1 year+ post op, 34DDD, wish I went bigger w/ higher profile, totally natural feeling .. still worth Every Penny! :o)

I have wanted boobs for 16+ years .. my whole life...

I have wanted boobs for 16+ years .. my whole life i had small boobs but after I had my daughter in 1995 my small B deflated into small balloons! Awful! I hated myself when I saw myself naked, clothes always needed a super bra, etc.

I cannot tell you how happy I am .. went with 457 ccs silicone, under the muscle through the areola. I had my surgery on Dec. 26th and I hope my swelling is done because I think I am a DD and actually want to stay this size. I LOVE them!!! :)

I took Arnica for 3 days before my surgery, had drains in for 2 days, am still taking Arnica and have been massaging - my recovery has not been that bad!! The day of and the day after were rough and then after that it has't been awful - it has been A LOT better than I thought!!

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Sorry some of my pics are upside down! Not sure if...

Sorry some of my pics are upside down! Not sure if it's my iPhone or what .. Sorry!


They look great! I was not sure if I want to go 450cc or 425cc but your pics ahow that 450 doesnt seem bad at all. Maybe ill go 475, bigger is better lol
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You look amazing! Congrats!
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Thank you so much!! :-)

Some stats about me: 5'2 1/2", 128# (lost 30+...

Some stats about me:

5'2 1/2", 128# (lost 30+ pounds in 2012)
Not a 'tiny' girl .. healthy size 6, maybe an 8 sometimes
Before BA I was a 36B - I could prob squeeze into a 34, but I don't like to feel like the bra is too tight so even though I measure 30/31" around my band, I wear a 36

Some stats about my BA:
Natrelle 457 cc's, (when in doubt go BIGGER! I was going to get 425's) silicone, mod profile, under the muscle, through the areola, stitches that dissolve, drains in for 2 days - aiming for a D cup, secretly hoping for a DD
Arnica pills, 5 pills, 3 times a day for 3 days before my surgery, Arnica pills, 3 pills, 3 times a day after, Arnica gel/cream for bruising and muscle soreness .. started Bromelain 1000 mg a day at 2 weeks post op (probably too late)

I am going to post more pics shortly! :)

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I wish my pics were not upside down!

I wish my pics were not upside down!


You look great! I just had mine done today, I'm glad you're recovering so well!
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You go girl!! =) =)
What front zipper bras do u have on in the Picts!? They look comfortable!
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Last night at 2 weeks post op I FINALLY slept on...

Last night at 2 weeks post op I FINALLY slept on my back and not in an elevated position!!! Whoo hoo! My only mistake is that I forgot to put something under my knees to alleviate the pressure on my lower back. I will remember to do that tonight. SO happy I will finally get a full night's sleep! (Fingers crossed.) Other than that my recovery has been WAY better than I EVER imagined. I had one friend tell me she had a pain pack strapped to her for 4 days with morphine and another tell me her boyfriend had to bathe her. I told the 2nd friend I would rather not shower than have my other half wipe my rear end for me. That $%#^ isn't happening LOL!. Hope everyone is having a wonderful boobalicious day! xoxo

Tips for the day - I heard that Beach Bunny has some nice swimsuits .. I am going to check them out. And Danskin, foam, padded, front zip sports bras are $11 or $12 on Walmart.com - I'm pretty sure Kohls is trying to sell the same bras for $40+. (That is what I wore home from my surgery and also what I wore for the first few days post op.)


Thanks for the new pix!! :) now I'm going between 375 and 400... Lol uggg I just wanna go in and try on the dozers!!
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Hey there, I'm so glad I found your post. You and I share the same boobie birthday. I had my surgery on Dec. 26th also. I just recently posted my journey on RealSelf, but I think it'll get reviewed and should get published tomorrow. I would love to keep in touch with you so we can share our experiences and see if we are on the right track to a great recovery. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Best, K
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Definitely!!! Congrats! :-)

I went to another post op appointment today and...

I went to another post op appointment today and feel a lot better about the way my nipples look. My doctor cleaned some stuff up in terms of scabs and some stitching remnants .. He says "I'm ready for Vegas" lol. I don't think they are too big but I just laughed and went with it. He also offered to "touch up" my nipples once they healed so they don't jagged even though they don't look too bad I mean the nipples pretty much got taken off and put back on so I wasn't expecting them to look perfect. ;)

I will have some updated pics in a few weeks .. He says I still have some swelling despite the drains (highly recommended) .. I so wish they stay as big as they are now!!! Until next time! Have a boobalicious day!


