New pics in a few of my 30 DDD bras

Hi I'm 26 years old and a mother of 2. I'm...

Hi I'm 26 years old and a mother of 2. I'm currently 5 foot 3.5 inches tall and weigh153lbs. I recently lost about 40lbs over the last year and a half and my Breast has dramatically deflated. I never considered breast augmentation till about 8 months ago. Before my weight lost I was wearing a size 38 C then I went to a 36 C after the birth of my last son who is now 3 years old. My currently breast size I believe is a 34 b. My boob are so deflated I'm not sure if I'm truly even a B cup. I was measured over the summer and I believe the lady at VS was being a bit generous. I'm scheduled for my pre op appt with my Dr on Feb 28, 13. I'm a bit saggy so I will be getting a lollipop lift as well.I was initially concerned by scars from the lift but I'd rather take the extra scars to have a better out result.I have heard so many story from women who need lifts decided not too and opt for larger implants and later down the road end up with the rock sock look and that won't be cute. I already have that similar look with my small deflated boobs. I haven't decided for sure on size but I think I'm gonna go with 350cc's under the muscle. I'm very nervous about the recovery but I know my husband will be in my corner to help out. I will also have my mom which is a really big help. I'm scheduled to have blood work and stuff done on March 5th. I'm just ready to get this done and feel better about be in a bathing suit. I hope to be a full c after my augmentation. It's so good to be apart of this site where you can relate to each other and feel comfortable sharing your story. I will try and be good and post another update after my pre op.

Playing with sizers....this is 400ccs going under...

Playing with sizers....this is 400ccs going under the muscle will make me loose 50ccs I may have to go with 450ccs I love this size. I'm more excited now and so is my husband lol. 16 more days to go.

Okay so I just ordered a sports bra to have as a...

Okay so I just ordered a sports bra to have as a backup for after surgery. I hope it's big enough if not I will have to buy another one. I got the Champion double dry zip tech sports bra. If anyone can recommend a comfortable one to buy please let me know. my Ps nurse said some patients prefer there own bra I just want to have a few spares while I recover. I'm so excited my Pre op appt is tomorrow at 430 pm I can't wait. I think I'm dead set on 400ccs or 450ccs just worried about not being 100 percent satisfied with size. I think the 400cc is fine but under the muscle will more than likely be a little smaller. Any whoo I'm just going on and on I'm super excited. I got my arnica Gel and tabs I will do my healthy shopping on next weekend. I Need to def get some prune juice the pain pills can sure constipate and I'm not going thru that again.

So I had my Pre op on feb 28th it went so well we...

So I had my Pre op on feb 28th it went so well we decided to go with 425 ccs. My surgery is scheduled for 9am on March 14th and u can't wait. I'm so glad I decided to go with the 425 instead of the 350ccs. I started cleaning my house today I'm gonna go to the grocery store and stock up on my essentials. I put my scripts in so they can be ready. I'm so nervous but very excited. I hope I have a smooth recovery. My PS said I will only need to wear my surgical bra for 1 week and that I should pick up some Cami's with the elastic made in bra. Oh lord I hope that works out for me I assume this because I'm getting a lift and will be extra high and tight I didn't ask I just went with the cami thing. I think I will end up getting a few over the weekend. It will feel good to get all my cleaning/laundry done early in advance so I can just relax. I'm nervous about the lift scars but I know I definitely need a lift . I hope the scares heal up well. I guess we will see soon . Can't wait to get my boobies lol. 12 more days in counting. I wonder what size the 425 will make me in a bra ? I guess only time will tell.

Okay so I think I have all my things in order. I...

