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I had Smartlipo done to my saddlebags and fat...

I had Smartlipo done to my saddlebags and fat transfer to my buttocks. I cannot be more pleased with the results. It has been 6 months and I am completely satisfied. A few weeks ago I had my belly done as well and my shape has changed completely. The time to get the swelling down is several weeks, but is worth it!! I now have curves! very nice doctor, healing is fast and no pain for the belly smart lipo. The fat transfer is a little uncomfortable the first two weeks, after is perfectly fine. If you are planning to do belly and saddle bags, I recommend to do it separate as I did. Both together I'm not sure if the pain would be more. If you are out for 2 weeks from work, do it, if not, do them separate as a weekend is good enough to get back on your feet.
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I am considering same doctor. How was he? Did you meet his partner Singh? I didn't know they could use fat from smart lipo to inject, I thought because of laser it doesn't work?
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He is very good, I never met the other Doc as I was only considering Dr. Khalife. I am not sure what the sequence of events are, but he did remove fat from my saddle bags and inject it on my butt, and my surgery a few months after, I did only my belly, no fat transfer. I do have to say that my saddle bags and buttocks are great, no complaints at all!! The belly, I failed to do massage in the area and a hard small bump appeared, He said it is tissue or blood, but even after I did so many massages as soon as I saw the bump is not going anywhere, it is not a bad as I have seen here on the site, but I can see it. So I am going back for a touch up. I definitely suggest to start lymphatic drainage massage as soon as a week after surgery, it helps so much!!. Even with that touch up which I will do in the next 2 weeks, I am very satisfied with the results. Write me back if you want more specific information. Good luck!! the extra few hundred for the fat transfer is definitely worth!! What part are you thinking of doing?
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I am so glad to hear that. I read another review on Dr K and they said he left them on the table, to go tend to another patient, because nurses overbooked him. But then 42 other reviews were positive. Its like what do you take in and what don't you? U didn't know about the massage, I did that after zerona treatments so I'm glad you mentioned. I am told I could do a tummy tuck but I have three little kids and I'm not interested in being down for 4 weeks. Also after reviewing several doctors sites I've seen many patients with a bigger and saggier tummy than mine who look awesome. I do have a couple additional questions. First was the smart lipo what you were told you needed? How much weight did you loose after? Or how many sizes did you go down? Have you noticed the fat doesn't go back to where you had procedure but goes elsewhere? What was the pain like during? Do they numb you first? Do they give you a pill? How long were you down? And on the fat transfer I was told you can't do fat transfer with fat harvested from smartlipo due to the laser process. Did you have separate traditional lipo to do fat transfer? I want in bottom too. Thanks for everything!
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I definitely recommend him, I felt at ease and he is very patient, takes his time. I was about 20lbs over my weight, not much and I am 5'9 so you couldnt tell the difference much, but I had saddlebags (two kids) i didnt have to do my belly, but looking myself sideways I saw that little bulge on the lower abdomen, so I did it. I did extensive research and also took two full days to go on appts with different doctors. I didnt lookse much weight, but my jeans, Oh my! fit perfect, no bulging at all. I had curves! I didnt do any diets at all, and went down one size, (enough for me) yes, the fat doesnt go back there, but it goes in places like on the bra area, not as bad though, because if you are serious about it, you shouldn't gain weight anyways, maybe a few lbs here and there but nothing major. the pain, was bearable, I felt no pain except when injecting the fat, a little uncomfortable, but it was fine, other than that no pain, the first day is uncomfortable, but no pain at all. You feel stiff. yes, they definitely numb you and you take a few pills to relax and for pain. You are completely awake, talking to the doc, nurses, etc, COMPLETELY awake, just in a relaxed mode. The difference between my saddlebags (with fat transfer) and the belly without fat transfer they did it in different steps, not sure how to explain it, but the tightening was done after, on the saddlebags, vs the belly was done before. You are very welcome!! I have my appt this Saturday, feel free to ask another questions.
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Oh my gosh I'm going for consult Saturday too!!! What a small world. All sounds great! And how was pain in numbing belly for the smartlipo? I read that it hurts super bad, I've had 3 kids so I'm not sure how tolerant those who wrote about pain were. Just curious your experience? Right now just doing smartlipo belly. Thanks!
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hahaha wow! maybe we see each other, mine is at 11am. Well, the lipo on the lower part of the belly hurts, (below the navel) because its very sensitive, other areas no pain at all. But I am not sure if this makes a difference but on my 2nd lipo (belly) I didnt take the relaxation pill beforehand, so maybe I was a little more alert and watching, whereas the saddle bag area, you are facing and not really looking. Anyway, the pain is bearable, nothing that you cannot handle, the doc stops if you tell him to, and then gives you a minute rest and keeps going. I had my two kids without anesthesia, no epidural, and that was painful but at the end of the tunnel you know is worth it. Same here. and it doesnt take too long.
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Hi, did you decide on which doctor to do your smartlipo? let me know how it went. Good luck!
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

I'm so glad everything went well for you and you're seeing the results you were looking for. We'd love to see some before/after photos, if you have any you feel comfortable sharing!

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