36DD/DDD to Hopefully 36B - Chicago, IL

I'm going to make this short- I've had large...

I'm going to make this short- I've had large breasts since 7th grade and have always had bad posture, back and neck pain, and low self esteem because of them. I'm 5'4 and 140 lbs. After years of people telling me , "why would you want to get rid of what so many others are dying to have?" I've had enough. I tried to go through insurance and they denied me. I don't even want to waste the time of going through an appeal because i want this done NOW! I'm going in for my physical/blood tests on Thursday and will hopefully get my mammogram by next week. Surgery is Scheduled for Monday the 14th of October and I couldn't be happier.
Oh wow....so is that the price gonna pay that 6,000plus?
Yeah, total cost out of pocket is going to be 6,618
Happyto hear that Isaacs...I read your replies too n comments....they help..so u said that yourinsurance did cover yours rite...?so did you have to pay anything up front?...n do you stay in Chicago?

Pre-op photos 36dd/34ddd

Pre-op photos- hoping to be reduced to a B. My ps is going to do the lollipop procedure so there is no scar along the underside of my breast; just around the nipple and straight down
Also my insurance denied me to, I had it done and paid for it myself as well. I filed an appeal after with the post op report and waiting to see if they do anything. I would file the appeal after and send in the post op report. The worst they can do is say no again.
I had the lollipop done, I think its a great procedure. Best of luck, so worth it!

5 Days till Surgery!

Mammogram and blood tests came back fine and I just pre-paid for the anesthesia! I'm so excited. I keep having dreams of me with small boobies and then I wake up and these monstrosities are still on my chest! I don't think these days can go by any slower! I only took a week off of work, i hope that is enough. I'm really worried that I will be in a lot of pain.

Surgery in 15 hours!

I just got my prescriptions. My doctor gave me Valium, some antibiotics to take for 3 days, Tramadol for pain, and Emend for nausea. I have also been taking vitamin C and Metamucil. I am so excited!! Has anyone else used these meds for pain nausea or pain?
Hi there....I wasnt given any pain killers or antibiotics before but given some codeine for after pain, but didnt need to use it....my girlfriend did get nauseated after her surgery but I think she may have had a reaction to the anesthetic.... I am wondering what type of work you do.....a week off seems like such a short time for this surgery.....you will need to rest and relax....too much of lifting or moving about during your first days could cause fluid retention ...this is my opinion based on how I felt....I needed much longer as I did have fluid retention but also I didnt have much energy after the surgery....however, everything healed wonderfully and I am very happy with my small breasts....I went from 38F to 36 C ..

I'm at the hospital!

I think they forgot about me - I'm supposed to be going under in about 30 minutes!
Hope things went well :-)
Good luck!
Fingers crossed you get a nice B :) good luck

Made it!

The worst part about the surgery was waking up and feeling the worst nausea I have ever felt- I had to stay at the hospital for 6 hours after I woke up because anytime I lifter my head I thought I was going to puke.

My left and right sides burn from the Lipo that she did. My doctor is driving to my house in a little to change all the bandages.

She took a pound out of each breast and said she made me a b! I am hesitant to see but super excited.

It was really difficult to sleep last night I woke up every hour to adjust and go to the bathroom. Ill post more after doc changes my dressings. Thank you all for your support. I don't think I would have gone through with this if it weren't for all of you on real self.
Yay congratulations ! You did it. Now just rest and rest and rest!! You will be fine !!
great news. Have a good rest!!


docs drawings pre op

First after pictures

These aren't great pics and they make my rib cage look huge but she got me down to a B! This is still day 2. Nausea has subsided and other than that, not a lot of pain at all. Just feels sore, like after doing push-ups or something along those lines. I'll be able to take better pictures tomorrow!
Lovely!!! have a well deserved rest!!!
How many grams did they remove?
Yay!! It's good to hear from you and see your post op pictures! You look great so far!! Take it easy and rest!!