Okay so I think I have all my things in order. I just started my laundry to prepare for lots of recoup time. I have worried my self like crazy. I'm trying to make sure I drink as much water as possible. For some reason I have been super thirsty not sure why but I'm glad I'm getting my water in. I have about 3 good workouts that I can get in before surgery. I don't wanna over do it so I'm going to take it easy on my pecs. I'm sure I will be sore enough after surgery. I picked up me a comfy Ralph Lauren pj set which is a 2 piece shorts and open from button up. I figured that would be great and easier to get in and out of. I plan to probably be sleeping on my sofas for the first few days. I tested out my bed rest pillow and it is very nice on the back. I'm a side sleeper so I know I'm not going to sleep as well. I hate to sleep on my back put that pillow is so comfy. It's the one with the arms so glad I purchased it. I feel it will help me get up better too. I ordered me two of Genia bra Camisoles for my 1 week preop. My dr told me I will be in a surgical bra for 1 week and in a cami for 1 month so I'm onto a good start. I got a few camis with the made in bras from Kmart as well. I originally ordered a few from Victorias Secret but they didn't have adjustable straps and the quality was way under my expectation. I was shocked at Victoria's Secret oh well the Kmart one were better for a fraction of the price. I have been thinking about my lift and hoping my scars heal up nicely. I will be using biocorneum as soon I get clearance. I want the best scar possible. I'm also getting a scar revision in my tummy tuck scar I can wait. I'm so glad to be apart of this site I'm not telling many people about my surgery and its wonderful to go thru this journey with all you ladies. Everyone is so supportive I love it. I feel like you guys are my sisters on here. I can talk about boobs all day and you guys will listen. I know my husband is glad because before I found this site I was talking him to death about this lol. 5 more days to go. Time is flying now and there is no turning back.

Okay ladies I keep hearing that Walmart has a nice...

Okay ladies I keep hearing that Walmart has a nice selection of sports bras. Which ones have you guys tried? I'm going to want to grab a few to add on to what I have just don't know which ones to get. I've heard some good things about Dan skin brand. Have anyone brought these?

I can't believe time is this close now. I hope I'm totally satisfied with size. I think the choice I made was good I'm looking forward to my new body. I have put in time at the gym and now I can add a nice pair of full boobs to balance my shape out. I'm totally bummed that I missed the gym today. I wanted to enjoy my final days before surgery but I have to be in the office tomorrow and weds 2 hours early. I did more cleaning in my house and attended a play yesterday and to top it off I only got 4 hours of sleep last nite. I'm about to hit the pillow hard lol. I just wanted to do a little update before bed. I keep thinking about going under and what I'm going to feel like when I wake up. I'm going nitey night now and hope I don't dream of boobs tonight lol. Oh I forgot to add that I'm super nervous about the breast lift as well

Boy oh boy I'm so excited in the next 48 hours I...

Boy oh boy I'm so excited in the next 48 hours I will have boobs what a wonderful thought. I have my loose clothes ready and picked out and all my things ready. I'm so happy I decided to go thru with this. I love the fact that all the ladies on here are there to listen and give advice. I'm sitting at work thinking about my big day. At first it seemed like the days were dragging now they are flying. I have read so many profiles from ladies on this site and they have been super helpful. I plan to rest as much as possible. I'm hoping I recover well. I have been tired all week which is a bummer. I have a feeling my cycle is on it ways. I'm praying it comes next week not this week ughh please don't come this week I don't wanna deal with sore boobs and cramps that will not be nice at all lol. I can say my mind is now at ease at least for now . I think I will be more nervous the day of but I will get thru it. So to all the ladies who are having surgery I wish you all well.

Well girls my time is near my nurse called me to...

Well girls my time is near my nurse called me to inform to be at the office by 9:30 am. I have my bags packs my comfy clothes laid out and meds, blanket and pillow to take with me. I just took a muscle relaxer Drs. Orders...I'm trying to drink as much water before midnight strikes lol. I hope to be fast asleep before then. I was full of nerves for most of the day but my husband helped me relax which I appreciate. I went to the store to buy more prune juice apple juice and a few more healthy snacks. I'm all set for the most part I hope I sleep well tonight because I didn't sleep to well last night. I'm happy I can't believe this is really happening tomorrow. I'm Hoping for a smooth operation and recovery. To all the other ladies scheduled for surgery good Luck to all of you. I'm going to try and get me some rest now. Night nite I will post and update tomorrow.

Okay ladies surgery went well. I had a bad start...

