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Hello everyone. I am both excited and terrified to...

Hello everyone. I am both excited and terrified to be starting this journey. After years and years of researching this procedure, I am finally ready to move forward and get this done. I would like to do a Rhinoplasty to build my bridge and narrow the tip. I actually like my nose, it's not a big nose but when I smile it gets a bit wide and makes my already round face look puffy. My goal is to achieve an all round natural look.

I need help picking a doctor, so far I have narrowed it down to Dr. Kofi Boahene, Dr. Shah and Dr. Anil Shah. I have had a consult with Dr. Boahene and I absolutely adore him. I feel comfortable with him and trust that he can give me what I want. But he is a bit on the pricey side. I have yet to have my consult with Dr. Shah but I've heard his pricing is considerably less.

Please let me know of other surgeons I should consider. Thanks y'all.


Can you post a picture of your nose?
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Posting my before pictures

Here are my before pictures.


have you decided on a doctor yet? i had surgery with dr boahene. i just have to tell you that if you do decide to go with him, tell him EXACTLY what you want because he gives you what you want, and he only changes what you tell him you don't like about your nose (this is a question he asks every patient). i wanted subtle rhinoplasty and i got it and now i want a revision because i feel it is too subtle and i had a bulbous nose which is more difficult to show definition. i will post my pictures by next month. do more research on anil shah, then make up your mind. good luck. your nose is much better than mine was pre op.
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Hi Bellenez, thank you so much for your comment! That really helps me a lot, I will have to get really specific as far as what I am looking for. I was going to leave it up to him to decide what will be aesthetically pleasing but I will have to go in with my own notes. It's tough too because I want a subtle, natural look but I also want a drastic definition and size reduction that will enhance the natural curves of my face. I'm curious, is he charging you to do a revision? This surgery will cost around 12k and if I'm not satisfied with the outcome, I want to make sure he'll be willing to work with me on it. Also how was your recovery?
Please post a much better view of your nose so we can see, before and after the surgery
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