Can't sleep

I had my surgery Monday morning, now it's 1:20am on Thursday- this has been the worst pain so far- super sore. I took 2 Tylenol extra strength but I don't know if it's working- :(

I meant Tuesday, not Thursday

In above post
hi! we have similar body types and similar results too I think. I also went from a DD to what I think will be a B after the swelling subsides. I got so tired of hearing my friends complain about their cute perky size B boobs! my surgery was two weeks ago and I felt nauseous and had no energy for a week after. Your results look great! Healthy healing and I hope it all goes well.
Thank you! How has your recovery been? This is only day 3 post op and I feel fine- there is really no pain. The only issue I'm having is not being able to go to the bathroom... I've been taking the Metamucil and it doesn't seem to be working.
I really didn't have any pain either...I only took the pain pills for 2 days because I had the same problem. I also drank prune juice and quit taking them and things went back to normal. My biggest issue so far has been my back - I think my S/I joint got tweaked during surgery and then lying on my back a lot recovering made it worse. I just got a Tiger Balm pain patch today to see if that helps. It smells really good even if it doesn't work :) My best advice would be to take it easy, even if you feel ok. Not sure what kind of help you have/time off work, but take as much advantage of the down time as you can. I think it's hard to give ourselves permission to do nothing sometimes, but that's what your body needs. Take it easy and keep us updated!

Kinda Concerned...

So, i love my new boobies but I'm kind of discouraged because i see these little "fat" pouches underneath both breasts. Has anyone experienced this before? I hope they go away. Also, my right one seems a little bigger than the left, i hope this balances out also. I can't believe how little pain i'm in. Honestly, I can say i'm in NO pain at all. I got Home from the hospital on Monday evening and now it's Thursday morning and i was able to shower, wash my hair and then was able comb it too! I don't want to get a head of myself here, so I should probably go rest, but I'm worried because I haven't gone to the bathroom since Sunday. Any one know of any home remedies that have worked? I don't want to drive to the store yet.

Pictures 3 days after

These pictures correlate to my last review above- see left looks bigger than right and the fat pockets underneath
I'm sure it will all settle. You have great little boobies and they really suit your size. Just rest and dont worry. They change so much in the first month or two. Im with Ginge on the prune juice. It really worked for me!!
Yay for small boobies!! And yay for Ginge for being so positive. I'm glad I'm not the only one that was worried about the pockets and seeing more of them makes me think that the doctors know what they are doing. (I hope!! Lol) Mine already look better and yours are going to look great! :) I have a little asymmetry with my breasts as well and was a little upset because you'd think that you'd get closer to "perfection" with corrective surgery but alas, there's no such thing as perfect anyway right? I'm just glad they're smaller.
Get some prune juice to help with your bowel movement. I drink it while eating dinner. And an hour later, I meet Jon. Lol. Don't worry about the fat pockets, I've seen some pictures and your breasts will drop and the swelling will go down. Give it two, three months.


Has anyone used ice packs to reduce swelling on the sides?


I pooed!!! It hurt, but I pooed!

Fat pockets

Thanks for all of your responses. My ps is going out of town so my first follow up will be next Saturday. (She did come to my house the day after surgery to change my dressings, bring me a new bra and help me shower). We face timed yesterday and she said the fat pockets are just liquid and that if they are still next Saturday she will drain them.
I really appreciate all of you responding to my posts. This is truly a wonderful community
Yay! My first time meeting Jon (poo) after surgery was painful as well!! I wanted God to put me out of my misery!! LOL!
YAY for pooing!
Thank you! I appreciate your response :)

Day 6

My surgical bra seems very loose and the sports bra is tight- I feel like I need it to be tight otherwise they feel super sore. Does anyone know how tight the bra should be?
do you have a front-closure bra?.....that's what I used.....you need support so your breasts arent moving around....but I thing you will feel when the bra is too tight....I found the bras at Walmart or Targett.....however I did read somewhere that people said they didnt have them anymore.....depends on where you live..

