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SmartLipo Upper and Lower Abdominals - Chevy Chase, MD

I am very excited and nervous to have my procedure...

I am very excited and nervous to have my procedure in about 10 days. I am in my late 30's in decent shape and I work out 4-6 times a week. Since having my second child, I can't seem to get my tummy back to the way it used to look. Hopefully, I can get it back to the way it was or better :)

I have done lots of research on lipo and they type I want to get. I want the least invasive type of liposuction with the best results and SmartLipo seems to be the best choice for me.

I spoke with several doctors and after meeting with my Dr. Khalifeh, I knew that he would be the best to do my surgery. I had a good initial consultation and he answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. He is also a board certified plastic surgeon which is a must if you are getting plastic surgery (at least in my opinion). Adrienne, his patient coordinator has been great at answering all of my questions (and I have had many). I was also very impressed with all of the information on his website.

I will update once I get closer to the surgery date. Wish me luck :)


Good luck! I'm having lipo on the 23rd. My stomach has been distorted ever since my first pregnancy nearly 17 years ago. We'll see what lipo can do with it.
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Thank you and good luck to you! Let me know how it goes.

Day 1 and 2 post op

Upon arriving to Dr. K's office on the day of my surgery, I was told to take my anti anxiety and pain meds. I then went into the surgery room, got my before photos, and Dr.K marked me up. At that point, I was feeling loopy and did not feel much pain at first.

The surgery itself was tolerable except for certain areas that were very tender. It felt like a needle was stabbing me. The doc was very patient and gave me breaks and more numbing fluid. He was quite pleasant and talked to me throughout the surgery. I was given 2 extra Valiums to calm me down. I expected some pain and I was correct.

My hubby brought me home and I was out of it. The pain meds did their job and I slept most of the afternoon. I leaked quite a bit. It was gross, but having a waterproof matress cover saved my couch.

I was fine laying down but getting up was extremely painful. I dreaded having to use the bathroom. Luckily, I have a great hubby that helped me with everything. I slept well throughout the night and was able to get up on my own to use the bathroom with less pain.

Day 2

I feel 80 percent better! I am able to walk around and even made lunches for my girls this morning. Obviously, I am still sore and need to rest. I am not leaking anymore which is great. My spirits are up because it's hard for me not to be active. I recommend taking your pain meds as directed. They have really helped me.

I looked at myself and I see a difference. I know that I am still puffy and bruised and will go through many stages in the healing process, but it's a positive thing.


I had my procedure yesterday and I'm feeling pretty similar to you. Staying up on the pain meds is a life saver. When I'm lying down or walking I feel pretty good. The getting up and down is painful.
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We just need to stand up more ;) So glad that you're feeling good. Here's to hoping we will be back to normal in no time.
Thanks! I'm off to the dr. office right now for a check-up. I have two surgical drains and I'm hoping he will remove them today.

Day 5

The past few days have been rough with many emotions. I still am very bruised and swollen, which is expected. I can't wait to be as active as I was before.

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3 days post op


Thanks for your review. How are you feeling today? I had my procedure yesterday. I'm not in much pain but I have been taking the pain meds every 6 hours. The leaking is gross. I can't wait for it to stop. When did it stop for you?
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Hi! I am feeling better, but not back to normal. I went for a long walk with my family yesterday and was exhausted and felt like I over did it. I finished my pain meds yesterday and now feeling pain a little more. Every day gets better. I really thought I would be more mobile by a week, but everyone is different. A week ago, I was doing a spin class on Sunday and today I can walk a few blocks. I stopped leaking after the first day. It was gross, but a quick process. Hang in there!
Hi! Yes, it sounds like we are feeling very much a like. My husband was fabulous and taking care of me, but had to go out of town on business on Thursday, but will be back today. Which is great because we have a busy Saturday ahead of us. Unfortunately, he won't be back before I have to get my eleven year old ready for his soccer game and then sit and cheer for him for two hours at a park. Not quite feeling up to that, but I'm sure it will be fine.
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Pain go away!

I am a week and a day post op. Yesterday was one of the toughest days pain wise. I finished my prescribed meds on Saturday. I was ok on Sunday, but by mid day Monday I was in tears from the pain. Luckily, I got my prescription refilled and I am feeling much better. This is a true journey! I thought I'd be a lot more mobile at this point, but everyone is different. Tomorrow is a new day ;)


I keep feeling weepy too but I think it's more due to lack of sleeping through the night. I haven't slept through in at least six days. I think it's because this lipo foam and compression bandage are so hot and uncomfortable. I sleep for three or four hours and then I end up on the sofa watching t.v. I get up at 6 am, get my kids off to school, and then go back to bed for a nap.
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Feeling much better!