Okay ladies surgery went well. I had a bad start initialy becausey nurse called me at 7am asking me to come in early because the 7am person never showed up so I was happy got ready waited for my husband to come home from which which was frustrating because he got off 1 hour late. We left the house and hopped on the beltway and traffics was horrible. With that being said I arrived at my regular scheduled time and the 7am person showed up. I had to wait till almost 1pm before my surgery actually started. My husband decided to go get food and eat it in front of me I wanted to kill him lol. Then finally my dr did the markings Anesthia tech came in who was were nice and started my IV which was pain free. They took me back and when I woke up it was done. I also has a scar revision done to my tummy tuck scar so I was hurting in multiple places. Sheesh it felt like a elephant was sitting on my chest. The ride home was horrible seems like there was a billion bumps on the road Geesh was so glad when I got out that dam car. I was cold as hell and shivering glad I had blankets. Any way I'm feeling much better as far as the pressure since i took the percocets and muscle relaxer. I have been super nauseated from the anesthesia I'm finally feeling like I can eat some soup. It took me 1 hour to eat one slice of toast and drink broth I just wasn't feeling food I'm still not but I have to get something in my tummy with this medication. Took me forever to fall asleep because of the pressure I was feeling. So I finally dosed off in a nice sleep and my 3 year old came busting thru the room door I was so upset. I'm still loopy as hell and hope I can rest up. The good news about my day was I didn't have to get that lollipop lift yesssssss he did a crescent lift I was so ecstatic. I wanna post pics but I'm in pain from the scar revision so i can't right now hopefully I can post some pictures soon. From here I see they look fabulous I'm so happy the anestitian keep telling me how good I looked can't wait to see I have the surgical bra on. Sorry for any mispelled words this phone and my loopy ass ain't working right now lol. Congrats to all my ladies who took the plunge today. Xoxoxo ladies

Hey ladies so far so good I been staying on top of...

Hey ladies so far so good I been staying on top of my meds and the pressure has subsided. I was sick all night from the anesthesia. I feel so much better I posted a few pics they aren't the best because I'm in bandages. I'm happy with the size and super happy I didn't have to get the lollipop lift Yay I was able to get the crescent lift that was awesome. I'm actually in my bed using the bed rest pillow which is a big help. I can get in And out of bed by myself for the most part. My mom has been helping so much which is a help because my husband works nights. I only been sleeping off and on so I'm looking forward to some real rest . I hope that's soon. I've been taking my arnica 4 hours after the Percocet so that I can take the Percocet every 6 instead of 4. i don't wanna be constipated. Have been drinking my prune juice with the Percocet pills and also taking colace stool softener. I'm on top of icing so I feel pretty good. I'm getting a little sleepy so I will check in a little later.

Posted a few new pics with the gauzes removed.

Posted a few new pics with the gauzes removed.

Post op day 2 has Been good so far. I have been in...

Post op day 2 has Been good so far. I have been in and out of it on these meds. Icing has really helped with the swelling. Sleeping in my bed has been bit of a challenge so I have migrated downstairs to my couch lol. I haven't had any problems with my bowels which is great. I have been drinking plenty of prune juice. I'm so happy I finally did it. Right now my boobs look huge but I'm sure they will go down quite a bit. I was super excited I didn't need the lollipop lift. Dr performed a crescent lift. I'm sure the scars will heal well. Post op appt is the 21st so I will start biocorneum for scar therapy . The pain has been manageable as long as I study in top of my pain pills.

Okay so today is post op day 5 for me. I'm feeling...

Okay so today is post op day 5 for me. I'm feeling pretty good I went to see my PS yesterday because I have been extra cold so he wanted me to come in to be examined. he said I was fine and to ease off icing. I thought my iron was low but not quite sure. I had to cut back on the pain pills because my bowels were starting to get hard. I was actually shocked because the same day of surgery I went we'll with no problems. I've had plenty of prune juice apple juice and stool softeners so I have increased taking those again now. I'm going to go to Walmart today I need another sports bra the one I got is a little too snug with the swelling that I have. They have seemed to soften up which is a plus. They are looking better and better each day. I'm so excited that this day has finally come and I'm looking forward to better results each day. The pain hasn't been to bad but I just wish the swelling would just go down a little more. I've been using the arnica gel which has been soothing to me and using the arnica tabs. I'm going to try ibuprofen for pain for the next few days. I will post a few more pics later today .