Soreness in morning

I am so sore and stiff when I wake up in the morning. It's the most uncomfortable/painful part of the day. I'm still sleeping on my back. I am supposed to go back to work tomorrow so I hope this one last day of rest will help.
When I wear loose bras, my breasts get sore too. I try not to wear too loose or too tight that I get so uncomfortable. If my is bra is sort of loose, I'll wear a tight cami over it. I'm almost at six weeks post op and I still have soreness when I wake up or when my bra is too loose but it's not as bad as it was before. Take it easy at work! I took two and a half weeks off work. I'm glad I did because the week after surgery, I got really sick. So don't over stress your breasts. They definitely time and love to heal.
Hey Pretty, Looks like we had our surgery around the same time and we were the same size. My nausea was brutal too. Holy momma! I was up all night right after the surgery puking into my turquoise kidney shaped bowl they gave me. My husband thinks that's going to come in handy in the future. I am fine now just uncomfortable. The nausea was gone the next day. I am so proud of you ladies who can look at the girls so soon. I've only poked under the bandages a few times. I didn't realize how squeamish I am. Get well!

Genie bra

Just went to cvs and bought the as seen on tv "genie bra" you get 2 for 20 dollars. You can step into them and pull them up so you don't have to lift your arms. It is offering the perfect amount of support so I'm not feeling any pain from the sports bra being too tight and the surgical bra being too loose. I really recommend this to everyone having a problem finding a comfortable bra after surgery. It is even offering some kind of compression on the sides where my Lipo was so it doesn't feel as sore- it's almost like as soon as I put it in it was instant relief and pain subsided. Who knows...maybe I'm speaking too soon since I've only had it on for an hour :) off to sleep I go since I have to go to work tomorrow. I hope this helps people find a bra after surgery. Ginge- thanks for always replying- this almost feels like a tight cami- I also bought the genie cami that has the bra built in- I think I'll wear this to work tomorrow

Day 2 back at work

My first day back was yesterday and I was miserable. I just felt like crying for no reason and I was really emotional. Not sure what is wrong with me, maybe it's all the meds leaving my system. Today is much better already though. I slept really well and other than feeling like I was hit with a bat on both sides from the lipo, emotionally, I'm much better. Let's see how long this lasts... Happy Tuesday!
I read one blog where the blogger who went through a BR made a list of things to get for surgery and she suggested Kleenex tissue because we will be emotional. Lol. Cause I know I was the 1st or 2nd week. Crying because I was miserable. Lol. It's good that you are feeling better though. Hopefully you are over that emotional rollercoaster ride.
You look amazing, pretty! I'm having surgery next week, and I've taken 1 full week off work, and then will be working from home until I feel ready to go back to the office. I am really lucky to have that kind of flexibility. Please take it as easy as you can!

Day 3 back at work

I have a desk job so it doesn't require a lot of physical activity but I'm SO SORE on the sides from the lipo. I've tried icing, etc. but i literally feel like my sides are bulging out of my genie bra because it's so bruised and swollen. Any suggestions as to getting the swelling down? I was able to zip up a 34 sports bra on Sunday but today when i tried to put it on i couldn't even get it to close, i had about 3 to 4 inches left! do you think something is wrong? Shouldn't the swelling go down? I emailed my PS because i have my first post op appt with her on Saturday to see if there is anything I should be doing. I hope nothing is wrong. Has any one else experienced this?
Yep... I have had the emotional roller coaster too. First I cry because of the discomfort, then because they look so nice now, then because I think I am still too big, then because I'm hurting, then because I can now zip up my coat, and then because my three year old hugged me too hard. I wish I had some answers about how to reduce the swelling too. But it helps to know most of us are in the same boat... I swear though, those reviews where so-and-so says 'healing has been a breeze! NO pain!' I just want to slap her...
Have you tried lipo foam on your sides wher the lipo was done. Im on the lipo board too and the women swear by it
My PS told me it can take a couple of months for the swelling to go down...

Almost 2 weeks post!

Soreness from Lipo has gone down on the sides. I had my first post op appointment yesteray and she said I was healing well and fast! She took the strips off around my nipples- it didn't hurt but now I'm afraid they are going to open!
Looking great. I guess you need to try not to do much -I am sure it is a concern - will be going through it in 8 days......

