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I want to have my pre pregnancy belly back I know...

I want to have my pre pregnancy belly back I know my results won't be as tight as it would as a tummy tuck. I am really nervous to have the procedure and I guess it has something to do with me researching smartlipo for the past year. I made my deposit February 12th to make sure that I don't back out.


Thank you, I am supper nervous
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You look great! If I had your stomach I would not be doing my lipo lol. I wish you well with your procedure.
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If I looked like you, I wouldn't even be looking for another procedure. Just met with Khalifeh and he refused to do smartlipo because he said the result would be poor. I cant wait to hear how you like it!
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Almost one week until my smartlipo

Im Nervous!!


Is that u now? Or pre pregnancy? Please keep me posted as I would like to use same doctor
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Now but I have the mommy pouch my underwear is hiding it I actually switched to doctors
You switched to doctors? What do you mean? You aren't doing dr k?
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