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So Happy I Found the Best Dr on the East Coast! -Chevy Chase, MD

I started off January 2012 at 219lbs and had lost...

I started off January 2012 at 219lbs and had lost down to 181 when I went for my initial consultation with Dr. Khalifeh. I really didn't think I would actually go through with any procedures but I was fascinated with the laser liposuction and Dr K's patient reviews, there wasn't 1 negative comment. Although it was a 3 hour drive to his office, I knew IF I did it, I only wanted the best because it would be altering my body forever! I called and spoke with Georgette and was immediately at ease. She was so patient with me and answered all of my questions thoroughly and didn't talk down to me given that I knew nothing about plastic surgery. I was embarrassed because I didn't want to be turned away because I wasn't a size 4 and I know some Drs consider that the ideal size before they will even speak to you. I was very pleased with my weight loss and my ideal goal was always to be a size 10 anyway. I love curves and didn't want to lose though, I just wanted to get rid of the excess skin and see what options were out there for me. Georgette must have spent 45 minutes on the phone with me answering my questions and then when I said I just didn't know when I could get in given my busy schedule, she told me they could see me that Saturday! This was a Thursday, I jumped and set the appointment.

I came home and talked to my husband about the procedures I was considering, figuring he would think I was insane. He was very impressed with what he saw and told me he would like to speak to the Dr as well about his stomach, love handles and chin! What a supportive husband I have!

I was immediately at ease when I got to the office that Saturday. Beautiful furniture, friendly staff and Dr Khalifeh couldn't have been nicer. He did our consultations and recommended I get a tummy tuck and laser lipo on my sides, lower back, legs and arms. He said he would be treating me as a major weight loss patient and I had a lot of skin all over that could be treated. I wasn't quite planning on a major surgery like a tummy tuck, needing time off from work, being put to sleep and of course, the cost. I asked him what type of results I could expect if I did all that and he asked me what size I was. I told him a 14 and he said by the time we were done, I would either be a size 10 or maybe even an 8! SOLD!! Sign me up! :-) (My husband decided to do his too but he will have to tell you his story!)

We decided for simplicity, we would split the procedures into 4 different dates. Inner thigh laser lipo Nov 2012, sides and lower back Dec 2012, Tummy Tuck Jan 2013 and arms Feb 2013. I was able to do all the procedures in the office and didn't have to be hospitalized for any of them! I continued to work on my weight loss before any of them were done and was at 171 when I got the first procedure done. The laser lipo was amazing, I have extreme cellulite and although it didn't "cure" it, it was a drastic improvement and my results aren't final yet. The back and sides was somewhat painful during the procedure but oh my goodness what a difference! Over 50lbs lost and that's when most people noticed my weight loss! I started getting comments about my curves and was able to wear more fitting clothing. The arms was a huge improvement immediately and the procedure didn't hurt at all. I remember telling him I didn't even need a break because it felt fine! I had the dreaded "batwing" look and it drove me crazy. I could never get clothing to fit because if it fit in the waist, it was too tight on my arms and if it fit in the arms, it looked like a sack on my body. Dr K fixed that for me!!

The Tummy Tuck. WOW. I am absolutely shocked at my results. I can't believe it's my body and although I have told quite a few people, there are many that don't know because I didn't want them to think that's how I lost the weight. I keep getting the comment "AMAZING" when people see my updated pics online. And it is AMAZING....I can't thank Dr Khalifeh enough for working with me on this. He has such a gift....this profession requires an artistic eye and patience to get it right. He is also quite generous and I would consider him a perfectionist for sure. He doesn't do anything halfway, he wants it right. And really worked with me on the pricing because I believe he could see how important this was to me and that I wasn't going to be able to afford some insane amount of money to do this. He has a heart of gold and I am forever grateful. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and to finally have a meal plan that is healthy and balanced and a body I am proud of means the world to me!!! I am proud to say I am a size 8P in work clothes!! I wear a 10P in jeans and I am only 2 1/2 mos in after my TT procedure. I now weigh 156 as a result of continued focus and discipline with my eating habits.

