will be there in 3 hours

Ok. Here goes nothing. I slept for 2 hours last night. I've been up doing laundry cleaning and getting ready for this surgery. Yup. 3 more hours and I will be under :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Good luck! Can't wait to see your results.
They are coming soon ;)
Praying all goes well and u love yr results. Please let me know when u update with pics. Cant wait to see.

night of

Keep passing out from meds but here's my first post op I can't wait to see it! I'm already flat

post op day 1.

Yesterday was a day of exciting. I didnt take my volium because I had to sign papers. By the time I could take it they were ready for surgery. Omg the staff wasn am

was amazing

Omg the staff was amazing they made me do comfortable. One one complaint. I have algllergies to general anesthesia. I throw up violently. Well I told the anesthesiologist 4 time I was scared of that and he said he put something in my IV to help. Well it didn't work. I got ill in the hospital threw up About 4 times. HOLY SHIT THAT HURT!!! My nurse demanded something to put behind my ear and in 5 mins it was gone. So if you have this same reaction please damand firmly that patch.
other than that I'm doing well walking around. But I have a pain pump

front pockets

When you get out of surgery I suggest wearing a top with front pockets. Helps make the draining tubes easier to carry around. :)
I'm so proud of you. You don't complain about the pain. You are an easy patient to care for. Love you, your mom.
You're next so remember that. :)
Looking smaller already!! Happy healing!

feels like a dream

Some after pics
Great results! How BAD is the pain?
okay pain is not too bad. but he gave me a pain pump for the first three days and I taking my meds on time. When I cough OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the pain is horrible. The nurses are amazing and gave phone numbers to call and text which was awesome and they respond quickly. I've been walking around since the first day, so although painful you can still remain functional. Rest, stool softner an walking and the pain subsides. Hop that helps
I heard that green tea ballerina works wonderful. Makes you use the washroom often.

Post Op 4 days

I laid off my meds a bit today and the pain was tolerable. Then all of a sudden started coughing of some water and I thought I was dying. The pain was soo bad I had to take pain pills and volium. After a 4 hour nap the pain was gone. Thank. I hear a lot of people saying the pain is no bid deal and I should be over it my day 4 I kinda felt weak. I also don't want to push myself either though. I am still in pain although not like the first two days. I actually went to my follow up yesterday and they removed the antibacterial band with about 25 staples and stitches. While she was on the last stitch I passed out cold! She let me rest 20 minutes and then finished removing the last stitch. the nurse explained this is common because it's a lot of stress on the body. I hope pain is better tomorrow.
I need your help though,,, 1. when should I stop taking pain meds and 2. what the heck is the best meds to use for constipation???
Not sure about your pain, but for the consti, I was taking colace (stool softener- no help) then when things got desperate, mineral oil & a suppository for constipation- worked in 20 minutes! You're doing great babe!
Thank you so much. :)

is this normal?

So today is day 5 pain is still present and I'm still on my meds. I'm just curious is this normal? How long does this last. I'm hating it. I am walking around but
still hunched over. My muscles are still super tight and GOD I want these drains out but i heard when they come out it's. The most painful ever. Can anyone help? Plus tmi I know. Constipation cleared:)
Have you tried any arnica salve? I swear it is the best to rub all over back and tummy except incision. You are looking great! As far as when to stop taking meds I think that is up to you, your body will be able to tell you. During my 4 dpo I tried to stop pain meds but it was to painful so I took them for 3 more days. Now I am 2 wks po and I take tylenol and motrin. Happy healing =)
Thank you so much for your support and no I haven't tried that but I will look for it for sure. Is there any place I can purchase it specifically?
Yep it's def normal/ in about 2 days you'll start to clear your head & in 5 days, you will prob be 85-90% normal- it just takes so much for your body to heal but you will be great!

