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I am a 26 year old mother of one and currently a...

I am a 26 year old mother of one and currently a 38DD, I have struggled with the appearance of my breasts since I was a young girl. After putting it off for years, I have finally decided to have a breast lift to rid myself of what the doctors say is stage three ptosis. Over the last year I've lost 50lbs, so to make up for the loss of volume I will also be getting an augmentation. I'm really excited to finally be doing something for myself.

Second guessing surgeon

Unfortunately I had to postpone my procedure until next year:( But this has given me time to make sure I've chosen the right doctor. Initially I was going to go with Dr. Weinzweig. When we met he was very attentive, and his staff was very accomidating and friendly. Since our meeting, a couple of members from this sight have reached out to me with concerns. These ladies were patients of Dr. Weinzweig and neither of them were happy with their results. I know that everyone's body and experience is different, but hearing from these ladies has made me second guess my choice of doctor. I am going to meet with a few more before making my final decision.

Full Anchor Lift with Silicon Gel Implants on 5'8" African American with Fit Build

So earlier this year I had to postpone my procedure but now I am back on track. The site will not let me change the info for my surgeon, but I have decided not to use Dr. Weinzweig after careful consideration. I met with DR. SHIFRIN and fell in love! I haven't scheduled my procedure yet, but I'm certain that Shifrin is the surgeon for me.

I have extremely saggy and deflated breast after a 75lbs weight loss. I currently fit a 36C, prior to my weight loss I was a saggy 38DD. I do not have enough fat left in my breast to be satisfied with a lift only so I will be getting an implant for volume, sub muscular because my breast tissue is too thin for overs. I am barrel chested and have a large breast gap which is a concern for me but Dr. Shifrin assured me that he can give me just enought volume and cleavage with out running the risk of developing uni-boob (lol).

I'm going to schedule my procedure next month for hopefully February. Shifrins fee for everything is $8500, more than the first doctor I chose but I think the price difference is worth me having total confidence in my surgeon.
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