Scar creams

Can anybody give me some suggestions on what scar stuff to use? Should i get the silicon strips or just put mederma on?
I had the same incisions as you, and mine look identical, same "fat pocket look" you had your surgery before me so I can't say much about how I'm healing but it's definately gone down a lot, I've noticed where the bigger fat pocket is there's been more draining so I'm assuming its where more fluids accumulate. I never had drains. And I ende up getting a genie bra because of your review and it's been the only thing to for comfortably!! My surgical bra that did up in the front are way to short in the cup, because of the fat pockets that kinda sit under where more most bra bands hit, so I'm having a hard time finding a bra that fits my waist an gives me support with still a large cup. I'm so thankful for lighter breasts but omg humans are never 100 percent satisfied haha. I love seeing your updates it gives me an idea of how I will heal!
I know, the Genie bra has been great for me. This one is also really good for support if you have a kmart next to you http://www.kmart.com/everlast-reg-sport-women-s-padded-zip-front-athletic-bra/p-027VA54766012P but if not, I'm sure you can just google where to get it by you. I think the fat pockets have been going down. I will look again tonight and take some pics.
That's what I'm kind of wondering about when they take the stiches out. Don't want incisions to split open. Keep me posted how things work for you. I go back to the PS on Nov,5th. You still look like you are healing nicely.

"Zingers" and other stuff

So I thought I was having zingers before, but just in the past couple days (2 days after my PS took off the strips on my areolas), I'm been getting these crazy instances of pain where it almost feels like the stitch is being yanked on. Is this what the zinger is?

My sides are a lot less swollen (Thank you, Arnica!) I also went out and bought some Mederma. I also bought these strips that my doc suggested. They seemed SO expensive- has anyone used these? http://www.newgelplus.com/

I am slowly being able to sleep on my side, but it still feels a little painful. My PS gave me the okay to do lower body exercises (walking, low intensity elliptical (no arms)). I have been so exhausted lately and wake up a lot during the night. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again.
Is the arnica you took a pill or a cream?

I figured out how to sleep on your stomach!!

I tried this last night and it worked! I took a second pillow and stuck it under my stomach, so when i laid down, my boobs were in between the pillow for my head and the one for my stomach so i wasn't squishing them. Brilliant!!
Can you tell me what kind of soap you used on your incisions right after surgery? Should I be using the hibiclense? Or just regular soap??
I'm glad everything seems to be sorting out for you! Thank you for your informative posts :) happy healing & keep is posted!
Cream, well, it's more like a gel

Happy Halloween!

Still sore on sides from Lipo- I can't wait to get this tape off- I feel like I'm the only one who's had on this long? Almost 3 weeks post. Right one still seems a little bigger and a little lower (slightly). But this is the one that I want to shrink- now I'm afraid it's going to shrink and sag more :/ regardless, they feel 100% better than before and it's not like I'm strutting around naked for everyone to see. I get tape off Saturday morning. I still have some slight bruising on the left one. Sorry for the awkward angle. I'm using the arnica and mederma once a day after I shower. I have not experienced any itching yet. Hope all of you and your boobies are doing well!
My ps said I could use any soap so I'm just using a creamy body wash (cheap cvs brand) but after I shower I rub the arnica gel on my sides and around boobs and then put the mederma around areola incisions (since those are the only ones I can access at the moment). 
Thank you! I'm glad people can "get" something out of my posts!


Still a little swollen on side but woo hoo!! It was all worth it for this

Oops forgot photo

Hey pretty, what bra are you wearing to work? I feel like this surgical bra gives me major uni-boob, but not sure what bra out there is supportive enough without giving me uni-boob!!!
You.  Look.  Amazing.  I bet it feels great w/ no tape!!   woohoo!
Thank you! It feels very bare :/ I had the tape in for almost 3 weeks. I'm not sore at all anymore and have been feeling pretty well and have even been able to sleep on my side!


Hey ladies... tomorrow will be 4 weeks since my surgery. I like the shape of them and their over all look, but I went and tried some bras on and i'm kind of confused. I am fitting into a 36B bra, but i feel super large every where else (possibly because ive gained weight since surgery). Regardless, I bought 2 bras today, size 36 B and then came home to try on my old bras because I was going to give them away. They are all size 36DD... 1/2 of them still fit?? How can that be? Also, does anyone have any good dieting advice other than stop eating crap and get off my butt?

The pictures i'm posting in my next post (can't do it here because they are on my phone) show that my scars around areola are becoming red, not sure why, should I be concerned? Also, I'm kind of grossed out by the stretch marks that are under the breast. I never noticed before because i could never see them before, but now the skin is all wrinkly. Is there any way to get rid of this?

