1-day Pre Op Tummy Tuck with Lipo - Chicago, IL

I am a 37 year old mother of 3. My last two...

I am a 37 year old mother of 3. My last two pregnancies I gained a ton of weight and delivered two 9lb boys! Needless to say my body has never been the same. On the day I delivered my third child I weighed 256lbs! I now have consistently weighed between 163-173 for the last 3years. I eat a overall healthy diet a have worked out consistently for the last 4 years. It's time to undo some damage that I cannot undo on my own.

I am 1 day pre-op and I have had this annoying...

I am 1 day pre-op and I have had this annoying scratchy throat for the past week that has caused me to wake up in the middle of the night! I have no temp, no phlegm, no sneezing, just a dry cough and a tickle in my throat! Does anyone know if I should postpone surgery? My doctor seems to think I will be ok but I am questioning if I will be in pain if I have a dry cough after surgery?

Yesterday I had my abdominalplasty with Lipo...

Yesterday I had my abdominalplasty with Lipo yestetday. I was a ball of nerves before surgery. My surgery was 8:15 to 11:15. Thankfully I had plenty of time in the post op area, the only pain I felt yesterday was minor burning pain I would say about a 5-6 pain level. I would go with the word uncomfortable . I was wheeled chaired next door to a hotel where I spent the night. I sleep surprisingly well.

2-22-13 I am entering into my 3rd day post-op and...

2-22-13 I am entering into my 3rd day post-op and I would have to say it is going way better than I expected. I had a tummy tuck with lipo on my outer thighs on Wednesday the 20th. So far I would have to say I have not really been in a lot of pain. When I woke up from surgery I would say there was more of a burning sensation in my stomach and the lipo areas just seam to be tender. I stayed the night in a hotel next to surgical center the 1st night and then came home around 3 yesterday. Yesterday I took a hydrocodone pill every 4 hours for pain and today I have been taking half with a extra strength Tylenol so I don't feel so dopey, also worried about constipation. Since I have been home I have been sleeping in a automatic recliner chair that helps with getting up and I have a toilet seat that makes my toilet higher. I have been able to get up and go to the bathroom on my own which I am extremely happy about. I would say my Lipo areas are more sore than my tummy tuck so far but neither area is in more that a 5 pain I would just say its been uncomfortable but not painful. I will post some pics tomorrow.

Today I am 11 days post op! 7 days post op I got...

Today I am 11 days post op! 7 days post op I got my drains removed, that was no big deal! On that same day I also had several stitches removed. So far I would say that was the most painful thing I have experienced so far. Not a scary painful just a quick ouch each time she snipped. I have been sleeping in bed comfortably since 9 days post op. I was out and about for awhile 9-10 days post op, with my binder on. I was a little bloated when I got home but nothing to complain about. On my 9th and 10th day post op I got ready completely ready both days and I actually stayed in my underwear the whole time looking at myself instead of rushing to put pants on in disgust! I am so so happy! And I know things are going to get so much better still!

I couple othe things I want to share about the...

I couple othe things I want to share about the past few days. I took my last hydrocodone 5days post op and moved to extra strength Tylenol during the day and Tylenol pm at night. Yesterday which was only 10 days post op I took a total of two Tylenols and 1 Tylenol pm at night. This experience has not been painful at all! Because I read that constipation can cause some pain I have been drinking a small glass of plum smart juice before bed every night and that has so far done the trick!
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Just wondering how you are doing ?
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wow you are tiny pre-op ....I bet your tuck came out great... Congrats! Happy Healing. Can't wait to see your pics... i'm still pre op
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Keep pillows in your car and place between seatbelt and you... The seatbelt "got" me and the spot took an entire month to heal.
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That's great how do you feel today are u swollen
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I am swollen but not that bad, I would say I feel tender.
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well my doctor will charge a cancellation fee if you reschedule. i think you should go ahead and keep the appointment because being intubated you will still have the same feeling, good luck
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Coughing is hands down the most uncomfortable thing to do post op. I'm 12 days post and still can't cough. I grab my water as soon as I feel a tickle. Just my two cents worth. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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