Well I feel better once I got up and ate. I took...

Well I feel better once I got up and ate. I took the last of my antibiotics this morning and popped me an 800 ibuprofen since I decided to lay off the percs for a while. These cramps are just kicking my butt. I'm going to head out the house for a few hours to get some fresh air. I added a few nice pics the Girls they are looking better and better each day but goodness this menstrual flow seems to be the worst right now :( and to top it off my left boob keeps making a gurgling sound my dr says its just air and it will stop in a few weeks yikes it's annoying I kept thinking it was my tummy lol.

So today was my one week post op. I can't believe...

So today was my one week post op. I can't believe one week has passed already. My PS was very pleased with my breast. I have converted over to camisoles no more sports bras for me yay lol. I got the genie bra Cami's and they are super comfy. I took the selection of camisoles I had and he preferred the genie cami so that's what it will be. Oh my it's comfortable so worth the money. I will start my massages today my hubby is excited he says he's ready to do the massages with baby oil for me lol. I didn't think he would love my girls but he is In love with them lol. Well I also convert to heat and no more ice which will be nice. So glad my appt went well. My steri strips are holding on for dear life they should come off soon can want so I can start my biocorneum. Only downside to my day is this darn site throat brought me some temple for cold and got my emergen C packets I will get in bed and rest some more. I go back to work on Monday and I know it's gonna be rough because I will be making up 24 hours so I could save some oft leave oh well it was all worth it. Happy healing ladies xoxoxo

Added a new pic I think my areola scars will heal...

Added a new pic I think my areola scars will heal very nicely all my steri strips are almost off.

Okay today is my 10 day post op and I feel pretty...

Okay today is my 10 day post op and I feel pretty good. I was in a depressed mood today. I think I'm a tad restless because its Sunday and I go back to work tomorrow. I did enjoy the downtime but it went super fast. I will be working long hours at the office this week to catch up on the work that is probably piled on my desk. I was a little sore yesterday because I over did it i was out practically out all day nails hair eyebrows and feet had to be fresh to start my up and coming week. I also decided to go to 2 malls to return some shoes I had ordered bad idea the weight of those 3 boxes of shoes and my purse was too much I had to take a Percocet and muscle relaxer last night today my nipples are sore but no pain really. I'm so happy my surgery went smooth and I'm happy for all the ladies who are scheduled to Have their surgeries soon or who have already had surgery. It feels nice to be pleased with your body it feels so great. I'm going to bed early tonight because its going to be a long week for me. I hope I make it thru these 12 hour days this week. Boy I'm going to miss my bed lol. Pray for me lol Starbucks is going to be my best friend all week lol.

Okay so my first day of work was very tiring . I...

Okay so my first day of work was very tiring . I got up at 430 am to get ready and got off at 6pm. I had work up to my eyeballs lol. I had to pop a few Motrin's this morning because I was a little bit sore. I started to get stiff from sitting at my desk working for most of the day boy that wasn't fun. I will be at work for 12 hours for the rest of the week and its going to be tough. It felt good to be back but the day was so long. I did have more than enough work to make time past but Geesh. My nipples are still sore I hope it eases up it's not too bad but I would like some relief. Pray for me girls these long hours are no joke. I will get up to stretch more tomorrow. My energy level is normal and I feel good so far. I'm getting ready to do my heating pad for 10 mins and massage. After that I will apply my biocorneum to my incisions and off to bed I go. 430 am will be here before I can blink. Hope you ladies are Healing and feeling well. Hope I have a better day at work tomorrow. Oh Ps it snowed today here how bizarre snow in the spring time sigh.....Nite nite ladies

Good Morning gals so I can't believe it's been...

