Assymetry of Eyes After Upper Lower Eylift and Brow Lift

2 weeks ago i had a upper and lower eye lift, as...

2 weeks ago i had a upper and lower eye lift, as well as a brow lift.

My left eye was much more swollen and seems to be taking longer to heal. my lower eye surgery was when the DR put green lenses in my eye and scooped and enjected my own fat through the inside of the lower lids after 2 weeks all seems to be going well bur my right eye is more open and i noticed that the real cause is that my right lower eyelid is much thinner than the left one .is this swelling? after time will the thickness of my 2 lower eyelides match better rather than having them of different thicknesses?


It has been 16 days and all is starting to even out as they say you must give it time it is hard but it seems to be worth the wait still a bit of tightness but the bruises are 99percent gone my forhead bumps are still a bit tender it's so true that once you go past the 2 week mark all seems to come together really fast began running on Friday and will start weights on Wed I think by early summer I will be very pleased!
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Hi, there. I hope you're still happy with your results and healing nicely. I'm in Chicago too and wondering if I'll eventually need a bleph. Since you're in Chicago I wondered if you'd mind sharing the name of your surgeon and telling me about your progress. I do accept private emails if you prefer not to post your surgeon's name. Thanks!

I am very happy with the the results. I used {edited} at Northwestern Facility Foundation at Northwestern Hospital. I am now 5 weeks postopp and still healing just a little tightness and very slight morning swelling. The "bumps" from the mini forhead lift continue to reduce in size. It was all well worth it as I look like I did in my late 30s and I turn 50 this August.

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Dr. Thomas Mustoe

he is a top rated DR in Chicago at a top notch hospital.

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