8 days post op

On day 7 I felt like I came out of a coma. Lol. I've been able to walk around go outside, shower, and function. Today was a bit rough though. Emotionally I'm not doing so great. I know this is normal and I was totally prepared for it, but it hit and I can't stop crying. My body is so banged up bruised and swollen, it hurts to walk and I can't help just sitting and crying. I know healing takes time and this is one of the biggest procedures to have done, but gosh these emotions are a wreck right now. :( I did clean house, and do laundry (with help from the kids) and I went to Walgreens so I'm hoping there is more hope in sight. Thank you everyone for being here right with me. You have no idea how much it means to me and how much it has helped. Thank you.
You are doing awesome girl, hang in there and don't let the blues get you down. Focus on how fabulous you are going to look in those bikinis! Thanks for sharing your journey, I'm a nervous wreck for my upcoming TT and your story is really helping me through a rollercoaster of emotions! Stay strong, the worst is over!
Awwww Thank you. Yesterday was actually a really good day. I dressed up, did my hair, put makeup on and kept thinking to myself, I will have a blast shopping for a bikini any week now :) I'm going to be posting some more pictures. When is your surgery date?
I'm so glad to hear you are perking up! It's amazing what a little glam-squadron can do for a gal! My TT is June 6th and I'm a mess! I go up and down. Excited one minute, panicked the next. However, I know I don't want to back out, just wish I could focus less on the ogre and more on the gorGEOUS! :) Are you already back at work?

pics of my back 3 days later

I'm posting pictures of my back because no one really does and it shocked the crap out of me

10 days post op pics

Just some 10 day post op pics. I'm moving around more and starting to feel more like me, but the swelling and bruising needs to catch up to me :)
OMG you look awesome! How do you feel now? Any better?
Thank you so much :) I don't feel like I do right now, but I am feeling much better. I'm up and walking around. Making dinner, watching after the kids. I'm starting to feel more like me. :) Thank you hun for asking :)
Wow. You look great. Congrats on the new tummy. Happy healing.

Eating right after your surgery

Okay I have to say to prep your food before surgery. I didn't and when I came out I had to eat whatever the person who was taking care of me fed me. I ate horribly, fries, hotdogs, what ever I had to just to take my pain meds. Grant it I didn't eat tons, just a few mouthfuls, but it caused extra swelling which I SOOOO could have done without. Plus my nurse told me to make sure you eat plenty of protein after the surgery because it helps the ab muscles repair themselves faster. Please please listen to this part. Ever since I have started doing this there is a big difference. I am walking straight and although I feel the pulling (11 days po) there are points where I have eaten so much protein I don't even feel the pulling.
I cannot stress enough to you, that no matter how prepared you think you are for this (I've been prepping since Oct.) you can never really prepare for how dramatic this is to your body and you will NEED the people on this site. Every time I read your kind words I cry and thank God for people I have never met that are helping me through such a hard time. Thank you all. :)

Meds you will need

Okay so I went back and forth with what meds I would need after surgery and I they are as follow:
1. Phillips Stool softener 1 in morning 1 at night, then when I didn't go I upped it to 2 in morning 2 at night. PLEASE start these right away, the worst thing is to get stopped up after because it adds so much stress and strain that you DO NOT need.

2. Neosporin-for the drain site and for your belly button. Take care of these two places. Your doctors office may give you some but buy a tube just in case. It's better to be prepared than not.

3. Tylenol-As soon as you start getting off of your meds you will need this since it's all we can take post op for 2 weeks.

4-Arnica-dryied Mexican seasoning. looks like tea and you will find in in the ethnic isle with dried seasoning. It helps with swelling and bruising. You put half of the bag a medium size pot of water and boil it. No taste to it really and it helps you keep hydrated.

Also you can massage your stomach in an X to help the swelling. Lower left of belly button massage left downward, right, right downward, upper Left massage up and out, creating an X. So this lightly for as long as you can handle. My nurse told me to do this and it is helping.

I also highly highly suggest you practice getting up and down only using your arm muscles and scooting abilities. Your abs will be useless right after surgery.
I'm glad your doing well!
Thank you hun. I can't wait to see you on the healing end :)
Honey you wasted your money. You look so hot before the tummy tuck. I'm looking at you saying what can a tummy Tuck do to a women that already look perfect. Honey you are beautiful. You are even more gorgious now, but I'm trying to future out what were you tucking.lol :-) Now your stomach is super tiny. Have a safe recovery and don't over due yourself ms look so good before and after tummy tuck.lol Ms America your beautiful before and now. Your photos are the ones we use as our wish picture on our blog, meaning we wish we looked like you.


