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Waiting til summer to book my apt

I have always had a nice round butt and large...

I have always had a nice round butt and large boobs, however after having my son I collected a lot of fact in my stomach, back and arms. I don't mind thick legs, but the rest needs to go. I also noticed that over time my ass looks like it either shrunk or my waist is just too wide for an hourglass figure I use to have. I thought about lipo for my waist up and to have it transfered into my butt to make a nice proportioned figure. The only problem is, I don't want sagging skin on my stomach or any other area...I really want to find out if my body has the potential to do that, and if so it will will deter me from any kind of lipo. I've been looking at all these great results on here and it's very encouraging,but I need opinions.

I was looking over some of the procedures and was...

I was looking over some of the procedures and was wondering if I would need any type of tummy tuck..I want to feel sexy again and when I'm in my bikini..I really dnt..
I need opinions PLEASE

I called for a consultation with a Dr. Here in...

I called for a consultation with a Dr. Here in chicago. After reading more reviews, to hell with that Dr. ...I'm going to go to Dr. Salama in Miami. I will be in Miami this month and why not go to one of the best? I was also reading over some "mommy makeovers" and am consdering doing some other things...like maybe a breast life too. I told my sister that before I turn 40, I wanted to do this. She said I'm crazy. But you know, I think after having a kid, your body changes and you can't get it back. I do feel sexy when I have no stomach, but in the winter I get so chunky. I wanna have a nice sexy body with curves...and NO STOMACH! I have been reading all the girls reviews and see their bodies ...I wonder how many years will the results last? I've also heard that fat comes back in weird places after lipo...I just don't want to be worse off and I'm one of those worriers....Well all comments welcomed!! thanks and hopefully I'll have a new me soon!

So I'm going in for my consultation the first week...

So I'm going in for my consultation the first week of April when I will be in Miami for vacation. I've been reading A lot about BBL and Lipo...It"S SOOO SCARY!!! How do all of you get the courage? And have people support you? everyone I've talked to says I'm crazy and is so discouraging for the fear of the worst...I don't know what to think, but I am so envious of some of the women on here!!! I'm sooo sick of having a FAT stomach!! And I'm tired of losing my booty when I lose weight...UGH! I admire so many of you on here because you are so courageous...Im a big worrier and fearful..But at the same time, I want a NEW body and I want to have a sexy, curvy body....HELP!
How did you get past the fears and not worry so much? Do you all want a body that bad that you'll risk anything?/Im just wondering...I am kind of confused ..Someone enlighten me please;)

So of course I'm still really considering this. I...

So of course I'm still really considering this. I am meeting with 3 plastic surgeons in Chicago to see what they think as to whether or not I need a TT. I've been doing a lot of reading and combining TT with lipo and BBL can put you at a higher risk. So I want to see if I even need one and besides I don't think the scar is nice;(...So I am uploading the pictures I am sending to Dr. Salama. I was told to send a few view and he will get back to me on everything. BTW I wasn't able to go to Miami this month as planned, but I haven't let go of the idea of a smaller waist and big booty. The only thing is, I just don't want one that's ridiculous or looks like I've had work done..I want a round, sexy one that is nice, but not TOOO big..
So any comments or suggestions welcomed;)

There's not one moment of everyday that goes by...

There's not one moment of everyday that goes by and I'm not thinking about doing this..However, I'm a single mommy and all my time and money needs to put someone where ..meaning, I basically don't have money to BLOW...I want to make sure that what I do is well thought out and it really is something I want to do. BTW I really make sure that what I do, is from the heart so that I never regret my decisions. Anyway, really envious of some of the results on here with the BBL and TT. I also look on the "Mommy Makeover" and I have to say, many of the TT look awful! I'm wondering if maybe the girls on the BBL page are waiting til things heal before posting or the ps on the other site are sloppy.
I've decided to lose some weight to see if I do need a TT and what I want to do over all. I'm sure it's boring to read my updates because I'm still in the decision making stage and haven't made the move yet. But, I see myself as a very smart person and do not want to make a bad move without thinking it through. I am going to be 39 this year and to me I feel and believe I'm 29. I was just thinking about the next years and what my body will do. That is another reason I am considering ps, I want to feel good for the long haul. I have been talking about this with people who will hear me out, not many would btw. But ultimately, it is ME who will make the Final decision. I listen to some of the women's stories on here and think how strong and courageous you all are. Really, I do. There are a lot of risks and some of you have been struggling for so long with body issues and I am genuinely happy for you that you can finally feel good.
I will update each chance because I know eventually down the road, I will have a procedure done...

So I got an email from Dr. Salama's office ...He...

So I got an email from Dr. Salama's office ...He reviewed my pics and said that he can make me look great with aggresive Lipo..omg that sounds scary. I was wondering how many of the girls had trouble finding pants that fit after their bbl..I am already thick in the legs, so it's really hard sometimes and to top it off, I have very large boobs..clothes shopping isn't always easy.

My other fear is that I will get there and he will say, Oh my mistake, you DO need a TT..SHIT...I've been talking to my friends and they say what a waste of money that is. I guess no one will support me on this. You girls who do have support, damn u are verrry lucky!! People look at me when I have clothes on ..I should post some of those pics because to me, theres a lot more goin on underneath. Yes I can pull off a sexy dress and skinny jeans, but shit I have to wear some kind of something to hold in my stomach. It sucks! I jus never had to worry about a stomach in all my years til my baby boy came...anyway..well see

Sorry, I meant to say he said NO TUMMY TUCK:) The...