Good Morning gals so I can't believe it's been exactly 2 weeks since surgery I'm doing extremely well. My nipples are still a little sore but each day it gets better. I feel like these are a part of me it doesn't feel weird at all. They are softening with the massages well incisions are barely noticeable. I'm very pleased with the bicorneum it seems to be working very well. The only thing that feels weird sometimes is when I lean over lol a little bit awkward. I guess it will get better especially since I'm not in a bra just a cami which has been doing me justice. Shout out to the makers of the Genie camisole it's really comfy and helps cushion my sore nipples. That's awesome cant wait to see my PS on April 16th hope I get a great report. I have been working my long hours and Friday is my last day and I'm back to my regular 8 hour days yay lol. I can't wait to return to the gym that's been a killer that not being active. I think I'm going to walk on my treadmill in my basement today just to start out and make my first day back to the gym this Saturday. I will work this lower body cause I sure miss my 2.5 mile morning runs i have a long time before I can think about running with these babies lol. I know I will be tired when I get off but I need to go to my treadmill for at least 30 mins today. I could have been started but these 12 hours days have been killing me. Time has gone by so fast sheesh. I hope everyone is healing well. I'm going to post new pics later today if I remember showing my incisions and what I'm using on them. Biocorneum is defiantly a great investment especially if you tend to make raised or keloid scars. My next adventure is thinking about tattooing over my tummy tuck scar I'm nervous about doing that thou thing I will start off on the hip area first to see before I commit to that. My scar is very low and hides well in underwear but stuff with tie string on the sides shows a tad so the tatt will help. Thanks for listening girls I'm just yapping on and on today since I haven't really been posting. Everyone have a great day.

It's been 3 weeks since surgery and I'm starting...

It's been 3 weeks since surgery and I'm starting to feel like my old self. My boobs are still a bit firm but I know in a few more weeks they will get softer. This time has gone by so fast it's unbelievable. I started the elliptical this week using as less arm movement as possible. Only went to the gym 3 days this week which is a disappointment I usually try to go 4 days at the min. Can't wait to return to my normal workouts. Happy healing ladies I hope ur all doing well.

So I decided I would find out some sort of sizing....

So I decided I would find out some sort of sizing. My best friend and I went to Victoria secret to get sized she is naturally big busted and we discovered she is a cup size larger than me. Victoria secret measured me at a 32 DDD I was in disbelief my boobs can't be that big. I really think Victoria secrets run small my best friend was told she a border line f cup. She wears a double D in most bras so I'm thinking I may be a 32 d Victoria secret. I guess has there own sizing. Well at least I know my size at Victoria's Secret I really doubt I will buy my bras from them now. That huge Tripple d bra looked so big but it did fit. I never knew that having big boobs made your selection so bad omg. I did get me some Bralettes thou. I tried the Gilly Hicks and I'm going to try Victoria secrets bralettes as well. I told my husband my new sizing and he laughed. Omg those big bras look crazy on me. I guess I'm use to my 36 b bras.

I can't believe how time is flying I have been...

I can't believe how time is flying I have been feeling great. My workouts have been stronger and I'm so happy. I can't wait to start some upper body workouts. I have an appt with my PS tomorrow. I can't wait to see what he says about my progress. I'm ready for a great progress report. I hope I'm healing well. My boobs are softening great but they still feel a little firm. My husband says they are nice lol. I've noticed the bedroom has been turnt up latley lol and that's a great thing. My anniversary is in 2 days and these will sure bring more excitement to the bedroom lol. I can't wait till I can wear something besides a cami. I got some bralettes but I'm not sure if I can wear them yet. Oh well I will be racking up on more Cami's. I love the genie bra camisoles they are so comfortable but I'm not buying no more if those lol they are not cheap but worth the price. I need to get sized for bras somewhere else I still can't believe Victoria secret is telling me I'm a 32 DDD I don't believe that I'm going to try and get sized someone else and check with another VS. Can anyone give me any suggestions on bras? I know I have a while before I will need them but dang Victoria secret seems like there bras run small I guess I never realized before when I was wearing my 36b cups lol. I need a reliable place to get sized Inwush there were standard bras sizing but I guess it really just depends on where you get the bras from. That's very annoying.

Ok I had my one month post of visit and all went...