This is the tea I was telling you all about

PO 2 weekd

My belly button stitches came out and my bandages were changed. I still have tape over my scar. Per my nurse I will keep changing the tape every week for the next 4 weeks. The tape is to keep the incision nice and small and to smooth out any lumpiness in the scar. I am loving my results.

pic of tea

Apparently the pic didnt come up

itches and tingles

Well I still have bruising and I'm still sore here and there but I'm almost back to me. I am still swollen and still have a lot of healing to do but I'm not even po 3 weeks yet so duh right?. Well I wanted to share that last week I started having nerves wake up. So weird because with the compression garment I just felt out of breath, but with the new regular girdle I wear at times I can feel it for sure. My entire stomach and the middle of my back gets tingles like when your foot falls to sleep. My nurse said just to rub the area in a circular movement to help wake up the nerves. It's cool to know everything is coming back. My incision is itching and so are the bruised areas which is driving me nuts. Lol. It's a good sign I know but the itch moves and at times it feels as if my side itches but when I scratch it, I feel it in the center of my stomach instead. Weird but i thought i would share. :) i was also told that i could stop wearing the compression garment but i keep wearing it. I like the security of it and the doctor said it was OK to. I do trade out to a regular one though every now and then. So that's my update. I'll have 3 week pics on friday :)

pain pump, stitches and staples**removal**

Ok. I am going to say this because people freaked me out.
1. Removing staples did not hurt at all. The skin pinched a little on a few but honestly no pain.
2. Pain pump removal did not hurt at all. It felt like there was a worm crawling under my skin out, so weird but no pain at all.
3. Stitches did not hurt at all either. Just a little pulling here and there but no pain.

Just so you know what to expect. :)

Walker. GET ONE

I highly recommend getting a walker. Even if you return it after you use it for just one day. I depended on it so much the first 3 days.

some after pics

I'm at 20 days right now just short of 3 weeks.

pics of actual incision

My incision is to be covered up with tape for the first weeks to flatten out any bumpy tissue in the scar. However, I will be changing it every week. Here are the pics. This is at 20 days, one day short of 3 weeks
Your recent pics look AWESOME!!
Thank you :)

PO 3 weeks

Here are some post op pics at 3 weeks. I don't see much of a difference but figured I'd post to just be consistent. I just noticed I didn't take any if mu bruising on the back. I'll add those tonight.
Impressed you fit in your jeans. I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and still have drains. I hate trying to find things that fit and will hide the drain. You look great.
What?! I can't imagine having the drains for 2 1/2 weeks. That has to be driving you crazy. Mine came out on day 6. Swelling started to go down at 2 1/2 weeks. Thank you for the compliment. :)
Was it painful having your drains removed?

Scar update/sex post op for the 1st time

So I am one day shy of 4 weeks. I will be posting pics tomorrow of front and back but I change my tape every Thursday so I'm adding those pics today. When I changed the tape there was no blood this time. Last week my left side was slightly bleeding. The scar is looking good to me. I like how even and how thin it is.
This may be t.m.i but I had sex for the first time since my surgery yesterday. I was pretty active and although parts of my side are still numb and I'm still a little stiff there wasn't much pulling or pain. Just a little discomfort in some positions because I am still stiff and numb. I did also get a pain which I can describe like running after you drank a bunch of water. Very sharp and constant below my right breast a little higher than my belly button. It dulls down but hasn't gone away. Has anyone else experienced this?

Belly button

So today I hit my 4 week mark. I'm have pictures a little later. My doctor said that now I can start putting a marble sized bead with a string tied to it in my belly button at night to help it push everything thing in. I put the bead in this morning to get a feel for it but I wasn't sure how far to push it and I got nervous. So can you please share your belly button stories with me along with what you used, when, and how?

4 week pic

Here are 4 week pic update.
Your 4 week pics are FANTASTIC! So happy for you :-)
Thank you :) still such a slow process :)
Looking good! Glad your doing well..

