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I was pretty much thin all of my life even after...

I was pretty much thin all of my life even after having 3 children. That all changed once I started depo aka the birthcontrol shot. After receiving it for 1 year my weight shifted from 135 to 150 and didn't stop, even after stopping the shot. I am now 223lbs and horrified every time I look in the mirror.

After alot of thought and a ton research I've decided to go with smart lipo hoping that this will allow me to gain some of my confidence and feel good about myself. Im scheduled to have my love handles and bra line ( i guess thats what its called) done on May 9th and then the upper and lower stomach a week later. I will post before pictures in a couple of days.

Just two more days! I know you are so excited!!

Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your journey with us. Please keep us updated on your progress.


Surgery date, arrived at the office and was taken...

Surgery date, arrived at the office and was taken straight to the back for po meds, pictures, and paper work, some drawing of my back and love handles and quick stop by the potty and then was on my way to the procedure room.

First: Pain med introduction which was not bad at all. a needle to numb each area (painless), a small cut (never felt it), the insertion of a long instrument (a pinch) and then in went the pain med, there was a small amount of burning only for one or two areas but completely tolerable. The pinch from the instrument pushing through the first part of the tissue was all I felt and it didnt even make me flinch. The doc said that the pain med introduction would be the worse part of the entire surgery, so I knew it would be easy sailing after that for me because that portion of the procedure was no where close to being painful.

Next: The laser which was nothing, if I didnt see Dr. Khalefiah's arm moving back and forth I would have never known that anything was happening.

Third: Suctioning which tickled like crazy, I was in the OR room laughing sooooo loud!!!!! It felt like someone was using the tip of there finger and zipping really fast across the skin. There were 2 different occaisions when I started to feel a little burning, I guess the suction tool was moving a little close to an area that didnt get numb, I didnt jump, just let him know and he added more pain med and kept the it moving. I think the whole procedure took about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Last: The drainage and compression wrap. OMG, I stood up after the procedure was over I felt completely fine and then the drainage started pouring out of one area like someone was pouring a glass a juice. It was crazyyyyy. The MA helped me get into the compression which was tough but he made it happen, he padded me with paper chucks, helped me back into my clothes and I was on my way to the waiting area to get me discharge instructions.

Just when I thought all was said and done while standing at the desk I started to feel hot, a little SOB, and extremely weird. Those damn meds that I had taken before the procedure had hit me and to be honest that was the worst part of the whole procedure.
I started feeling so off that I was taken to the car in a wheelchair. I was feeling sick to my stomach, I couldnt keep me eyes open, it was terrible, while being driven home I kept waking up saying random things. I arrived home after about 45 minutes and as soon as I stepped out of the car I was running for the trash can (didnt make it) but I swear I was 100% better after that.

As the hours went on I continued to feel fine the only problem I encounted was need someone to help me clean up and fasten the compression wrap.

Pain management : I feel sore and thats it. I am moving at a normal pace but when getting in and out of the car or rolling over in bed I have to take it slow. I have a prescription for valium which I haven't taken, antibotics that I take every 8 hours with 800 mg motrin and thats it. My level is no low that I dont feel anything between the 8 hour dosages. This procedure is called smart lipo for a reason and I feel geat.

Its day 5, I'm still numb and swollen but can...

Its day 5, I'm still numb and swollen but can definitely see a difference. Whats strange is the left side of the back and love handles show more of a change then the right although both areas still swollen, wondering if thats normal....
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Went for the one week follow-up everything seems...

Went for the one week follow-up everything seems to be going well, I am still swollen in areas so the look is not done but still a great improve from before. Hoping to post after pictures by day 14.

Feeling great no pain however, today I seem to...

Feeling great no pain however, today I seem to have more swollen then I've been since the surgery.
Yes I've been taking the meds I wouldn't of survived without them. Once they kick in its not too bad but once they wear off it hurts too move around. I got my abdomen done.
OMG, this proves that this surgery is different for everyone. I was never in alot of pain, only sore. What area did you have done? I agree going to the bathroom for the first day was hard because I could twist my body to wipe. I havent had my abs done yet so maybe the pain level is different for each area. Hopefully not because I having them done on 6/6. Hope you feel better.
I had my surgery today and the pain was worse then what I expected both during and afer the surgery. I've been sleeping for most of the day but when I woke up I was in soooooo much pain. I guess all the numbing meds wore off. How long does the pain last? Im worried about being home alone tomorrow because I cant even go to the bathtoom wothout help.

Its day 24 since the back and side were done....

Its day 24 since the back and side were done. Still numb and swollen in areas. The sides are completely gone, however the back results are a work in progress. One day the back shows tremendous results and the next day its swollen and appears to look like day 3 after surgery. I know that results aren't final for 2 to 3 months so Im waiting very impatiently. Did any one else experience this? Any recommendations?
Thanks for sharing your experience! I have a procedure next week for flanks, after you left the office was there still drainage when you were going home? I have a friend driving me to and from the procedure. I wanted to see what I need to bring on the ride to prevent leaking if possible. Thanks....

OMG, so I had my upper and lower abs done today...

OMG, so I had my upper and lower abs done today and it was truly a different experience from when I had my back and sides done 1 month ago.

The numbing was extremely PAINFUL which is really weird because it didnt hurt AT ALL when I had my back and side done.

The felting of the fat was nothing, no pain at all.

The suctioning was ok at times it tickled just like before, except one minute I was giggling from the suction and the next was moaning from the pain, Its like certain areas just would not get numb. One thing I can say is that Im glad I had such great experience with my back and sides because if it had been anything like what I experienced 2 days ago I would not have had my abs done.