They look really hot! I love the very perky look!
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Forgot to mention in my last post that I would not...

Forgot to mention in my last post that I would not let my other half even touch me for 2 weeks post op. No action at all lol! Didn't want to get my BP up or risk doing anything to the new girls (paranoid? Maybe!) and I have been living in comfy jammies and sports bras except that one night when we went out for dinner a week ago. Needless to say when I put on some new lingerie at 2 weeks and 1 day he was MORE than a little excited and our sex life has really, really took a turn for the best. (It wasn't had before, but now he can't keep his hands, etc off of me ..) #lovingit


You look absolutely fab! That size definitely suits you. I was the opposite with my hubby p, he helped me with the massages from day 1. He is definitely loves them and it has kicked things up a notch. ; )
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Thank you! I let help massage for a few minutes here and there and that was it but after the 2 week mark .. I have to agree, things have definitely been kicked up a few notches. Hee hee! ;)))
They look like a great size!!! Isn't that crazy how on one frame a certain size looks SO much different on another? Where did you get those front zip bras? I know I'm being sent home with one on, but I will obviously need at least one more to get me thru!!
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I must say I love this site and the women on it!...

I must say I love this site and the women on it! Everyone is so nice and supportive and excited about their boobs LOL! I am hooked on this site and am so happy to be a part of the community! I'm sure my friends are tired of hearing about my boobs but I know you ladies won't ever get tired of hearing or seeing them ha ha! xoxo to you all! Have a boobalicious night!

Forgot to mention that my doc had a special going on - I am getting free Latisse for me and a friend! Whoo hoo!


HI there. First I have to say, you look fantastic!!! I would want them to stay where they are too but while you may not have anymore swelling I hate to break it to you, your boobs are still going to change. After all, you're not even at 1 month. I saw the changes slow down around 3 months. I'm just over 4 months and felt confident enough to buy some VS bras. They measured me at 36D but when I tried on the 34DD, it fits much better so rather than spend money in the store, I went home and ordered at their semi annual sale online. Keep posting and letting us know what's going on.
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Thanks! Yes, I'm going to wait a few months before I go and spend money on any 'real' bras. In the meantime I am enjoying my comfy sports bras - some with some foam padding to give them a nicer look ha ha! ;) I'm going to post pics every week and then a little collage to show their change after a few months. Have a great night!
Do you like those bras you got at Wal-Mart? Do they squish you or just hold you in? Hope you're healing is going well!
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Just posted some pics 3 weeks post op. I use cocoa...

Just posted some pics 3 weeks post op. I use cocoa butter every day in case you are wondering why I'm shiny lol. Plus it helps to see the definition of my implants and how they are moving. ;)


Girl you look amazing :-) Congrats!
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Thank you SO much!! ;o)
Your boobs look amazing !!!!!!
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I'm still loving my girls!!! Easy to look...

I'm still loving my girls!!! Easy to look professional, yet in a heartbeat can look very sexy! Over the past several weeks I have been working from home, massaging my boobs every chance I had, while on conference calls etc., LOL! Yesterday I went into my office and I'm here through tomorrow and it feels so strange not being able to massage them all day whenever I want! I hope everyone is having a boobalicious day!

P.S. I will post 4 week post op pics tomorrow night or Thursday. :) xoxoxo


Just got then done this morning. Got 475cc was the biggest he said I could hold lol, under muscle, under breast incision. Any advice for tomorrow (heard its the worse)?
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Take your meds!!! Rest .. Arnica, plus your muscle relaxer and pain killer even if you don't think you need it. If you bought Bromelain, take that too. The day of and the day after were uncomfortable for me, but really not that bad. Hang in there and keep me posted! Can't wait to see them!!!!!!! =)
And have ice packs ready unless your PS told you otherwise. ;)

Updated some new pics .. My BA was Wed. 12/26 so I...

Updated some new pics .. My BA was Wed. 12/26 so I am officially 4 weeks and 2 days post op! I don't see a big change from week 3 to week 4 .. Do you? Either way I'm happy and am planning on going regular bra shopping this weekend or do you think it is too soon? #notsure


Btw your boob look good.. I'd squeeze em!
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Lolol thanks! :-)
Your looking Great!! Going to go to target and look for those champion sports bras they look so comfy!!
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Added a few pics in a well fitting sweater .. Not...

Added a few pics in a well fitting sweater .. Not skin tight by any means. Unless I am in a bikini top or wearing something revealing you can't even tell I had a BA lol! Like I have been saying all along: GO BIGGER! ;)

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I have coined a new term for my boobs: "undercover...

