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Muffintop No More? - Chevy Chase, MD

Pain free procedure. Loved my doctor. Did it...

Pain free procedure. Loved my doctor. Did it because I work out regularly and eat right but just couldn't seem to get rid of my muffin top and some fat around my belly button.

Pro's-not going under, less invasive,easy recovery.

Con? Not sure if there is one yet! We'll see... still in my garment... but can already tell the lumps above my waist are gone!

I can honestly say after now about 4 months I am...

I can honestly say after now about 4 months I am completely satisfied! My doctor offered to see me again in 2 mos and see how I feel, but I am leaning towards total satisfaction. Thanks Dr. Brown! You are the best!

Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

Very friendly- made me feel at ease when I indicated I was a bit nervous.I will add photos when I can take off the garment and the swelling goes down...I'm almost 2 weeks out and I barely notice a difference. I'll get some photos up and then we'll see what you think!

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SO, I hit my 6 mos. mark and am mostly satisfied with my surgery. I feel better in my clothes-not so lumpy, pants fit better due to my waist and flanks shrinking a little. If that was the end of it, I'd have said, it was expensive, but I'm glad I did it, and I'm mostly satisfied. I love this practice. They have been nothing but professional and easy to talk my concerns out with. Going into the procedure you are told if you still feel you need a little adjustments they will go back in and remove more fat cells or even things out. I've opted to go ahead for round 2, but again,if it wasn't an option I'd feel still very good about the whole procedure.
One thing people need to know going into this is that it really does take just about the full 6 mos. to see the final result.
Posting my 6 mos. pics before my final procedure.
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Nice pics. You look great! I'm glad it all worked out for you in the end.

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I feel the need to weigh in briefly. I appreciate all the comments and totally understand the concern about results. I think most of us strive to get the best result the first time out and certainly, on occasion, the healing process can be slower than expected. That being said, I am always open to readdressing an area if its not where we want it to be. Unfortunately I have seen the other side of the coin as well when patients treated elsewhere have been over resected and or worse and are now in need of more challenging treatment. In agreement with Sharon, when we do Smartlipo I show patients the fat we removed to get an idea of how much we took and what sort of volume fat takes up. I will be optimistic that our patient's outcome will continue to improve and will be looking forward to our next visit.
Thank You
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Just posted my approx. one month mark photos... I thought they looked ok, but now that I look at them on here, if I were you, I'd be thinking... not much difference... Really hope I see some more improvements over the next couple of weeks... I haven't seen/read about anyone else having this issue on here.. Have you Sharon? If so, can you direct me to them so I can chat with them on here?
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Sorry, I just saw this. The reason we hear a lot (from doctors usually, but sometimes from patients too) is that it's swelling. As long as the doctor actually removed the fat, it's gone. It's just been replaced by fluid and swelling instead, which is why results sometimes take a while to show up. The best thing is to keep taking photos (or measurements) so you can see your real results over time. You might not notice from one day to the next, since you see yourself every day.

There are a few forum threads where others have discused swelling and that sort of thing:

How soon do you see results with Smart Lipo?

Did you continue to see results 5 weeks after Smart Lipo?

Hope this helps! Please keep us posted.

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1 week and four days later I seem to be happy with my results and then down I'm just not sure I see any change! That is pretty concerning! I'm not sure if it's all in my head or what? I guess I need to wait longer? It's sort of embarrassing to me that there are no results and I've spent all this money. I feel foolish for doing it now. I'm hoping I'm just expecting results too soon? All the paperwork says it takes 3-6 mos to see results but doc said I'd see results right away. I look great with the garment on, but I always did look great with a girdle on. Never wanted to have to wear spanx my whole life. That was the purpose of the surgery!
Am I expecting too much? Can I change my rating of my doc?
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Lipo is a funny thing because the results are immediate, in that the fat is removed... but it gets replaced by swelling. That's why most docs say to wait 3-6 months for results, when all the swelling is gone. Do you feel like you're still swollen?

You can change your ratings by clicking "Update" at the top of the review page.

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I'm just a little bit swollen now. I have a 2 week post op visit with my doc in 2 days. Is it too soon to ask what my options are to improve my results? I'm not even sure I want to have more work done...
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Guessing you've already had the meeting with your doc. It's never too early to ask, but I doubt he'd do anything at this point. It's usually 3-6 months before they'll think about doing corrections.

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I had my follow up visit with my doctor. I expressed my concerns of not seeing the exact results or as much as I'd like. He was very open to me coming back and having more taken out if I am not happy with the final result in 2 months.. (it's now been almost one month). I have to say, I am very pleased with his response and the way our candid conversation went today. This doctor is a class act!
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Thanks for sharing your Smart Lipo experience, Muffintop. How long ago did you have your surgery?

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I had my procedure 4 days ago... Still have some swelling.. a little bit of bruising. This garment is itchy as hell! I remembered seeing on the Post Op instructions that depression can sometimes result after the procedure and I do feel a bit down, if I am being honest. I just wonder now if I've done the right thing... should I have spent the money.. will the fat come back?
In looking at my results I am more impressed with my stomach than my flanks... I weighed myself and I was heavier than when I went in, my measurements are no different, which is concerning.. however, the handouts all say that the results are not final for 3-6 mos...
So, I'm staying positive. I saw the amount of fluid they removed from my body! And, I'm not one to focus on the weight aspect of my body.. as I know that will fluctuate a few pounds here and there each week. Stay tuned! I can't wait to get this garment off and not itch. Also, I finished my 4 Vicodin (sp?) and haven't really needed any other pain med-so that's good.
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It's totally normal to wonder those things and feel depressed afterwards. It seems to happen regardless of what you've had done (a lot of of RealSelf's tummy tuckers report the same feelings). Yes, it's a lot of money to spend, but you have to remember why you did it and that you are worth investing in. :) Everything will turn out fine. It's great that you're trying to stay positive. Also, try to be as active as you can bear (with doc's permission, of course). Getting out of bed and moving around can often make your negative thoughts a bit better.

Keep us posted. :)

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