Side note, I want to thank everyone at his office for their patience with me. Georgette, without her this never would have happened. Tu, he was there for my first procedure and he held my hand, put my mind at ease and made me laugh. This was all foreign to me and as soon as he entered the room, I immediately felt comfortable. Ayana was there for just about every surgery and explained everything thoroughly to me and made sure I was well taken care of. Adrienne was very patient with me, filling out paperwork, setting appointments and filling prescriptions. Everything went very smoothly and I would do it again in a heart beat!!!! I have never been happier and can't believe the change in my body!!!

I very much appreciate your review! I always zone in on local reviews (mid-Atlantic) and especially with such drastic results. I am really impressed with his work and your commitment and appreciate the level of detail you went into. I hope others will check this out soon too. I'd love to see more pictures and hear more about your journey. Thanks again.
Your results are incredible! Thank you for sharing.
Thank You Missy! Thank you for taking the time out to comment I didn't know if anyone would actually see this or not! :-)

I forgot to add something interesting. I hace...

I forgot to add something interesting. I hace suffered from IBS for years....although I didn't discuss this with Dr K, (because I had no idea it could be related to a tummy tuck), it has improved since my surgery! I read some things online after I noticed improvements and some Drs do believe the tightening of the stomach muscles can improve chronic constipation with IBS. I no longer even need the medicine I have taken for years, what an awesome result I wasn't even expecting!

I forgot to add something interesting. I have...

I forgot to add something interesting. I have suffered from IBS for years....although I didn't discuss this with Dr K, (because I had no idea it could be related to a tummy tuck), it has improved since my surgery! I read some things online after I noticed improvements and some Drs do believe the tightening of the stomach muscles can improve chronic constipation with IBS. I no longer even need the medicine I have taken for years, what an awesome result I wasn't even expecting!
Your results are truly awesome. Your Dr. Did a great job. Im sure your final results are going to spectacular. Congrats and happy healing.
Thank you so much!!! I am so happy I decided to do this, I finally have a body that may not be perfect but I can finally say I'm proud of :-) That is priceless to me, it is something I have struggled with my entire life. I hope Dr. Khalifeh knows how grateful I am!!
You look awesome!!! So happy for you that you got rid of your IBS, i was hoping for the same but mine still flairs up every once in a while. But it has improved!!!. Enjoy your new fab body and Happy healing!!!

4 mos post op!

May 2013, 4 mos post op. So happy with the results!
Wow! Your picture says it all. You have gotten results that speak for themselves. So happy for you.
Thank you so much!! I am so grateful I found Dr. Khalifeh, he's so good at what he does and so compassionate. He was very patient with me and my many questions! LOL. I also wore a bikini in public today for the first time EVER!! :-) Never that I would see that day!!

September 2013, 8 mos post op. Still can't believe this is MY tummy!! :-)

8 months post op and I'm happier than ever I made the decision to visit Dr Khalifeh. I go next month for a touch-up on my legs and then I'm completely done! What an amazing experience, I finally have a body I'm not ashmed of.

Pre-Op Photos Nov 2012&Pre-Op Oct 2013 for Touch-up on inner thighs

I was looking back at pics and I can't believe this is only a 15lb difference between the ones on the left and the right. I was at 171 when the pics on the left were taken and 156 on the right. The procedures went beautifully and I am ecstatic with my results. Dr. Khalifeh and I believed we could improve the results from the inner thigh procedure so here are the before pics. Update pics to come soon! :-)

Pre Ops Pics Nov 2012/Oct 2013

*Left-After losing 50lbs, before procedures
*Right-After procedures and losing 15 more lbs. Taken on day of Inner thigh touch-up surgery.
Wow your tummy looks amazing. Im 5 wks post - can't wait to see the final results.
Thank you so much!! You will be so glad you did it, I'm 10 months post op and it's still improving! Best decision (besides having a little one!) I could have made! How are you feeling now?
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