Ok I had my one month post of visit and all went well. My dr doesn't need to see me again till October. I have been cleared to wear regular bras but I can't do underwire till next month. It will feel good to get out of the Cami's. After my appt I ventured off to Nordstrom's for a fitting and boy was I shocked. My band size is a size 30 and I tried on alot of bras made in the Uk and I'm fitting into a 30 f which is equivalent to a 32ddd the 30 brand fits great too bad you can't get that size in the Us made bras. I'm so bummed out I don't know what to do or where to get bras from now. Those bras are not cheap I got two Fantasie bras from there at 78 bucks a pop Geesh. I guess I will suck it up and work with a few Demi bras in the 32 bands at VS. I still don't believe my boobs are that huge.....

Hi ladies it's been 6 weeks and 2 days since my...

Hi ladies it's been 6 weeks and 2 days since my surgery and I'm doing really well I'm do pleased with my results. My girls are softening more and more each day I'm so happy about that. My incisions are healing really well. I finally regained some of the confidence I once had before I had my children. Today I took the plunge and tattooed over my tummy tuck scar boy did that hurt but I'm happy I finally did it. I have to get the color added in two weeks I will be glad when the whole tattoo is done. But anyway I'm happy about the job my PS did on the girls. I hope everyone is healing well.

2 more days till I reach my 3 month post OP

I can't believe in 2 more days I will be 3 months post op. Time has really flown by. I'm so in love with the girls. I haven't done ?ny serious bra shopping yet but I will be soon I can't wait. I was cleared for wires bras weeks ago but I wanted to wait it out as long as possible. I'm still in disbelief over my bras size I'm a 30 DDD wow. Finding bras has been challenging but I'm ready to start my challenge. My scars are healing wonderfully I'm very happy. I will be posting updated pics soon. I don't really see a change in them since the last picture I posted. The only change I see so far is the healing of my scars. They definitely feel natural and like they are a part of me. During my annual exam my gyn doctor complimented them as she did my breast exam. I'm so glad I did this. I wanna say hi to all my Boobie sisters I haven't been on here in forever I need to catch up with new updates from you ladies. I hope everyone Is doing well.
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I was just looking at your amazing results when I noticed I just bought the same bra that your wearing in one of you pics! I saw that you shopped at nordstrom and paid a good amount but I found the same bra and its super on sale at they have all sorts of small band large cup sizes. Anyways, hope your loving your girls!
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It's been 4 months and 12 days since my BA and I'm totally in love with my girls. They look so natural and they are very soft. I'm enjoying these babies. I need to post dome pics. I haven't been on the site in forever. I hope all you ladies are doing well. It feels so good to wear so of my tops without bras I'm soo happy. My workouts are back full throttle I have 0 complaints. Ladies keep me posted on how your doing
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Your new pics all loogk freat! I love ur new bras! I cant wait to be able to go shopping with my new girls too. Im only 2 days I cant wait to feel less swolleness :-/
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Thanks Amy your swelling will go down soon and you will be bra shopping soon. It's been a disaster finding bras in my size lol can't wait to see what size you will end up being.
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I know! Im sooo excited for that part! And I cant wait to know what size I will end up being too! Well and for u is better struggle finding bras that fit then had to look for padded ones! Lmao
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Not sure why my update was posted as a comment smdh.... Lol oops
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Well I thought I would check in and do a little update. Ladies I must say I'm feeling great and I'm so glad I got this done for myself. I'm back in the gym running is much better for me than when I first started out. My nipples are still a little sore around the incisions but I'm feeling good. The zingers are kicking in full force but that just means sensitivity is trying to get better. It's. been hard in the bra department. I haven't had much luck finding bras without underwire besides the genie bras and Gilly Hicks braletts. I guess my boob size is just huge l. I can't believe I'm a size 30 DDD that's crazy. I didn't want triple D's but I'm happy with the appearance. I'm trying to stay away from the underwire as long as possible. My dr said I could do underwire in a few weeks but I'm gonna prob wait much longer. I'm officially 8 weeks and 2 days post op. I will post new pictures soon. I hope all is well with all you ladies who are healing and to those who will be getting surgery I wish you the best and happy healing as well.
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Hey Bossy! Yes girl bras are expensive. Have you tried Cacique ?My best friend buys her bras from there. She said they have a nice selection and the sizes run large. And I think the prices are close to the prices at Victoria's Secret but I am not sure. I still can't wear a bra so I haven't even bothered to get sized yet but I will soon just so I can know what size I am.