I have coined a new term for my boobs: "undercover boobs" because I can easily disguise them in gym clothes or my professional clothes yet in something skimpy or a bikini top I look like a different person lol! :-) xoxo


Dang your boobs are looking soooo good now, I swear they have dropped more!! You make me wish I went bigger
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Aw thank you! I think the swelling is all gone now. I wish I went bigger or with a higher profile myself! Either way it is a heck of a lot better than what I had before lolol!!!
Hey girl. How's it going. I've been so busy doing alot. You still looking great. I'm almost still in awe. They change so much in different settings. I went to a Superbowl party and wore an underwire bra all day. I couldn't wait to release them. And then they felt so much softer. My girls were out and my bf said I was the talk. It was a new setting so everyone didn't know me. I had not been massaging them as much because I've been very busy with work, kids, parents, taxes, life in general. Glad to see you're still enjoying your girls. Fabulous!!!
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Well I finally did a little bra shopping and did...

Well I finally did a little bra shopping and did more clothes shopping today. (I love clothes shopping SOOO much more now!!) I am in between a 36C and a 36DD depending on brand. Seems strange how the size could vary that much. Granted the 36C was maybe a tiny bit too small, but I bought that bra just to wear for my other half since he is a fan of ill fitting, boobies spilling out bras LOL! So, I will just settle that I'm a 36D for now. I am hoping they miraculously get bigger but I hit the 6 week post op mark this past Wednesday so I doubt much will change except maybe the shape.

Some things to recently report:

There are still some mornings when I wake up with a little morning boob but it quickly goes away, I am still taking Bromelain, I was thinking of starting to ride horses again this weekend (we shall see), I have started with Vitamin E and emu oil on my scars and stretch marks and still alternate with some cocoa butter now and then, I am stretching and massaging as often as I can, I still love them and it was money well spent! Best thing I have ever done for myself in case I haven't mentioned it 100 other times. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat and the only thing I would do it GO BIGGER with maybe a slightly higher profile LOL! But, time will tell .. I trust that in a few months they will look exactly like the wish boobs I showed my doc.

Happy healing everyone and have a boobalicious day! :) xoxo


Can you tell me if the danskin foam bra makes a difference? I see a lot of people getting them for after.
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Your looking fabulous!!
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Thank you! xoxo

For those unsure about size - I went from a...

For those unsure about size - I went from a deflated B to a 34DD/36DD/38D depending on the brand and I did NOT need to buy a need wardrobe - I just fit into my old clothes much, much better! Granted, I have had to buy new bras and I have bought new sexy outfits and shirts, but surprisingly I did not need new sweaters, shirts or suits. You really cannot tell I have had anything done in regular clothes or my professional clothes. (see my pics). Please don't be overly concerned about going too big and go bigger than you think you want - unless you are getting 700 ccs ultra high profile, are a size 0 and have very little breast tissue it will not be obvious unless you want them to be obvious.

Oh and REST after your BA - I mean don't plan on doing anything for 5 days straight except be a sloth! Take your meds even if it's only at night, the muscle relaxers are prescribed to you for a reason .. use them! :) Have a boobalicious day! xoxo

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If you wish you went bigger, check in here!...

If you wish you went bigger, check in here!



Funny the nurse and my dr. Today both said no one ever wishes they went smaller, everyone says they could have gone a bit bigger!
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I know which is why it boggles my mind that docs are so conservative LOL! =)
And boggles my mind why they dont make us more aware of it! I wonder how many ladies go back for revision purely to increase their size? Maybe thats why they're so conservative??!! $$$

I added a few pics from tonight .. A new bra that...

I added a few pics from tonight .. A new bra that fits well and a revealing shirt ;)


Looking too hot ta trot there NoBoob. I need to get a few more shirts with vnecks and low cut too. The great thing is that they do look so natural.
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Looking Maze!!!
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Thank you!! xoxo

I visited my PS today who not only gave me an...

I visited my PS today who not only gave me an AWESOME gift basket, but also some samples of some skincare products! At about 12 weeks, he is going to do a mini areola lift (not sure of the technical term) to ensure that my nipples are areolas look perfectly even! He is wonderful! It is a procedure that he will do right in his office. I'm not looking forward to stitches again, but am looking forward to getting a little nip and tuck ha ha! Otherwise, I'm healing great, my boobs are nice and squishy and look so natural! ;)


I think they look great! Very natural. Did you have a 'dream boob' look you were going for?
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Thanks Jilly!! Yes, they will ultimately look like these I think: http://www.thesigerplasticsurgery.com/PhotoGallery_50.aspx?gid=232621#Content .. I showed these to my doc and also said I wanted to be a D cup. =) 
Yay!! Thats awesome!!
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Ok I am so embarased .. this whole time I thought...

