29 Year Old with Three Children 138 Pounds 5'4 Inches with a Much Needed Brazilian Butt Lift my Butt is So Flat. - Chicago, IL

Just praying for something affordable and well...

Just praying for something affordable and well worth it this body I'm in I don't like anymore I tried eating right with exercise no results just in my legs smh trying to have a coke body with a full round butt with a smaller back. This is starting to be a serious problem because all my jeans fall down don't even look right in leggings


Im from the chi too.welcome..have u picked a doc yet
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Haven't found one yet my budget is 3,500 lol
U talking overall cost or u just wanna spend 3500 for surgery ?lol girl im with u on penny pinching i wanna get this over and done this yr..when u trying get urs?
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No surgery yet

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