Pics go with above review

Circles around areolas are from the NewGel scar patches. Excuse my under arm hair! Gross, sorry!
I experienced the same thing - I can still fit into my favorite old 36D, yet I just bought 2 new 36B bras. I'm guessing it's just the manufacturer's sizing, and maybe that the 36D was underwire and the 36B is a soft cup? I don't know, it's been like 30 years since i bought a bra that wasn't an underwire! I also experienced the crinkly skin, but it seems to be resolving as things settle and heal.
PrettyLeaf, I think the whole size thing is a mystery until we are healed. I am four weeks post op too. I bought a 38C last week and my old 38 F (for firiggen huge) bras still fit me too. What gives? I don't get it either, although I know I'm smaller.
I'm wondering if you still have swelling.....and it takes them a while to loosen up and settle...

It's been a while!

I am almost 3 months post and I wish they were smaller but I'm still happy I did it and I would t go back! My right side still has a little extra skin and it won't go away. My scarring is very light and gets better every day. Has anyone else has problems with this extra skin or skin not "flattening"? I'm fitting into 36c bras so that is exciting- some D's still fit but at least I feel more comfortable in my own skin!
Wow!!! Your PS did a gorgeous job!!!!! You look amazing & your scarring is so minimal!!! So happy for you :)) I think I eill end up a similar size, although I dd ask for smaller. I think it's a sign of a good PS, though, because they take the whole picture into account when building your new breasts. You look fabulous :))
You look amazing! I haven't used any kind of scar gel yet, but after seeing your results, I'm ready to start. I also have a little dog ear on my R side. It's definitely gotten smaller over the last few months, but I think I will need to have it fixed. I have my 4-month follow up appt this week and will definitely bring it up. Congratulations on your healing!
We are in the same boat. I have the extra skin underneath but my surgeon is going to remove it if it doesn't resolve itself. I went from a 38dd to what I hoped was a 36c. I think it's really a 36d. Oh well, they certainly look better. Yours look great :-)


Has anyone experienced soreness around the scarring? I have been experiencing some soreness on my right side under the breast at the crease where my scar ends. I don't feel anything unless i touch it (I know... than don't touch it) but I don't think it's normal? I'm wondering if it may be scar tissue?
I've got a little extra skin under my right as well and I'm about 4months post op. I notice it stays pretty flat when I wear a sports bra with elastic that can lay over it..I'm thinking I will give it 2 more months to see if it fixes itself..Yours are beautiful!
you look great.. My PS is having my massage the scar sites so that scar tissue does not build up
that sounds pretty normal at this stage, body still healing

1 year anniversary!!

A year ago today, I had my breast reduction surgery. I could not be happier. I wish they were a little smaller but they look 100% better and I feel 100% better! I have had no complications. Every once in a while I still feel like I get zingers but they go away. Also, I have feeling in my nipples but different than before- hard to explain. If you are thinking about this surgery- don't think twice- this was the best decision I made EVER.
Your outcome is awesome be very proud of the girls! Just a quick question, you said you had lipo on the sides? May I ask why this was required? I am scheduled to have my BR Nov 5. I am currently 125 pounds 5"8 and a size size E32..hoping to go to a C. My PS asked if I wanted this procedure and I said no...I would have to pay out of pocket for lipo..my BR is covered as I live in Canada. Do you think I should of said yes to lipo?Thanks for your time!
Thank you for sharing (and the most recent update), you look fantastic. We are a similar size and im hoping that I get the fantastic results you did. Enjoy your new boobies.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mussat was able to take my vision of what I wanted and make it a reality. The other PS that i got consults from told me they couldn't make me as small as I wanted and she said we can do whatever I wanted! She explained the whole process to me and answered my many repetitive questions. She preformed the "lollipop" procedure on me, which most doctors are not doing these days. This way, I wouldn't have the scar under my breast. The day after surgery she came to my house to change my dressings so I wouldn't have to travel to her office. That was really nice. She is also very responsive with emails, phone calls and texts. Whenever I had a question, she was there, even when she went out of town. She really made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process and I would definitely recommend her. If I decide to have any procedures done in the future, I would only go to her. Thanks for a great experience, Dr. Mussat!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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