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20 Units Botox to Forehead for Horizontal Lines - Chicago, IL

I hate it. My eyelids are more hooded and I look...

I hate it. My eyelids are more hooded and I look tired. My forehead looks great but...not worth looking like my eyes are tiny or tired. I'm wondering how many more weeks until I start to see ANY improvement in the hooded eyes. Anyone who had similar changes, when can I hope for improvement?! Sad :(

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11 days later

I am getting used to the eye changes but still mad at myself for doing it. I wear my glasses to work to "hide" behind. My horizontal wrinkles are pretty much non existent. My forehead gets shiny now though; I typically have dry skin, so I wasn't expecting that. So...I'm waiting on this stuff to wear off. But tbh my husband says he can barely tell my eyes look different. He thinks the upper lids look a little puffy.


I'm sorry you don't like what happened to your upper eyelids.  Do you have a before pic so we can see what your eyes looked like before Botox?  
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Let me see what I can find on my phone.
I'm going through the same thing. I feel horrible and look horrible but other people don't seem to have noticed. I think it's more the way my forehead feels so heavy. I'm 3 Weeks into this - I didn't have it done for forehead lines, I wanted to "lift" my brows a bit. The practitioner gave me my money back- but like you I'm not sure how long this heavy feeling and hooded eyes will last :(
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Yes, probably subtle but my "before eyes" look "awake" not tired and angry :(


Don't panic. Botox isn't permanent. However, this is common and happens to me as well. It isn't as noticeable to other people but is very annoying. You will have to weigh the pros and cons, if the droopy eyelids are worse than the benefit of wrinkle free or vise versa. Good luck :-)
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Posted some
Thanks so much.  I think I can see what you are talking about- it is really subtle.  I'm sure it is way more obvious to you because it is your face and it probably feels different too.  Hopefully it will wear off as the botox wears off.  Have you talked to your injector about this to see what they say?  

18 days

Not much change...impatiently waiting for this to wear off


How are you doing now, SadAfter? I did this six days ago and am having the EXACT same problem you were having. I feel regretful and scared and just sad. I've lost the arch to my brow and my eyes are hooded. I don't look "done" so far anyway. And it's not something, so far, that anyone would notice, unless I seriously point it out to them, but I don't look as pretty as I used to. My eyes are my best feature and now they seem tired and smaller. I'm too sad to look in the mirror. I hope you are feeling better now. It sounds like it started to get better in a little over a month. I hope by now everything is back to normal. It would be encouraging to hear good news! I'm not doing this again.
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Tesssa- hope u go back to normal. My arch fell and eyes smaller and everything fell. It has aged me good 5-10 years. I used to love my eyes as well. I'm almost 11 months out. It changes your appearance and a lot of us never went back to the way we were. I ended up with a lot more wrinkles, very uneven face now. I avoid mirrors as much as I can. Doing my hair I look at hair not my face.
Send me pm I will share before and after pics..
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