24 Hours with Invisalign

So far the only con I have is the pain lol I'm 23...

So far the only con I have is the pain lol I'm 23 years old and paid for the invisalign in full in march and due to three cavities I had the process was slower. It was 600 for one side 300 for the other... I was pissed but couldn't blame anyone but myself lol anywho; it took 6 weeks for them to come in (yesterday) and I was pissed because the first tray did not fit ! I wanted to cry but they put the second set in and they fitted perfectly.. I only need them for 50 weeks (24 trays) and I get my attachments in two weeks :) anyway I'll let you all know the process June 10th
Hey, thanks for starting your story! :D  Do you have a small gap between your upper central incisors?  Is it generally just spacing issues for you?

I see SophieD found you already.  Here are a few mostly random other Invisaligners for you to meet :)


but hopefully you'll have time to look around and get to know others as well!

I look forward to following your progress :D.
Thank you ! Yes my only issue is a overbite and spacing ... How long did you have invisalign ? Your teeth are so pretty
Thank you :).  I had Invisalign for just under a year, including 6 refinements.  I think it was 19 trays in all--somewhere between 19 and 21 trays :).  I started off with 18 trays, according to the packaging, but I think I only did 13 or 15 of them, then went to refinements instead.

I was asking about the gap because it looks very small with Invisalign on, but we have a lot of people working on a gap :).  It's like its own special club.  I'll introduce you around there if you want, but one of our RealFriends, PreOrtho, is working on a gap too, so you can definitely meet her :D.

Random pic lol

Dental wax is fantastic.  You probably won't need it for long, but when you do need it, it's a life-saver!  The backs of your trays may need some filing.  Next time you go in to the doctor you can try on your tray before you leave and if there are sharp edges, they can file them for you.  Some people do it carefully themselves but I'd ask your doctor first.  It may just be that your mouth needs toughening up.  And that will happen for sure.  
These trays don't hurt anymore .. Is that normal ? It's like I can't tell they're in so I feel like they aren't working .. I'm worried .. Also I looked on the tray number and it says 3 .. So I have trays 3 in .. But this is my first week ? Wtf my dentist is starting to make me upset I didn't even know these were my third trays
Can you take a picture of the packaging, please, and post it?  Also, how many aligners did the doctor give you?  I'm wondering if he gave you more than one set if #2 is among them.


Is that tray two in your new picture?


Invisalign update

Month and a half pics

Not too much difference to me
Hi, thanks for sharing your experience, would you mind sharing your doctor info?
His name is Dr.Pallotto he works for Oak dental Associates ... Love him
Yeah, looks like a little change in the midline.  But it's really very, very early days :).  If you didn't have a gap, you probably wouldn't see anything at all this early :D.  Like maybe tray 8-10.  But gaps start closing pretty early.

Tray 1 vs Tray 5

Can't tell a difference at al ????????????????

Going on 2 months

Still too early :).  Hang in there!
I hope so

Tray 2 vs tray 8

Ha!!!  You see that?  That's huge progress!  Are you happy to finally see the gap closing? :D  Yay!
Lol yea I'm excited !!

9th tray

FINALLY seeing results lol sheesh
What's that, a millimeter between your front teeth now?  It's going so fast!

Tray 11 ... Seeing my facial features change as well

My teeth are getting soooo straight !!!!!
My jaws look different lol I can't explain it

Tray 1 vs tray 11

I see it

Beginning to end

Beginning to end
Small video of how my teeth will look in May 2015 !!! My teeth look better than what the video is saying, my orthodontist agrees lol
I agree!  You look fabulous already!  What's left, though?  I don't see any space between your front teeth anymore, and you're only halfway through?
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