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I don't have a date set yet. I do have several...

I don't have a date set yet. I do have several consultations coming in the next 2 weeks. I was overwieght before becoming pregnant and after having my son, now 2, I finally got fed up enough to lose weight. In a year I have lost 55lbs. I am toner and leaner but now all i have is belly and it wont go away. I hate having to buy larger shirts and pants just to accommodate my belly. I've done tons of ab work, I run, and I'm currently doing P90X. And the belly STILL hasnt moved. In all of the research i've been doing Dr. Khalifeh's name continuously pops up. Those of you that have had him do your tummy tuck's please tell me about your experiences and I would love to see your before/after photos.

good luck on this journey which is like a roller coaster but its worth it we need to something for ourselves for once dont.let anyone.tell you otherwise keep us posted of your progess...
Hey Kimberylyn78 you found your Dr! I am so happy for you. I can't wait to see your progression.
I haven't definitely decided on a doctor, but I do have several consults this week and next

I had my 1st PS consult today. It was with a...

I had my 1st PS consult today. It was with a doctor in Rockville, MD. He and his staff were very nice. He said I would be a good candidate for a TT. He has his own surgical facility on site that is shared with 2 other doctors. His pricing is a bit on the high end, even though it's all-inclusive. But I still have 2 more consults; Sept. 18th and 25th. Then I'll make my decision. I gues the journey has begun....
Hi Kim78!! Good luck on your surgery whenever you decide to schedule it. Just make certain your happy with what the doctor is telling you and that you feel comfortable with him/her and staff. Give your PS your expectations about where you want the scar to be and what you want your waistline to look like. It will cost more but getting lipo where needed is essential to your results. I had my surgery August 7th and I'm really pleased only thing I should have stressed, stressed that I wanted to have the scar way, way, low into my pubic. But all in all I'm happy. Your'll be pleased. God Bless!

I still don't havea date set but this after noon I...

I still don't havea date set but this after noon I will be having consult #2 with Dr. Khalifeh. I've seen/read nothing but good stories on the internet from patients he has worked on. I'm curious to see what he is like! I'll come back this evening and let you know what it was really like.

This past Friday I visited another PS. I saw Dr. M...

This past Friday I visited another PS. I saw Dr. M.R. Khalifeh, in Bethesda, Maryland. His receptionist was the BEST!!! She gave me directions over the phone because I got lost on the way there. Once in the office she was super sweet and nice to my 2y.o. son. I didn't have to wait long and was immidiately seen by Dr. Khalifeh and his physicians assistant. While I talked with him, his PA played with my son to keep him occupied. For this I was VERY greatful!! He answered every question I had and told me that I would be a great candidate. He made me feel very comfortable! It looks like I have found the PS that I like!!! Now I will continue to save up my pennies so that the belly can go bye-bye this June!!!!

Oh, BTW, he does the tummy tuck as an all-inclusive package: tummy tuck, flank lipo, all hospital and doctor fees for $7750.
I had mines done by his partner Dr. Singh. Both are very good docs...and I do not regret getting the procedure! Good luck and I wish you the best!

Anyone have ideas on how I can get $7750 for my...

Anyone have ideas on how I can get $7750 for my TT??? The PS that I like does the procedure all inclusive and the price isn't bad. I applied for the care credit and I was denied. I really want to have this done when school gets out in June. As I loose weight my stomach just gets flabbier and I hate it!!
hello are you still thinking of doing the tummy tuck?
Have you tried calling carecredit and asking why you were denied. From my dealings with them they love money and if you talk to a rep they may be able to work some magic for you! Another option is to call your bank and ask for a personal loan but the interests rate will probably be sky high! Good luck and I hope you can make this happen!

Desperately needing a TT and BR

I haven't had anything done yet, still trying to get the funds together. I've lost more weight and everything just continues so sag and hang...GROSS!! My insurance will cover the BR (I'm a 36/38DDD). I just have to get the funds for the TT. I am also searching more around the area for other plastic surgeons. The DMV area is so huge and there are MANY qualified and good surgeons in the area. If you live in my area and you had a great surgeon that doesn't cost too much, pass me their info please.
Since I'm a teacher, I'm aiming for June to have my work done, as soon as school gets out. I could get the BR done during Christmas break but I'd rather have both operations done at once.
What did Cigna require for approval a history of back pain? I have Cigna insurance and I am having a BR in November.
No, but I have gotten approval for the BR
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