Ok I am so embarased .. this whole time I thought I got moderate profiles when I just looked up the Stlye 15's and next to it is mid-range profile. I feel like a big dummy. WOW!


Love the new pics and awesome basket!!! Woohoo!!! Nice!!!!
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I got the style 15's too, and I love them! I just love the way they make the breast look. Yours look amazing, especially in that purple bikini top, wowzas! :)
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Thank you mariebee!!! ;o) xoxo

I added another pic .. Trying to find some before...

I added another pic .. Trying to find some before bikini pics but there aren't many to be found! That is changing this summer!!


Girl you also got some hot little hips in that second bikini pic!!! You go girl!!!!
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I'm hoping and praying my boobie results come out just as perfect as yours. I would love to be able to take your pic to my Ps and tell him these are the boobs I want. Lol!
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Thank you!!!! :-) xoxo

When I was few weeks post op I got a wonderful,...

When I was few weeks post op I got a wonderful, relaxing massage where I laid face up for the entire time. I sometimes prefer a very deep massage from this Asian place in the mall and decided that today, at 8 1/2 weeks post op I should be ok.

Well, I wasn't .. It wasn't that it was painful but it was uncomfortable at times (only did it for 20 min) and at the end she pushed both of arms in towards my body. Um hello side boob being squished and now squeezed! Ouch!!! I was fine after and am ok now. But wow .. Note to self. Anybody else have any massage stories to share?


Omg their looking amazing! I hope mine work out as well! X
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Thank you!!! =) xoxo
You look amazing!!
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I cannot believe this Wednesday will be 10 weeks...

I cannot believe this Wednesday will be 10 weeks (but who is keeping track). LOL! I will wait until I'm 12 weeks post op to post any more pics. Looking back through my pictures, my boobs never ever really "sat high" .. I guess I had so much skin that they just fell into place right away. I did see the progression of the swelling and the shape change a little over time. Once I have some time, I will post some progression pics and maybe consolidate the pics on my profile. (Too much scrolling.) I hope all you ladies are having a boobalicious day!! :) xoxo .. and, in case you didn't know where I stand on this - GO BIGGER while you still have the chance!!!


Have you been back to the gym yet?
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Oh wow, I am in LOVE with your sports bras! I wanted to get Danskin but they were sold out in walmart. When did you measure yourself after post op? I'm curious to see when I can start bra hunting ;)) Congrats, your twins look great!!
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Hey there! Check Walmart.com. I still have not been officially measured and I am 10 weeks tomorrow lol. There is not a Nordstrom's really close to me and the people at VS (at least the one near me) are clueless plus I have received horrible service. :/ I fit nicely into a 36D which would also be a 34DD but 34 feels snug on me. :-) Thanks for dropping by!!! :-)

Yesterday and today I finally rode and felt great!...

Yesterday and today I finally rode and felt great! I tried to ride at 6 weeks post op and just felt weak and awful with no stamina. This past week I had to go to a big conference in New Orleans and literally walked miles and miles every day so maybe my body got back into the swing of things of being active! Anyhow .. hope you all are doing well! I will post pics at 12 weeks (I am 10 1/2 weeks now) but the girls look and feel so natural like they have been a part of me my whole life. I do often wish they were bigger and actually looked a little more noticable but everything happens for a reason and they are probably the perfect size. (Still having a little bit of boob greed LOL!) Once I start jumping my horse and riding more, going to the gym, etc. I'm sure I will realize that they are a good size for me. I hope everyone is having a boobalicious day! :) xoxo

P.S. Before I got my new boobies I had a concern of them making me look heavy or fat. They actually helped slim me!!! I am a 36D and honestly could have handled a much bigger implant (I think). I have said it before and I will say it again - no one knows I have had anything done.


I love the picture updates! It makes me excited about my upcoming procedure! Thank you so much! :) oh and you look GREAT!
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Thank you!  It is SUCH an exciting thing!!! Whoo hoo! =) xoxo
Oh girl I know you love the champion bras from target as much as I do, lol, have you gotten any of those new ones that have like the actual booby cups and molder thingys, haha I don't know what to call those right now!!! They have like a nice yellow w grey straps, a blue one, and a black!!! They are awesome!!!
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I am Nordstrom's and am officially a 34DDD!

