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Ok, so I have wanted a breast aug since I was in...

Ok, so I have wanted a breast aug since I was in Jr. high school. In the locker room for gym class and afterschool sports, my friends and I would admire the older girls in school. Genetically speaking, some of us knew we would not develope in the same way naturally. I made a pact with one friend that we would get breast augs together, but life took over and fast forward many years. I had 2 kids in 2 years and have been a stay at home mom since my son was born. I have always been athletic and the thought of having a breast aug came to me again after I had my second child. I knew I didn't want to have anymore children and I wanted to lose the baby weight. I started a fitness program and bought my first sports bra (I never needed one before, a regular bra was just fine for the sports I participated in). Upon trying it on I knew felt and looked so flat. It's been 4 years since then and now it's time!

My pre-op is tomorrow and surgery is on Thursday, Dec. 27th.
2 kids breastfed

I have been excited and nervous since all of my research began a little over a month ago. I made 4 consultation appointments but have on been to 2 and decided on the 2nd doctor I saw.

My pre-op is tomorrow and my doctor won't be there so I'm a little nervous about that. I just want my desires to be clear and I hope I don't go too big or too small. When I met with my doc he said that 400cc would probably be my upper limit. I've done e rice test and 400cc seems huge. I'm gonna bring a few different shirts with me tomorrow to try on the sizers. I'm thinking of going anywhere between 350, 375, and 400. I will definitely try on 425 just to know for sure whether or not I want to edge bigger.

This site has been so helpful, and thank you for all who have posted their experiences!

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Added 2 pics hopefully I can figure out how to...

Added 2 pics hopefully I can figure out how to orient them the correct way! Oh and I forgot to add I'm 5'3-4.


I think the 400cc's will turn out great- 425 shouldn't be much bigger -I think you'll be happy with either! :) Go for it! I hope everything goes well tomorrow! Good luck!!! My operation date is the 28th-I look forward to seeing your progress :)
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Thanks for the well wishes! I wish the same for you, I will update often. Gonna check out your profile too.

Heading to my Pre-op. It's starting to feel really...

Heading to my Pre-op. It's starting to feel really real. Getting a bit nervous.

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Went to my pre-op today, filled my prescriptions...

Went to my pre-op today, filled my prescriptions and ran some errands. At the ps office, the nurse made a miscalculation and put 475 on me and told me it was 425. I was shocked and blurted out "it feels like I have an a-- on my chest" we both laughed and then she realized her mistake. I tried on 350, 375, 400, 425. I told them I liked the 425 so I think that's what I'm going with. Argh!!! So confusing. I know there's little difference between 400 and 425 but I just don't want to go too big or not big enough. Argh!!


Good luck with your surgery. They will look great!
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Thanks Sunny. You look great! How has the recovery been with 3 kids?

Why is choosing a size the hardest part????? I...

Why is choosing a size the hardest part????? I can't decide. 375, 400, 425. I told the nurse 425 but I may change my mind Thursday morning before surgery. My doc wasn't at the pre-op and he mentioned 400 would probably be my upper limit...."probably". The nurse agreed with me that 425 looked good. Ugh! I just don't know. I've seen some women on this site that have my similar but not exact stats, and chose each of the sizes I'm considering. They all look great. But I can't decide b/c in some cases the women had more breast tissue, and in some cases less breast tissue, and I don't know what will look good on me. Again ugh!!! Oh yeah, and more importantly Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Surgery tomorrow am. Nervous, excited, confused....

Surgery tomorrow am. Nervous, excited, confused. What size???


Good luck DCMom. I'm having sx tomorrow as well. Will keep you in prayer.
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Thank you! Good luck to you tomorrow also! Keep me posted.

Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Good luck tomorrow and I hope you can find a size you feel at peace with. Keep us posted.

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Hi all. Surgery went well. I am still pretty out...

Hi all. Surgery went well. I am still pretty out of it. Please excuse if i am making no sense. I dont handle meds very well. I didn't realize how much discomfort I would be in. If its true that the 2nd day is worse, I'm in big trouble! I've been nauseas all day. My hubby and mom have been such a great help. And thank you all for the well wishes, it has truly been very helpful. Will post pics when I can. Good Night!


It might be too late, but I had 425s and similar before photos - but I'm taller by quite a bit. At first I thought mine were h-u-g-e and too big, but they are still what seems to be a full C. One month mark and I haven't yet gotten measured because they still have dropping to do. It is a very hard decision! I was originally going with 375s but after showing the docs pics of what I wanted, he was frank with me and said 375s wouldn't cut it. Whatever you end up with, I know you'll be happy! Even if they seem large at first, remember they're swollen and will settle. Good luck and I hope all goes well. I'll be thinking about you!
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Blah! I threw up twice and still feel very...

