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I am an African American female that had a car...

I am an African American female that had a car accident in 2010 and suffered injuries to include deviated septum and my nose looked sligtly slanted to one side from front view and i had a dorsal hump from side view. Rhinoplasties are not very common where I come from. I've never personally known anyone that has had one, even to this day outside of my own surgery, so I was apprehensive to say the least. Apprehensive mostly about my outcome, I didnt want a western/european slimmer nose look I just wanted the dorsal hump corrected where I looked like a better version of my old self (prior to my accident) and that goal was achieved w/ Dr. Harris.

I was an out of town patient and upon arrival I was greeted w/warm hellos and important information to prepare me for the surgery and the days after. I experienced the most pain the day after surgery but pain killers and rest took care of that. The first 6 mos after surgery took some getting used to my new nose and the swelling to subside but as time passed. Some days, I kinda felt like mrs potato head trying to get used to a new nose but 6 mos post +, me and my nose are family again lol.

Its been a year since my surgery and I can honestly say I'm pleased w/ the results of my rhinoplasty. I did not incur any hypertrophic scars like some of the ppl I've read about post surgery and my nose looks natural, its not obvious I had a change on my nose. Friends and family who don't know about my nose job dont look @ my face in suspense and say, hey somethings different, did you have a nose job? My goals were achieved and now on to the next chapter, thanks Dr. Monte O. :-) (my pics on are his website)

I think I have located your B&A pics on his website. Can you post some more recent pics here? Btw, your nose looks amazing!

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! We'd love it if you'd post your photos here in your review as well. They're so helpful for others embarking on a similar journey.


African American Rhino 15+ mos

Just wanted to give update and pics now that all the swelling has subsided. During the first year of my surgery I didn't take pics outside of using my own cell phone in home lighting and I must say that my phone/ pics in home lighting deceived me, lol. Even though still a little self conscious about my new nose a few mos after my post I felt confident to take pics in different settings, public, and natural lighting.

To my surprise the lighting showed different shadows and angles of my nose I hadn't noticed prior to. Come to find out, after all the swelling went away the new/true shape of my nose was like an hour-glass. I didn't want to accept this because of all the trouble I had went through to have this surgery. Needless to say I contacted Dr. Harris for revision and after I sent him the pics he agreed I should come in person for a look. During our Skype he mentioned it was possibly due to my healing and after a second consult w/another dr he said same thing. Unfortunately, I live many states away from Dr Harris' office and it already cost enough $$ for the 1st surgery and lodging so Im unable to travel again for another unpredictable result. Now I'm in the same boat with those who miss their old nose.

dont like how I can't just update what I just wrote, dmn

Even though still a little self conscious about my new nose a few mos "after my review post on this website" I felt confident
Thank you for your very candid review. I am currently considering Dr Harris for cosmetic surgery . but I'm having second thoughts. To spend almost $9000 and then be dis-satisfied less then 2 years later is extremely disheartening. I make a modest salary and I am putting two children through college so to spend that much with the possibility of spending even more because of an unfavorable outcome is not a risk I'm willing to take. After looking at all the 3D imaging I would have assumed one could get an ideal of what the final outcome would look like and if the outcome is different I would have like to believe he would have tried to satisfy his former client.

This patient’s review is a blessing for anyone who takes the time to digest the deeper message. It is enlightening, particularly when compared to her glowing testimonials both in the early months and up to a year after her surgery. I would ask all my potential patients to consider three things: 1. Rhinoplasty by its very nature is an imperfect art. If you are committed to seek out experienced surgeons with niche expertise outside of your local geographic area, there must also be the same willingness to invest in the possibility of additional surgery and long term follow up. 2. The healing process that occurs outside of the operating room is unique to each individual. In the setting of significant previous nasal trauma, healing can be quite unpredictable. 3. Most importantly, peace of mind and sustainable happiness does not come from elective cosmetic enhancement. The energy generated from cosmetic pursuits, even in the most ideal setting is transient and will dissipate over time. For those seeking beauty, health, and happiness – and are willing to make the long term commitment – I am here to support you with expertise and cultural sensitivity on that life-enhancing journey.

Dr. Harris, please do not come for me, I didn't get to read your full post because it was deleted. Everyday I look @ the final outcome of my nose in different lightings and different angles all I ask myself is how could someone of your knowledge and expertise not have been able to forecast the final look of changes done to the existing structure of my nose. I am not trying to knock you as a person only the work that you've done on my nose that I have to look @ everyday is a scary sight without loads of makeup on my nose. Sure, during the first year of my surgery I was still elated over the fact that I believed that I was finally able to correct something I saw as being deformed after my accident. I didn't take photos in public, in natural lighting, and from different angles because I knew it was not yet the finished product; however, once I began to do so (@ about 15 mos post which is the time I was told would be the final outcome), when I saw my new true nose....omg...I was saddened, confused, and upset, especially knowing that I now have to spend more money and time to get a revision. So again, do not come for me, the photos of my outcome speak louder than any words you or I could ever post on this blog.
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I found Dr. Harris after searching the internet for about one year. I didn't take into consideration the realistic possibility of a revision, which is what I need now after my surgery with him. After looking @ his website again I noticed there is limited information and no pics provided in regards to revisions that he has done so I will have to find a new doctor now that has a successful/proven track record in revisions. I pray this second time around (revision) will be the final one especially since a new doctor means I'll have to pay as if it were a primary rhino.

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