I am finally able to sit without much pain and can walk around with ease. I am still taking pain meds, but only a few times a day. I think my pain threshold is not as high as I thought. ;)

I highly recommend Arnica pellets and gel. I have been religious about applying and taking the pellets. My bruises are almost gone and the swelling has gone down considerably. My compression garment feels a little big now.

I feel lots of hard spots and my tummy is still swollen, but I see a light at the end of this journey. I still have a long way to go, but feeling better makes all the difference. I see my doc on Monday for the first time since the procedure.


Glad you are feeling better. I definitely hit a turning point yesterday. I ran many errands, cleaned my house, took care of my kids, and still didn't feel too bad. I think a little of my swelling has finally gone down. Still super swollen, but just a little less.
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I know the swelling stinks. I fell great in the morning and at night feel more swollen. I have so much hardness and my private area is as hard as a rock. Yikes!!! At least we are feeling better than last Friday!

2 week post op update

I just got back from my first post op appointment. I am doing well, but it was no surprise that I am swollen and lumpy. Dr. K said that this is the most swollen I will be. He said that in a few weeks, I will finally be glad that I had the surgery because I will be able to see results. I was given massage techniques for my lumpy and hard areas.

He also mentioned that some people want revisions once they are healed. I really hope that I am not one of those people.


Hi! I had my procedure done the same day as you. Don't take it the wrong way, but I was relieved to hear that you were really swollen and your Dr. said that this was the most swollen you would be. I am also quite swollen and hard. I'm pretty sure my swelling has not gone down since a few days after my surgery. I don't feel any lumps, just hardness and swelling. Feeling impatient to start looking better.
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I knew you would be relieved because your post sounded like you were frustrated. I was feeling down as well, but it's only been 2 weeks. We just have to be patient. I was also told to not wear my tight yoga pants because they can create creases. Back to sweats ;)

Cramps like no other!

It's that time of the month and I feel even more bloated and in pain since I had the surgery. Cramping feels odd since my stomach is hard in many areas. There is no way that I can massage my lumpy areas today. Anyone else have worse cramps and discomfort during their first monthly cycle after their surgery?


Really? I would think yoga pants would help with compression?!
I have a few pairs of Lululemon yoga pants that have a lot of compression. They look great and I feel good in them, but they made a crease on my tummy. He told me that I could wear them on and off, but not every day. I guess that is why we have compression garments specific to our surgery. If it was compression from the top of my tummy to the bottom, it would probably be ok.

Swollen and on fire!

I am finally done with my period and today I purchased a compression garment with no hooks. It felt great, but by night time I was the most swolen I have been in a long time. I am back in my stage 1 and plan to only sleep in the other garment for a few more days.

I am quite frustrated and I know that it's part of the process. I also started to feel like my abs are on fire on and off today. I was quite the grouch and although my family is patient, I feel like I should be feeling better after there weeks.


I'm with you! Still very swollen.
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Slower recovery than expected

This past weekend was really rough. I thought that by week three, I would not have a need for pain medication. I was miserable all weekend and decided to call the docs office. I am only taking them twice a day, but I am a different person now that I feel better.

I am starting to work out tomorrow. I tried getting on my elliptical machine today and it didn't hurt. I work out hard four to five times a week and it has felt so weird to not be active.

I am posting a few updated photos. Not the horrible dents from my compression garment. I am still wearing my stage 1 because I feel like I am still swollen and more comfortable in tight compression.

My lower and upper abs are still very swollen.


I was surfing the internet today trying to find answers to when some of this swelling will go away! I'm so jealous of the people that by week two say that the swelling is mostly gone and they look great. Most of the info I found said between 4-6 weeks. I will believe it when I see it.
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I have read so much and I think that is the minority. I knew that final results were going to take a while. I have read so many posts on this site and others and the majority are with us. Just think of what they did to our body? It's kind of crazy when you think about it, right?

Feeling better every day!

I am one month post surgery and feeling much better. I started working out last week on the elliptical and am slowly increasing time and intensity. Up to 40 minutes.

I still go through bouts of pain and take one pain med in the morning and maybe half in the afternoon. Anyone else still taking pain medication? I feel that early morning is the hardest for me because I am the most active in the a.m.

I am still switching back and forth between my stage one compression garment and spanx. I feel more comfortable with the extra compression if I am very swollen. I tend to swell at night.

My swelling has gone down significantly, but I still have hardness and lumps.

I tried several dresses on that I wanted to wear and I can see a big difference. I have only lost 4 pounds, but my shape is defenitely changing. Excited to look like I used to years ago.

Have my second post op appointment next week.