Blah! I threw up twice and still feel very nauseated. I've also had terrible headache since yesterday afternoon. I wound up getting 425cc silicone unders. Will post pics when I feel well. Good luck to those having surgery today and upcoming.

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Blah! I threw up twice and still feel very...

Blah! I threw up twice and still feel very nauseated. I've also had terrible headache since yesterday afternoon. I wound up getting 425cc silicone unders. Will post pics when I feel well. Good luck to those having surgery today and upcoming.

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Hey ladies, I'm soooo looking forward to taking my...

Hey ladies, I'm soooo looking forward to taking my 1st post-op shower tomorrow. Any tips to do or avoid?


looking GREAT mamacita!!! ;)
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Gracias!! You look great too!nice to know there are so many booby buddies out there!!
If you have steri-strips, let them air dry a bit (about 15 mins) before you put your bra back on. You'll be fine. I was expecting a lot worse. The only thing I hated was my scratchy throat post-op and morning boob -- which does finally go away, thank goodness! Congratulations!!!
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Holy morning boob. I thought it was a urban legend...

Holy morning boob. I thought it was a urban legend. Boy was I wrong. What's up with that. So glad it's gone along with my nausea, and migraine. I'm feeling so much better today than I have been, but I still have a lot of chest tightness. My post op appointment is jan 8th. And after that my ps reccomends no bra at all for 4 weeks. i wann listen to him but also keep my options open if its too uncomfortable for me. I ordered breast petals just in case i go braless and I'm standing at attention mist of the time. But I think I may try to do the genie bra. Has anyone used it and can tell me what they think of it? Also did you buy your new size or your old size? Thanks - starting to feel good on the other side. :) will post pics later today.

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Day 3 post op. feeling so much better. No nausea...

Day 3 post op. feeling so much better. No nausea today, but still a dull headache. Migraines are on there way out. Woohoo! I was so relieved to take a shower today, but I was so scared to really scrub around my new girls. So, I still have some marker and tape adhesive on my skin. I'll get it next time. Ugh! I hate my surgical bra. So uncomfortable. I took the advice of someone in this site - can't remember who, but they suggest I use pads under my bra band to minimize discomfort. Oh, what a life saver!!! Thank you, whoever you were! Now I just have to be patient for them to drop and fluff, and for me to not sleep up right. Overall I'm pleased.

How soon after your b/a did you begin to massage/exercise your new breasts?


Thought I would let you know I was instructed to start my massages today at my follow up. I'm 3 days post op. The only one he told me to concentrate on was the one where you take the implant and push it way up under the muscle like almost to your chin. I am thinking that depending on the kind of pocket your Dr made depends on how he tells you to massage them. So I would probably wait until he instructs you on this. Oh and by the way it in no way feels like a massage. Very weird feeling and uncomfortable because you feel the muscle sliding over the implant. I am suppose to do it 3 times a day 10 times on each side. I'm can do it maybe 3 or 4 times on each side right now before it becomes to uncomfortable. I'll keep working on it. But at night when mine seem to get really tight I have been rubbing them and kinda moving them around which seems to help them feel not as engorged. Hope this helps and I hope your doing well. Keep us updated.
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Looking good, DCMom! Did you go with 425cc high profile? I really think I should have gone with 350 high profile. Instead, I went with 339cc moderate plus, and I don't think I'm big enough.
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Your lookin good!! I got my first shower today also and it felt great. I also didn't go anywhere near my incisions LOL! The nurse said it would be find but my mind says stay away. Washing my hair was the hardest. I love my husband but he could never do hair for a living but he tried really hard. My nurse told me about the pads under the bra band and your right lifesaver, I couldn't wear the thing without them. My first post op is Tomorrow and I assume he will tell me about massaging then so I'll let you know what he says. Keep updating us and prayers and good wishes your way.
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Happy New Year ladies! I've been hanging low on my...

Happy New Year ladies! I've been hanging low on my updates because of family obligations, my period (always fun), headaches, and now this RIDICULOUSLY annoying rash!!! It's all over my shoulders, neck, new boobies, and my abdomen. I'm taking regular allergy meds for now, but I've emailed my ps office for guidance and am waiting to hear back. Argh! I've read at least 3 other women who've had a rash post op. WTH.

Other than that, I'm waiting for my new additions to drop and fluff. I'm still sleeping upright (attempting to anyway). I always slip down no matter how propped up I am. I'm not taking any pain meds, and I took my last anti-biotic today. My boobs feel HUGE! And, sometimes I'm nervous about the end result. I don't want to feel like I've gone too big. Not freak show big but just outside the relative norm big. Sometimes they also feel like part of me, and other times they don't. I guess it'll just take time to get used to them.

I have 1 more week until my post-op, and I've been trying to do some exercises to help them drop that I found on YouTube. Impatience is kicking in. I hope for positivity to carry me through till the end of the week.