I am Nordstrom's and am officially a 34DDD!


ok... so this is exactly what I mean. Look at your 450 cc's.. They look beautifully big! My 450's look small to me! I am 5'11" 170 lbs. Trying to stress to the ladies to not freak out on the size itself...as we are all shaped differently and cc's look different on all of us! Wish I had went bigger! Love your results ;)
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NewMe - exactly! I have also been shouting from the rooftops to GO BIGGER! I really had no idea what size I was in bras .. I thought a 36D was just fine and was actually questioning if I was a large C! They don't seem that big but I guess they are! ;) CCs are different on everyone though, that is for sure!
You look incredible!!!!
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I cannot believe I am 3.5 months post op! Where...

I cannot believe I am 3.5 months post op! Where did the time go??! I am still thrilled with my results! I hope you ladies are all having a great day!! xoxo


Your girls look great! Did your implants exceed or go under your BWD?
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Thank you! Carlita, I have no idea LOL! I showed a pic to my doc and liked the side boob kind of look. ;) xoxo
I have boobenvy! You look great! A girl can only hope in 2 weeks I will end up at the very least a 40DDD (5'9 and thick-lipo should take some of that off)! Congrats my sister in silicone!!!!
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New bathing suit pic!

New bathing suit pic!


I love love love all the pics :) looking great
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Gorgeous result!
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Thank you!!! =)))

Morning my boobalicious buddies or soon to be...

Morning my boobalicious buddies or soon to be boobalicious buddies! I have not been on here in awhile. It has been over 4 months for me and I feel like they have been a part of me my whole life. I think that has been the coldest spring in history so I have not had a chance them off AT ALL! (POUTING) But, I am looking forward to show them off some at SOME point soon! I hope you all doing well!!! Sending love and positive thoughts your way! Love, NMBE!


Oh, and where did you get the low cut sports bra?!
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Wow your results are amazing!! And I think all the pics are great! :)
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I love the black Nordstrom bra,it looks great on you!I need one of those. For sure.You are making great progress!do you find that they are still changing?
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Hi ladies! I hope you are all doing well. Don't...

Hi ladies! I hope you are all doing well. Don't people know that making jokes or comments like "You should have gone bigger" should never come out of their mouths??! I mean seriously. I get it, they are not as big as I thought but keep it to yourself lol. That is like telling a man who just had a penile implant that his ding ding "Could have been bigger". ;)


            hi nomoreboobyenvy how are you boobie buddy? your still looking great as always! 
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Thank you!! Loving them! =) xoxo
What a beautiful result.
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6 months post op .. just got back from the Bahamas!

I finally got to show the girls off! We had such a cold winter that I literally have been bundled up until last week! I am loving them - they feel natural and soft, like I have had them my whole life! I hope you are all doing well! ;) xoxo


You look great
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Thank you! :)
Thanks for your posts!! They have been very helpful and encouraging. I m going for my BA July 2, wow a week from today!! And I m still trying to decide between 325/350 but after reading a researching a lot I m coming to the conclusion that is not going to make a big difference, so I should go with The 350. You look amazing by the way.
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I was just private messaged by someone calling themselves LoveMyBreasts. She was very insulting. I have reported this person to RealSelf but it really has me scratching my head - this website is for support, not insults. It is very sad that someone felt the need to go through the trouble of messaging me to flat out insult me. I hope none of your have experienced anything like that and that you are all loving your boobies!!! =)


:( That is disturbing. You look awesome!!!! Xo
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Thank you! =)
Anyone who says your boobs don't look good either has seriously flawed vision, very bad taste or is just plain sour-grapes jealous. You look awesome!
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At 6+ months post op, a massage was actually ok!

Finally, I was able to lay face down for a massage and not feel like it was uncomfortable! YAY!


LMAO thanks!!! =)
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You look beautiful! Perfect boobs for you my friend :)
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Thanks so much!! :))

New pic 8 months post op.

At 8 months my girls feel awesome like they have been a part of me forever! I wish they were bigger but I am loving them!!! :-)


You look great! I'm so happy to see posts from girls who are so far along. I'm only 2 months post and wondering how much more my girls are going to change. I know they say 3 months is when you see your final result. Was that true for you? Have they changed much from 3-8 months? Some girls say they get smaller by 3 months and others say they get bigger after d&f. So confusing. Guess I'll just have to wait and see, but really hoping they don't change much.
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I'm so glad you are still doing great. I'm now 3+months PO and ended up a 34DDD too. But yours look so much bigger than mine do. Lol
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That is awesome! Hope you are enjoying them! =) xoxo

New pic .. Almost 8 months post op. LOVE them!

