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I developed a horrible infection after receiving...

I developed a horrible infection after receiving Radiesse in my nasolabial folds. I received Radiesse in September and 5 months later I still have a rash on one side that won't go away no matter what the dermatologists give me. I had to be on an antiviral medication for a month after the Radiesse because of the viral infection that took over the left side of my face. What a horrible experience. I hope no one else has to go through this.


I had the SAME horrific experience, I was told I had Shingles by the plastic surgeon who injected me. After a month of not clearing up with high dose of antiviral and antibiotics, I had a culture done on the rash which was negative for Shingles. It has been almost 2 months since the horrible experience and still the rash remains. Painful both psychologically and physically. I wish I had never gotten this poison in my body!
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I've attached a picture of the initial infection. ...

I've attached a picture of the initial infection. Now the bottom part is what remains. It reaches down closer to my chin now.


As an update to my situation...over 2 years have passed since the horrible infection I had. I was left with some scarring and developed vitiligo around my eyes (I lost all of the pigment in my lashes) and have the same vitiligous spots on my face and hands. I was diagnosed with reactive airway disease about a month after noticing the white spots (I'd never had allergies prior to my radiesse injection) and have developed allergies to all sorts of things. Is it just a coincidence that I developed both the asthma and the vitiligo just a few months after the radiesse injection and infection? Who knows. I was a very healthy person prior to the injections and now my immune system is extremely sensitive. Radiesse changed my life -- in a terrible way.
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I have had the same thing happen. The area that was injected has blisters and peels and becomes dry and flaky but will not heal. I have been to 2 dermatologists as well as my family practitioner. The dermatologist has put me on oral steroids, antibiotics as well as topical creams, and nothing seems to heal it. He said it may take a year and the radiesse tends to migrate sometimes as well as cause some strange reactions in some patients, such as myself. Never again will I put fillers in my face. Lesson learned $1100 dollars too late.

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The same thing happened to me! (I do get occasional cold sores, when I am sick or stressed.) I thought the injections were painful, maybe that gave me the cold sores? I broke out in a sweat and I am no sissy. I loved the results, but I don't think I will ever get them again. About 2 days after getting them I broke out around my nose with tiny blisters, like cold sores. This continued for about 3 months, which was a real pain. So then my cheeks looked better and I had to deal with another long going problem. For what we pay for this, its not worth the after problems!
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2 Years Later

It's been about 2 years since I developed the infection on the left side of my face from the Radiesse. I was left with scarring, which looks like I'd had bad acne at some point in time. But what's worse, is that I developed vitiligo around my eyes (I've lost all of the pigment in my lashes and around my eyes) and it is now spreading to my hands. I also developed respiratory problems a few months after the infection went away and was diagnosed with Adult Onset Asthma. I'd never had any allergies to anything prior to the injections. Now, I have a very sensitive and over reactive immune system. I seem to be allergic to just about everything. I feel like I let my vanity get the best of me and I made a terrible decision in getting Radiesse injected. I was a very healthy woman at the time and that was changed. What I wouldn't give to go back and make a different choice. I've spent the past couple of years trying to rebuild my immune system. This has not been easy.


It looks like a vessel was blocked and the skin lost it's vascular supply causing necrosis of the tissue. If your skin blanches after an injection you should massage the material and if that doesn't bring back your natural color see a vascular surgeon.
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Ann K I am Neuro1. Please see my recent post and photos. We must get this dangerous product off the market.
Gerry you have emailed me before, I am Neuro1 and I have now posted my story and photos .Please look before you let them put this dangerous substance in your body.
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I had a terrible experience with Radiesse that is ongoing. Do not use this. It's absolutely not worth it. I have permanent scarring from the infection that was caused as a result of the Radiesse.

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