5 week update

So today I am 5 weeks post op. I am still sore and I get some muscle spasms that feel as if I had a baby in there. I am still bruised on the sides which I wish would go away already. I can't lay on my stomach, but can sleep on my sides and I am getting in and out of bed without having to hold onto the side of the bed anymore. I still get really tight when I'm sitting for too long and here's a new one. So last week I went to my aunts house and had a big dinner. My stomach hurt so damn bad. I felt like I was going to be sick any minute. I couldn't even sit it hurt so bad. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm also so tired of wearing this girdle. :) I have to wait until my next appointment though in two weeks to find out how much longer I have to wear it. I jogged/walked 2 miles yesterday and lifted 10 pound weights. I seem to have done well. :) I didn't wear my girdle during the day yesterday and I was super swollen by night time.

marble vs earplug in bb

Ok. So I was using a bead the size of a marble for my belly button. My surgeon did a great job so it's not to keep it open or shape it. It's only to push all the extra pieces back in for more of an innie look. Well the marble helped a little but not a great deal. It pushed all of the extra bb pieces a little in but the ear plug totally did the trick. It pushes everything in very nicely for a natural look. I will be sticking with the ear plug :)

5 and a half weeks

Ok I had to post today because I woke up the flattest I've been in awhile. Plus I wanted to show the difference with my belly button as well. I am feeling like this was well worth it today :)

bathing suit shopping

Ok. So I found this Trina Turk bikini on clearance for $20.00!!! I couldn't pass it up. I have NEVER worn a string bikini! So I tried it on and almost cried! My scar is completely covered and my stomach looks good. I had to share. Today ib have reached 6 weeks. I'm supposed to have a doctors appointment today where we start scar therapy and I find out if I have to continue wearing spanx, but they were full and I had to schedule at 7 weeks. I am also going to get a consultation on a new pair of boobies. :) I'm really excited about that. My sister has scared me though... she said her BA was more painful than her TT and the pain lasted 6 weeks!!! I still think I will go ahead though. Right now I'm a 36A sister size 34B, BUT at VS only the PINK 34B's fit me and I don't really fill up the cup. Please chime in here :)
You look great! I had my breast done at the same time as my TT and my doctor put it: you pay for the TT (in terms of pain) and get the BA for free. I hardly noticed any pain whatsoever with my BA. I got 360cc moderate silicone implants under the muscle and I'm very happy with my choice. I went from a 36A/B to a small 36C and I love them. You have a much smaller frame and would probably be looking at a high profile implant to fit your chest wall. I think you'll look great no matter your choice!
I wish my doctor would have told me that. I was so worried about doing both at the same time because my stomach would be so sore and I figured I'd need my arms, but the way you just put it makes do much sense. What's the difference between high profile and moderate? Thank you so much for responding :)
Basically, If you lay implants on a table, it's how tall they are. However, the higher the implant, the less width. Because you are shorter and have a smaller frame you need less width for your implant so you'd need a higher profile. The profiles order from Ultra high, high, moderate plus, moderate, and low.

6 weeks PO

Hi everyone. I'm 6 weeks PO as of yesterday. I took my measurements yeaterday and I'm 27 waist and 31 lower belly. I was pretty excited but so damn curious how these celebrities have 23 and 24 inch waists. I can't imagine being that small and I had pastic surgery. Lol. I ate like crap yesterday and did not run. I still feel pretty sore although not until mid day and I'm still swelling pretty badly. I have gone a day here and there for a total 4 days not wearing my spanx and then wear my binder at night because the swelling is so bad. I am still numb at my the lower back and lower belly and as you will see in the pics I still have bruising. I'm jogging/walking 2 miles 5 times a week and I'm lifting 10 pnd free weights. I can't sleep on my stomach but my sides have been fine since about week 3. Although I prefer to lay flat on my back which I've also been doing comfortably since week 3.
I have to be honest that I'm ready for this healing process to be done. I still get pain and when I'm jogging I get a sharp pain between my belly button and right breast that makes me have to slow down and walk, same story when I lift. I want to hit the gym hard and tighten yp the legs, booty, and back but I can't and is frustrating. I spent over 10k and I feel kindof angry that I can't do these things. I've actually been feeling a little depressed about it. I also notice that when I sit I still have a little pooch which is sooo disappointing. Don't get me wrong I love my new stomach and I don't have any regrets. Just being honest here. :) I also wanted to say that I have been getting a lot of muscle spasms. I'm not sure if this happened to others but it actually feels like a baby moving inside. So creepy, I touch it and I don't feel anything from the outside but it still feels so weird. I'm a little swollen today from not wearing spanx and bad eating/ drinking yesterday :(