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Hey Wish thanks for that I will check that place out. I'm blown about the bra drama but I found two nice ones in a size 30 DDD at dillards which is nice and the prices were more reasonable. Geesh I been trying to just stock up since I know the size now. I will be wearing my little genie bras and bralettes for another month. I will just buy a few here and there till I get a new wardrobe of bras lol I can't wait to see what size you end up you had nice full boobies to start with. Nice hearing from you how are you doing ?
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Hey Wish I ended getting some size 30 DDD bras from Dillard's. cost me 103 for 2 smdh but that size is almost possible to find in a 30 band size. I checked out Cacique and unfortunately me and you won't be able to get bras from there I think the smallest band size is a 36 and your tiny. My band size is a 30 but they are impossible to find that place didn't even have 32's
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I know that has to be frustrating! Do you think you will go down in size some more over the next couple of weeks?
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Hey Wish I don't know
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Ok Wish parts of both messages are being cut out lol maybe my responses are too long lol
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Lol! Maybe there is a character limit. I was going to say don't buy too many bras yet. Just a couple and see what happens over the next few months to see if you go down a little in size . It's funny you describing those big bras I felt the same way looking at them. Like those things are huge. Lol. But I have been okay feeling much better than before. I did an update a few days ago. I am happy the right one is slowly dropping more so it doesn't stand out so much when I try to show some cleavage. Try not to get discouraged there has to be some place for nice bras in your size. I will ask around. I have plenty of big boobie friends (ff size etc). I'll keep you posted Bossy!
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Awwwww Im so happy for you my friend! Enjoy that excitement on your bedroom on your anniversary cuz this is all about that too! I miss talking to you girls but its just Im going throuh a lot with my 3 kids really sick n my baby with high fevers that I havent slept for 2 night already n they got me sick too!
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Hi Amy good to hear from you him. Sorry to hear about the kids being sick I can totally relate my you fear has an ear infection and he has been driving me crazy im so glad I got him to urgent care right away. How have you been? Any job interviews lately?
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I been doing better emotionally but its like a rollercoster for ne because every time things are getting better for me domething has to happen that messes up everything for me! My mother in law had to fly to cuba her mon was very sick at the hospital n I been stock home sick with the baby sick too, so Zi havent gotten a single chance to look for anything n I have to move my skinny ass on the road the unemployment wont be given to me for long! Im so stress out is not even funny! End to top it all Im having serious problems with my man and I really think we might be splitting soon. So what else can I tell u my friend? My life sucks right now!
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Hi, First of all you are looking good! I don't know if you have a Nordstroms close to where you live, but they do a very good job with more accurate sizing. And the price really isn't that much different. Some are more then VS and some are less. Good luck and glad that you are doing so well. :-)
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Thank you so much Paisley I do have one near I will try them out I need an accurate size. When is your surgery scheduled? Or did you ready have surgery? I need to check your profile out
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My surgery is 2 weeks from tomorrow. I'm so excited to get this over with, lol. I'm not very patient with waiting for anything! Next week will go by so fas,t have a very busy week, last minute things, get the family ready, and pre-op on 4-24 and the next you know it's the 30th. Yeah!!
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Your results look good
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Thanks lady you look wonderful as well. How have you been?
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Pretty good: busy though;
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Thank you!
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Hi Imbossy! I was so happy my surgeon didn't have to do the lollipop lift either. My right breast needed slight lifting but my left was okay. (I must've nursed more on my right). Your 2 week pics are perfect! I'm just on week 1 and freaked out on Friday at the upper pole fullness. It looked weird. I called my surgeon and saw him yesterday. He assured me they'd settle w/ massage & gravity. For some reason I thought they'd come out perfect... So far I'm not having any problems/pain from the cicumareolar lift incision. Thanks for sharing your journey! :)
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