How are you feeling? Looking great!
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Hi! Feeling much better! How about you?
Glad you're feeling better! I'm still wearing my garment to keep that swelling away too. I'm not taking pain meds anymore, but occasionally I take motrin if my back starts to hurt.
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Almost a the two month mark!

It has been a while since I updated because I felt so swolen and in discomfort. I still have numbness and am a little swollen, but the results are great now. I went into this surgery with realistic expectations and I am very happy with the results.

Before the surgery, I was a stuffing myself into my old size 6 clothing when I was really a size 8 (and that was tight in the abdominal area). Now my size six clothing are all very loose. I tried a pair of sixe 4 jeans the other day and was happy that thry fit me. I can't wait until all of the swelling goes down.

I still wear my compression garment every day and feel uncomfortable without it. Since I am still swollen, it just feels better when everything doesn't move. I am still in discomfort if I sit for too long or am very active.


I had bad cramps after each surgery. Trauma to the body throws off the cycle. Mine even came early- making things much worse!! It's normal tho.
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It was the worse period cramps I had. Much better now ;)
I was surprised that didn't turn up in more posts/comments. Plus you can't take Advil so that made it worse!!

Almost 4 months

This has been an crazy journey. I think that about 80-85 percent of my swelling and discomfort are gone, but I still have a few lumps and my lower abs are swollen and hard. I still have a hard time wearing pants with buttons or anything too tight around my abdominal area. I can wear my skinny jeans for a half hour before I have to unbutton them because it is too much pressure on my lower abs. I am able to work out hard like I used to an can finally do some ab exercises with modifications.

I am happy with my shape and can wear form fitting clothes again without being so self conscious. I am still waiting for the final results and didn't think that it would take so long. Like I mentioned, my lower abs still stick out and without a light compression garment, I wouldn't look right.

I have a follow-up appointment soon and will post once I get some more answers. It seems that many people stop posting once they are a few months post op.


Luckily, when I got my period the first time after surgery I was still taking pain meds. Without them I don't know what I would have done.

Revision Needed

I haven't updated because I was hoping not to. The lump that I had under my left rib was fat that wasn't taken out. Although I feel a lot more confident, I still have a lump that's visible and noticeable. I wear a light compression garment or tank because you can see the lump if I wear a tight shirt. I went to visit the doc for a 9month follow up and he recommended that I get a revision. I will be back in September to get it done.
I've been working out a lot and see great results but I also notice that I have a front muffin top that I never had before. When I wear pants my waist has more fat than the rest of my tummy. Maybe getting some extra fat removed from there will make me look more even. I'm not a perfectionist but I just want even results. I want to be able to wear a form fitting tshirt without extra lumps and bumps. Hopefully, the revision will get me there.


Hi Mdmom07 I hope you get the results you expect when he does the revision? Is your doctor charging you for the touch-up? I have read a lot of reviews and most say that hey gain weight right away even during the healing period. To me this seems rare and extremely fast,that the fat would goes elsewhere immediately. I had traditional lipo 18 years ago and it came back somewhat on legs but it took years. i have worked out my whole life until last 14 mos due to a car accident,i was rear ended. I pray after doing my arm lipo i don't get fat elsewhere in 2 weeks or 1 month. This is discouraging because i am getting abs done in October. Keep me posted. Thanks Happy 4th of July Bella
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Revision Today

After a year, I went in for a touch up today. I needed to because the lump on my upper left hand side and it was quite visible. Trust me, this time I didn't want to have surgery again, but it was necessary to be symmetrical.

Dr. k was kind and professional as ever. He always makes me feel very comfortable. I was extremely nervous because I know what to expect and I felt lots of pain last time.

The worse part was the numbing. I cried like a baby but once that was done, the procedure was quick, maybe 20 minutes.

I am in a pain, but nothing like my first surgery. I was able to make dinner for my family. Let's see how the next few days go.


Hi Bella Besos! i just saw your message from July. My doc did not charge me. I did not gain any weight and got into even better shape after lipo, but I worked hard to get there. Don't get discouraged! I think many people gain weight because they think lipo is a solution. Lipo made my shape look better but I didn't lose a lot of weight and you have to keep up the healthy habits. I had to work even harder to get rid of that little muffin top area;) I had the revision because of an area that didn't have enough fat taken out of it. Would I have the revision done again, yes! It hurt like heck, but I want to be symmetrical. When is your surgery? Are you doing flanks too?
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I agree,it is not a weight solution or a quick fix for that matter. I am so glad he did not charge you,that is always Great! I am going to try cool sculpting first on abs. Let's hope for the best. :/ If it fails to meet my expectations,smart-lipo for me on upper/lower abs.
Happy Healing!
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