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I am 5'2" and weigh 100. I was an A cup...

I am 5'2" and weigh 100. I was an A cup bra - and now am a full B, small C. I had 250cc silicone implants.

I feel pure rippling just touching with 1 finger by the fold of the breast, one inch above the entire fold and on teh sides. It can be felt with the lightest of touch and feels gross, like a ziplock baggie filled up 3/4 of the way with water.

Does anyone else feel the rippling without even using pressure? Is this normal? Is there a way to fix it?


Hi there, I am same weight & Height with you and my doctor suggest I should go with 250CC and I am afraid it looks big on me. Do you like your? YOu think I should go lower? I am nearly A cup and do not want big but my doctor told me 75% of his clients wished they go bigger :-) Your helps is greatly appreciated
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I had your EXACT, I mean EXACT same fear!!!I was barely an A, went 250 cc silicone under the muscle and I almost wish I went a little bit bigger! They are the perfect size - look proportionate to my body. I don't know if you've tried putting the implants in your bra while you are at the doctor - but if you have - they are WAY WAY smaller than that after the swelling goes done from the surgery. I am now a full B cup. It looks good. I was VERY swollen after the surgery for almost 2 months and I guess I got used to looking bigger. Now that the swelling is gone and they are settled, I do wish I went a drop bigger. But that's completely your decision. It changes the total look of your boda - your frame does change. I was flat as a board and very skinny - kinda like a ballerina's body. Now I have a chest - my shirts all fit different. Some are even too short because prior to surgery there was nothing sticking out so my tops layed flat. Now that I'm a full B, a lot of my tanks/tee's and some sweaters are a drop too short looking. Something to think about. It sounds like you might be happy with 250. I originally was going to do 200 and was talked into 250. I'm glad I did 250. Maybe, knowing how I looked swollen after surgery compared to now - I'd do 275. Not more. hope this helps
Hi There, I am same weight and height as you and had 175cc/210cc so correct different size breasts silicone under the muscle and yes I also feel the rippling and can actually see the ripples as well. I guess it is because there is not much natural breast tissue where the rippling is.
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In April, 2010 I had breast revision surgery. My...

In April, 2010 I had breast revision surgery. My implants were placed slightly off center and were pushing out towards my arms. I had a procedure called bilateral breast lateral capsulorraphy. The dr. used rows of stitches to tighten the sides of the capsul that holds the implants. During the surgery, he decided that I didn't look right with just stitching on the sides so he stitched under my breasts as well. Basically like an internal underwire bra. The stitches are perminant.

The porcedure was 10 days ago. Right now I am quite concerned with a number of things. First, I changed implants from silicone 250cc round moderate profile to silicone 300cc moderate PLUS round profile. I appear to be smaller now than before the revision. I'm not sure how that is possible considering I am still swollen and I increased the implant size and profile?

My nipples are much lower on my breast now, I am hoping that will change as the swelling goes down.

I have a deep indentation on one breast that comes and goes, very visable in photos.

My breasts right now appear to be shaped like footballs, also hoping that changes in time.

Any feed back is welcome if you have experience or knowledge regarding my procedure.


Omg that is horrible sry u went thru that!! Hope all is well now...did u have to lay to have it fixed??
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Interested in an update on your healing. I have just had my second breast implant surgery 2 weeks ago after having a ruptured implant. I replaced both with silicone and have internal stitches that feel like a lumps and my right breast looks just like yours. One breast looks natural with a curve at the bottom the other looks straight across with a lump. Did your's heal correctly? How long did it take?
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I can't say if it was worth it or not because the photos and questions posed are from a procedure I had 10 days ago. It is too soon to know if it was worth it. I pray it was.

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