Good luck to all those with upcoming surgeries! And further good healing to all those post op!


I agree... Depending on how he made/reinforced the pocket will depend on the type of massage... If it isn't reinforced and you massage down you could actually cause the, to drop too low (in theory). My ps told me not to do massages and I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow. :)
Thanks red1. I still have one more week until my follow up, so I'm kinda winging it on my own and what feels comfortable to my new boobs. Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement. Gonna post pics anyway rash and frankenboob and all. WTH.
Also, hoe are you doing?

Hey Ladies. I drove for the first time yesterday....

Hey Ladies. I drove for the first time yesterday. The kids started back to school. It wasn't bad at all. I felt no pain or discomfort while driving. My rash is going away slowly, (I'm taking allgery meds and using hydrocotizone cream), but now my throat is scratchy. I think I'm coming down with a cold. Argh!

Also I would advise any upcoming breast aug patients to do back strengthening exercises before surgery! My back is killing me. These puppies are heavier than I thought thy would be.

I'm also shocked at how tired I get so early in the day. I am wiped out just doing somewhat minimal things. I bought an exercise system yesterday and I can't wait to ask when I can start using it at my post op on Tuesday. I really want to reshape my whole body, and the first step is done!!


Congrats you look great! I'm getting the same size implants at the end of the month!! Encouraging to see how they could look :)
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Congrats! You look great! Glad your rash is going away, hope you aren't getting sick. Lots and lots of fluids and rest. Although that sounds good but probably challenging with the little one. I too can't wait to start back exercising, but I'm going to take it one day at a time.
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I had my 1st post-op today. I saw the surgical...

I had my 1st post-op today. I saw the surgical nurse not my ps. I won't see him until the next appointment in about a month. I haven't updated in a while b/c I've been sick, and I've staying at my parents house while having some work done at home. My boobs feel pretty good so far, but sometimes my right breast hurts more than I think it should but the nurse said the was normal b/c I'm right handed. I pray she's right! She took off my steri strips and told me to use warm compresses. She also told me to place my hands at the tops of my boobs and rub down, and also hold both breasts and rub them around in a circle. Still not sleeping well, and every time I get cold my boobs feel like I have morning boob.

Have any if you ladies used biocorneum? I bought some today, and I was curious if you liked the results. I guess I should've asked before I bought but oh well, I tend to scar easily, and they said it was the best??


Hi DCMom, sorry to hear you were sick :( , you're looking great, tomorrow will be my 9 week post op BLA and my right girl still reminds me now and them to take it easy , I remember wanting to get back to my normal self so bad but I had to remind myself all the time to take it one day at a time, wishing you a good night sleep soon, take care for now
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Thanks so much nowornever2012! It's nice to know I'm not the only one out here. Wow 9 weeks! Congrats! They must just feel like they belong to you now.
Thanks and Good luck Limaboro! I'm glad you found this helpful. Other than size, what else are you planning (incision, placement, profile)?

2 weeks post op today! So, I've noticed in the...

2 weeks post op today! So, I've noticed in the last several days some tightness under my left boob when I try to reach for things. In the bak of my mind I thought it could be Mondors cord but, I didn't think it could happen so soon after surgery. I keep reading stories of women getting mondors at about week 3 or later, not 1 week after surgery. It's not painful at all, I just feel skin tightness while reaching for something. I've read it will go away in a few more weeks. Whew!

Still feeling gurgling and pain in my right breast, so I'm trying to take it easy on myself with the house work errand running. Waiting for the ps office to call.


Really wanted to see the full progression of the fluff and drop because that is where I am at.
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They look nice even though they are still high. I hope mine's turn out well. I'm 5'5 160lbs(all of my weight is on my lower half). I have a choice between 400, 425 & 450 cc silicone, round, high profile Mentor under the muscle. What did you do to prepare for surgery, i.e. getting your house ready, buying supplies.....?
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Hi tweety. I'm 5 months post op now, and they've settled very nicely. To prepare I read a lot of the posts on this site and others. I bought arnica Montana rub on gel for bruising, but I never used it because there was no bruising. I bought 2 extra sports bras because I read it may help to have extras, but that didn't work for me either, because I bought bras the size I wore pre-op, and they were just too tight and uncomfortable. My ps also told me to stop wearing the surgical bra, and any other bra at my first follow up appointment. I didn't buy a special pillow for sleeping either. I just used a lot of regular pillows and a neck pillow for upright sleeping. For preparing my home, I made sure the chores were done, and had a few meals prepped for my family, and had a bedside table in front of my night stand for easier access to meds, waster, and the tv remote. Zip up tops were also very helpful. And finally, for post op I've been using biocorneum on my scars. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!
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