close up of bruising at 6 weeks

Here is a close up of the lingering bruising at 6 weeks. Bit too bad but I wish it was gone. Mabe another 6 weeks?
you look great! I hope mine comes out like that. I still have to meet with a few dr's. Love that bikini! i cant wait for that day either.. In the end you will say it was so worth it. Each person heals different. Again you look great!
Thank you so much. :) I did have lipo. It was just part of the surgery. The lipo sites were sore for a vood while and pretty bruised. Some of the lipo area is still numb and I'm 7 weeks po. I heard it can take up to a year, but I wouldn't change it. I feel that the lipo helled give me better lokking result. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
i was wondering if they did lipo as part of the procedure or do you have to pay extra for it.. So costly. Now quesitons about payment. Do you have to give a deposit or can the entire thing go on a payment plan via credit care or surgical.com ?

7 weeks PO

So I saw Dr. Placik. Today and his amazing nurse Mireya. :) Love her! So I don't have to wear the spanx anymore and I don't have to wear the tape anymore either. I'm so happy. He gave me a scar cream and then we moved into the BA consultation. So here we are and I tried on 350 High Profiles and 400 High profiles. He doesn't prefer under the arm pit and I was surprised by this. Can I have some feedback please on what people preferred? I will be posting some more before pics of my belly in a few :)
Thank you posting your journey! You look wonderful! My tt and lipo (flank area as well) is July 31. I spent the winter recovering from a mastectomy and reconstruction. I am not looking forward to more drains, but it will be worth it in the end. Do you work outside the home? If so, when did you return?
Oh wow. A friend of mine went through the same thing and I have seen just how difficult that process is on the body. Except they reconstructed her breast by giving her a tummy tuck then taking the fat to reconstruct the breast. Amazing what doctors can do. I work away from home and I was out for an entire week and worked from home the 2nd week. Let me know if you have any more questions. Congratulations for how far you have come and lots of support sent your way for the next steps. :)

my incision scar

I just have to post this pic. I put on these panties today and was estatic that they cover my scar :) :) I highly highly recommend Dr. Placik. His work is amazing!
looking goood!

Ok. This is a little late but the pictures are from 8 weeks.

Hi everyone. This is a little late but the pictures are from 8 weeks po. I have been getting this weird sensation for s couple weeks now. Whenever I am sitting down or I lean to get up my lower back feels like someone is twisting my skin and kinda rug burning me. It only lasts a couple seconds but it's very uncomfortable. Other than that everything is going great. My scar is doing well. I don't wear the compression garment anymore. Well sometimes when I feel the swelling is too much. Although I am usually pretty swollen since I stopped wearing spanx and all. My doctor told me to start doing pilates and yoga to strengthen my core. I can lay on my stomach with just a tiny bit of discomfort. I'm at the gym 5 days a week. This is the second week and it feels a lot better. I can jog 2 miles. I feel back to normal :) I'm still so nervous about the implants, but now I'm going back and forth between butt implants or breast. Hmmmm

9 weeks later!!

Omg I'm loving my belly soooooo much! I did have to clean out mt closet though. Skirts, pants, tops, suit jackets. So much is not fitting me anymore. :( I am still working out and eating well. I take my after pictures on Aug 1 so I want them to be the best.