The after pain is pretty much the same as before, I sore and have to take it easy getting in and out the bed and car as well as sitting a standing. I can already see a huge difference even with the swelling so although getting the abs done was soooooo painful it was worth it. I'll post pictures in a few days, any questions please feel free to ask.
Well when I had my back and sides done there was a large amount of leakage coming from a small incision in the center of my back. I had a paper chux on my back underneath the garmet, by the time I arrived home which was 50 min later my pants were completely saturated in the back. After I got home to change I drained a little for maybe an hour and then it was competely done. I just had my upper and lower abs done on the 6th of June and I didnt drain half as much as with the back. I would bring along something to sit on in the car, wear some old sweats and a tee or tank. Hope this helps and good luck.

Although my results aren't anywhere near final I...

Although my results aren't anywhere near final I think it already looks 10 times better than before.
I just had my chest and flank done this Friday . I can say that to me it was fine until the meds faded away and I had one flank to go. I have to go back for the final flank. I was so impressed with the staff. I am on day 2 cannot wait for shower. I can tell most of the swelling is going down but curious to see what tomorrow brings.
I am still a bit nervous about the final flank side on Wednesday.
We're you amazed when you first took compression off?
I can say you are a trooper! To me it was the worst kind of pain later in the day.
Hope all is well with you!
You're right I didnt bruise at all, I didn't use anything to prevent it either. Nor do I have all of the lumps under my skin that alot of others are experiencing. I have 1 on my upper right side, and 1 in the top/middle of the belly.
It doesn't seem you've experienced a lot of bruising. What having you been taking?

OMG, my belly is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Words could...

OMG, my belly is beautiful!!!!!!!!! Words could not express how happy I am and how great it looks, ( even while swollen). The 7250.00 spent was well worth it and I am soooooooo glad I did. The pictures dont do the work any justice. Its like looking in the mirror and seeing the person I use to be. Dr. Khalefiah is a true master of the art!!!!!!!!!! Please if there is anyone in search of the great figure they use to have or just want that great figure that they've never had contact doc. Khalefiah in Chevy Chase for beautiful results.
I was amazed when I first took it off, but a couple of days later OMG, it was even better. Its amazing what this doctor has done for me. I told him I wanted the shape of a coke bottle and that what he gave me. Its been since June 6th since the abs were done and there was a huge change when the garmet came off, but last night when I removed the garmet to shower I was floored when I looked into the mirrored, more of the swellen has gone down and I LOOK GOOD!!!!!!! last night was the first time that I had even looked in the mirror in a couple of days, and how well worth the wait.

I decided to go with the smart lipo procedure...

I decided to go with the smart lipo procedure because it was less invasive.

wow the results look great! I have an appointment with him soon for a consultation. I was just wondering did this procedure leave any scars. Also curious how many pounds have you lost after the surgery?

Two procedures are usually done one week apart so I think You'll be fine. I waited one month only because that was the first available date.

I am going in to do my stomach i just did my back a week ago do you think its to soon. I am in so much pain though.


Still some swelling and reactions to salt but,...

Still some swelling and reactions to salt but, loving the results.
Your story is one of the reasons I went through with the procedure. Its been 3 weeks and i pray that my results r good as yours. Thank u for sharing.
Postop* picture .....bad typing sorry
I will take my first post open tomorrow when I take it off...stay tuned :)

Its been 5 months since the back and love handle...

Its been 5 months since the back and love handle procedure and 4 month since the upper and lower abs, went for my follow- up today, and Dr. Khalefiah was just as pleased with my results as I was. I have 2 small areas, right lower ab and right bra that Im gonna get touched up. I look amazing just as I am but Im going for perfection. So glad I made the decision to have this procedure. Having the procedure also inspired me to cut back the bad eating habit and Iv'e lost tremendously. Started off at 228 and now Im 197. Can get no better than that. Will try to updated pictures this week.
WTG...u look amazing...keep up the good work....
Thank you soooo much. How is your progress coming along?
Thank you so much and so do you. How are things coming along for you. How many inches have you lost off your waist? Your doc did a nice job. Waist is tiny.

Loving the results.

Loving the results.
Ditto... what a waste of money, effort and pain/swelling/bruising/scars !! The only plus I saw in my experience is the lower tummy tightened up a little. Other than that, all came back. I am not poking/slicing myself again, mute point. However, I recently discovered whole body vibration machine. At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I tried on few machines over the weekend and loved it. It tones your body with 10 mins a day on it doing simple exercises. 10 mins a day. It sounded too good to be true so I researched and found testimonials. Spoke to live people at the Zaaz studio and thrilled that it works. I ordered mine and now waiting for it to arrive. There are youtube posts (this blog is not allowing me to post links!) and search for "zaaz testimonials" or "wbv" for whole body vibration. It explains how the machine and gravity works. I was so disheartened by my lipo experience but now I am hopeful that one day I will have toned and lean body.
Does anyone from the smart lipo community feel as if some of the fat came back in the areas that had been lipoed????? Im experiencing a return of fat in the back and in the belly and I havent gained any weight. This is extremely dissappointing to me after already paying 7600.00 and was told that the fat wouldnt come back. Now Im wishing I would have just gotten the tummy tuck.
WOW! You look Great!
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Khalefiah located in Chevy Chase MD is the BEST!!!!!! He is a true master of the art of smart lipo.Updated on 20 Jun 2012:My experience with this doc, and his office staff was a very good one. Everyone was extremely friendly and and helpful. At no time was I pressured to move forward with the surgery infact, I was encouraged to take my time before deciding because having any surgery is a big step. Dr.Khalifeh is soooo down to earth and funny, he was up front about what to expect and is an amazing scultor. I asked to have the shape of a coke bottle and thats exactly what he gave me, along with the self confidence that I had lost. I look great!!!!!! and although it may have costed me a pretty penny and a little pain it was worth every dollar and I can't thank him enough for my beautiful results.

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