Sorry, I meant to say he said NO TUMMY TUCK:) The next available apt is OCTOBER..hmm ...I have to say it got me excited with what he said he could do for my body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really ! hmmmm I need a new me...just trying to get the courage and release all my fears..HELP!!!!!! lol

Is there anyway I can get a medical clearence...

Is there anyway I can get a medical clearence before I book my appointment? I meant to call dr. Salama's office today, but I forgot! I want to know I'm good to go before I book an appointment and put money down. I looked into Dr. Markmann and found out he puts you under for 6 hours..WTF???????? Anyway, Salama might just be the right one..anyway, I looovvve the results i've seen..Adriana girl, you are such a GREAT transformation!!!!! So I really want to make this happen..Wish I could do it with one of my bbl girls who's doing it next week, but ...Well see ..will update again
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Ok, thanks girl!
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A lot of Running, crunches and lunges..and now I'm starting to cut back on all the foods I eat too much like pizza, pop, chips, cookies, tacos etc etc..the heavy foods..
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Hey girl, What are you doing to lose weight?
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That's her name on here ERthisisanightmare..she had her surgery today
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Oh, my bad...thanks for the clarification.
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I'm worried about her..I hope she's ok,..wish there was a way to find out she's ok and everything went fine
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Whats going on in the ER, is everything ok? I hope everything is ok.....prayers to you.
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Hey gurk,
According to Dr. Salama's office the medical clearance has to be done within a month of getting the surgery. They are already booking up in december, and to make an appointment you have to put a deposit. I think about it like this if your insurance pays for it, do it but also just go check on your health and ask your pcp about getting surgery. But you would still have to get it done again before the surgery.
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Thanks..I called this morning and they're going to send me the forms that are used for the medical clearence so that I can have my primary fill it out. I don't understand why some of this isn't done prior to booking and putting your money down. I mean that would be such a waste if something was wrong..Anyway, that's what I'm going to do and I think I'm looking at Spring or June of next year..:) Thank you:)
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I think that not being medically cleared is one of the reasons they will refund tour deposit, almost certain but not 100% sure.
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So I'm still here:) called Markmanns office today and am considering Markmann. I like the fact that he's been doing bbls for 15 years, does his work in a hospital. I have to find out about the following days how he handles the aftercare. I've been talking to some of the girls on here and I am soooo excited for them!!! wish I was doing mine with some of you..but I can't rush for anyone. I have to do things when I am ready..no other reason. I figure I'm going to try and finance my ps and will find out more info on that. I kinda want a breast life too;/ I don't know, well see. Will keep you posted
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im going nov. when are u going? good luck
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Hmm...dr.perry huh?? I'm gna look him up ..I finally found my wish pic of who I want to look like...but I havenf set a date...I need to have more confidence...I love everyones results and am keeoing my eyes open..then will decide...
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Not sure girl, still thinking. I will let you know
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What day in Oct are you going?
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I have the same fears. My body type is like your but im bigger and I have had 3 kids. I was thinking they might tell me I need a tt but i don't want one. I figure I could always work on that but there is nothing I can do for a butt lol
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Send in your pics for a consultation and they will let you know. It actually got me motivated and excited when I got my consultation ..He said what he would do and it sounded great..Girl, I'm just one of those WORRIERS! I really am afraid of the worst, so I keep watching the girls on here and seeing how they're doing and still considering. Post pics! Good luck and just send in the pics to see, so no more wondering and you can really see what's up.
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You have lost a lot of weight & have had great result! What have you been doing? I must agree w/ Teresa8296......i don't think you need a tt at all! Have you researched Dr. Mendieta & received his opinion. Based on the pictures & blogs I've read he seems to have great reviews. He does a great job w/ enhancing hourglass curvy features during his procedures.
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Yes I've looked at Mendieta, Markman and Salama...all are great..But my thing is I want to be able to have 100% confidence putting my life in their hands, so I have not made my appointment. I am still researching, thinking and hoping someone will do this with me...I'm scared, but I want a better body.

P.s I've been doing crunches, lunges and running. Im very athletic, but I eat a lot, so if I don't work out, I gain a lot of weight.

Thank you for the compliments btw:)
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I complete understand when you say you've never had to hold your stomach in until ur son was born. i was the same way and i wasnt lucky enough to just bounce after having my daughter. i have no support either they think im crazy. you just have to do what ever will make you happy. remember its your body and if your not happy and your able to change something why not!!
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People who have not gone through child birth don't understand how it's hard to get back a body that you are happy with..It's so weird because you lose and gain weight in areas you probably never did before. My weight is crazy to begin..It fluxuates from 160 to 180,...I have alot to thickness ..muscle too..and so I hate when my stomach and arms get really big..Anyway. happy this site is here and thank you for your comment. Good luck to you as well
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How much do you weight now? You dont look like you are between 160 and 180lbs at all. My first guess was 140lbs....and it doesnt look like you need a TT either. Thats just what I think anyways
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