Pics didn't load earlier
Hi, I live in Chicago and I was acfually looking into having Dr Placik in doing my Tummy Tuck also. Only thing is I was looking for a Dr that would give me more of that hour glass shape and didnt see that in his result pics. So im actually flying down to Miami and doing my surgery with Dr. Salama who is amazing with the hour glass shaping. Your results are looking fabulous and I cant wait to have mine in March 2015. Time just cant go fast enough. Your story is so helpful! Maybe you can fly down with me and help me for a week with my healing! LOL! Happy healing hun!
Ahhhhh so exciting. I am actually looking at Salama too, but for butt implants. Lol. I love how honest we can be on this site. How are you going to work that out? I'm totally going to check out his tummy tucks now. Unfortunately you are correct though. I didn't get the hour glass shape. :( Good luck though and I will be following your story. How did you do your consult? What are your plans for post op appointments?
How was the pain from the lipo on the back/love handles? Horrible? Bearable?

10 weeks PO

So today makes 10 weeks po. I am feeling great and I have been hitting the gym hard. 5-6 times a week. I'm eating clean and working my butt off. Some times I feel like I haven't even had a tummy tuck...well if it weren't for the huge scar staring back at me, lol. When I first started working out I did get some soreness right away in my stomach. it kinda felt like when you run after drinking water and get those cramps in your side. After a couple times it went away though. I do still have a tad bit of a problem when I lay flat on my back on a bench. It pulls and feels like my skin is going to rip, so I put one leg up and it helps relieve that. Some exercising really engage the core when you don't think they do. My doctor said it was okay to work the core at 8 weeks, so I don't worry about it too much and I just push through. My stomach has gotten extremely flatter and feels GREAT. Exercise has helped a ton, 6 meals, and a gallon of water each day. :) There is one weird thing that has been happening since about week 6. All around the bottom of my sides and back kinda freeze up. They get stiff when I get up (which we're use to) but it kinda burns. It feels like when we were little and with would hold our friends wrists and with both our hands twist in opposite directions to skin burn them and see how long they could tolerate it. :) (Please say I'm not the only one who knows what that is) anyhow, it has gotten better at week 10 but it's still so weird to me. :( I actually have to touch it to check if my skin has actually become hot, it doesn't get hot, but I always have to check because the feeling is so intense. I can lay on my stomach with no problem and I'm pretty back to normal. :) Pics I'm posting separately because this computer doesn't let me. :)

10 week pic

Here are the 10 week pics

11 weeks PO

Lovin my results :)


So I decided that I am going to do BA. :) :) I'm going to open another post for that surgery though! Ahhhh so exciting :)
Did you go for your BA consultation?
So sorry about the delay. Yes i did. I actually saved the date and all. I go back 9/5/14 for my last try on :) I'm so excited
Nice!!! How big are you going?

15 weeks i think

I'm not sure what week it is honestly. I think it's week 15. I stopped updating for awhile because i was too worried about figuring out what to do about BA. However, i did gain about 10 pounds and don't look that great so that kept me from updating too. Anyhow. The pics are attached. A little feeling is coming back on the right of my incision. Skin has loosened a bunch too. For some reason too i keep getting a lot of comments on my booty. Lol. Ok and am getting BA Oct. 9 :) :) :) but will be opening a new strand for that. So please please check it out
Your TT looks great! I decided to go back in and get a new BA too! I'm going on the 3rd of September. Your not too far behind that. I will have to look for your BA post. We are similar in stats.
You look amazing!! Great results so soon after. Best of luck with your ongoing recovery.
Thank you so much :)

17 weeks

So. honestly feel like posting now may be redundant. I don't really feel any change. I actually gained 5 pounds and don't feel as flat as i used to. I stopped working out but hopefully will be getting back to it soon. I pretty much feel 100% and can do everything i used to be able too. I'm not looking forward to the Boobie blues. Although i am looking forward to the boobies. Lol.


So i took these pics naked because I'm trying to figure out i have dog ears. I think i may. Especially on the left side. Thoughts? Jets a pic of my back since i haven't posted one in awhile


Please help. I'm not sure if I'm over reacting. Are these dog ears?
amazing results and how do you keep your butt so toned after children?! lol mine went down hill!!!
You have one of the best results I have ever seen! Wow, your surgeon is amazing!
In don't think you have dog ears. It looks pretty smooth to me. You look great!
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