Recent pic ..


:) xoxoxo 
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I haven't seen much of a change between 3 and 8 months :/ Hope you are enjoying yours!!!

Another pic


You look great! I bet you are the envy of everyone at the pool!
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            Hi nomoreboobyenvy how are you doing? 
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New pic .. 8 months post op

I was wearing the same dress and a different bra in March. Just thought I would share. ;)


they look gorgeous....question was your nipple big? is that why you were gonna get it smaller? i also am 34/36B considering 450cc silicone but not sure bc i am only 5"0 and was worried. could you post a pic of your whole body to look at proportions. thank you and soooo happy for you
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Hi .. my nipples are not big. My areola area is pretty big. I hope that helps and I will try to post a full body pic soon! Thanks! =) xoxo
I love your result. I'm trying to to obsess about size. It's such a hard decision. I didn't like the way my original implants looked. I think I just didn't know how to dress with them I felt like they made me look fat cause they were big. Well when I had on a tee it looked weird. Like I had to show them or I looked heavy. I'm gonna go in the attic and dig out my pics. Thanks for documenting!
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10 months post op

Hi ladies .. I cannot believe it has been 10 months since I got my new girls! I am supposed to go back to my surgeon for a little areola lift in December which part of me feels like just saying forget it LOL. I really spent A LOT of time on this site after my surgery .. it was helpful during the emotional ups and downs and gave me people to talk to about my boobs. Goodness knows my family and friends were tired of hearing about them.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great year! I will post 1 year post op pics in December! Have a boobalicious day! XOXO =)


Looking forward to your full body photo. Happy 1 year Boobiversary!

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Thanks for all the pictures. You look great!
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You look awesome!! They look perfect on you. I laughed when I read "When in doubt go bigger" clearly I feel the same ;-) I have the biggest silicone implant they make in the United States. I am a 36H! I could not believe it when my PS told me! (WHOA) However, I love them. Now it is time to find a bra and bathing suits to fit the girls!! Happy boobies ♥
  • Reply

Almost 13 months! Still love them! :)

I am going to try to post more pics but here is one. I love my girls! I still wish I went bigger! :-) xoxo


Oh we almost have the same stats! I'm excited to see tours look pretty big as I'm hoping mine will be
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you look great! thanks for sharing your story with all of us!

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You look amazing!
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Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

After stalking MANY websites and having in person consults with 2 other surgeons, I liked every breast aug on Dr. T's website and decided to go with him! (Plus he had a surgery date open on Dec. 26th which in my mind was the ultimate date to take a vacation, work would be slow etc.) All of the BAs on Dr. T.'s website had the look that I was going for and during my pre-op appointment I actually brought in my iPad and showed him what I wanted. I will point out that I had an opportunity to use a much cheaper PS and decided not to use him. The results on his website were not the look I was aiming for. This is your body, health and life - don't bargain shop like you are buying a new pair of shoes. ;) The boobs that I am aiming for: http://www.thesigerplasticsurgery.com/PhotoGallery_50.aspx?gid=232621#Content I told Dr. T. I wanted to be a D cup (I started at a deflated, barely B cup). Initially he recommended 425 ccs silicone mid-range profiles, under the muscle. I ended up going with the 457's and boy I'm glad I just went bigger from the get go! Most doctors are very conservative and #1 complaint of BA patients is that they wish they went bigger. We are going through this process, discomfort, etc. I surely was not doing it just to be 1 size bigger. Just sayin' .. He also recommended Arnica & Bromelain pills and the cream and used drains which I think helped SOOO much. My recovery was SO much better than what I expected!! I was massaging the day after my surgery with NO PAIN! *** MY ONLY ADVICE TO EVERY WOMAN CONSIDERING A BA IS TO GO BIGGER! ALMOST EVERYONE I KNOW WISHES THEY WENT BIGGER FROM THE GET GO .. SO WHATEVER CCS YOU AND YOUR PS ARRIVE AT - ADD 25 OR 50CCS TO THAT #. CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH .. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 425 AND 457 (as in my case) IS NOT THAT MUCH! :) *** I also have to say if I had to do it all over I would in a heartbeat. If I had to do this once a year, I would do it! (If it didn't cost what it did, of course.) Best money I have ever spent on myself. xoxo

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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