After wanting to have a breast reduction and lift...

After wanting to have a breast reduction and lift for many years, I finally decided to do it. I made up my mind in January 2014. My surgery date was March 21, 2014. I am writing my first review the day after, March 22. I am up on my laptop, doing some work and writing this review on this website. I've only taken pain meds yesterday after surgery. Today, I have decided to just try over the counter pain medication. The subscription meds make me feel really dizzy.

I have been wearing a size 34DD for about 10 years, due to having kids and my breasts becoming enlarged. I tried wired, supportive and minimizers for years. None of them seemed to work. My back would always be in pain and clothes just not fitting properly.

This is just day 1-post-op. I feel pretty good, I have the surgical bra on and have not really looked at my breast as there is still soreness and some pain. Further, I don't want touch any of the surgical strips. I plan to ice the area for the rest of the day to see if it helps with swelling. The quick examination I gave myself, rendering much smaller breasts but I wont be able to see them without the surgical bra for 3 more days as my doctor instructed me to keep on until then.

So far everything is good. I will log back on to provide the after pictures which I hope to be improved, smaller breasts. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Pictures 2 days post-op

I still have bandages. I will update pics after bandages are removed.

4 days post-op pics

Here are my pics on day 4, sorry for the residue from the bandages but didn't want to wash area too hard. I noticed one nipple is higher than the other, hope this will even out. Fingers crossed.

Update: 1 week, 2 days post-op

My surgical tape is still on so I will let it stay on until it falls off, I am still wearing the surgical bra. They are still healing and taking shape. No pain or discomfort. Can't wait to see them without the tape. I've already gone bra shopping and I seem to be a 34B on the small side. Not sure if they'll get smaller but I'm very satisfied.

Extremely happy - 2 weeks post-op

Today marks 2 weeks post-op. I have started scar therapy using silicone strips on my scars, which I wear 24 hours per day. They are washable, so I will clean them every few days but use new strips while I allow the other strips to dry. I have the clear silicone strips around my areola. My breasts continue to take shape. So thankful!

3 weeks post-op pics

I'm still wearing scar treatment sheets but getting better with each passing day.

3 weeks post-op without bandages

So I took a break for just a day from using the silicone strips. I still have some bulge underneath one breast, which hopefully will work itself out. Good thing is, I don't have to wear bra when I'm feeling brave.

5 weeks post-op

I've been wearing tape for the past 2 weeks, switching up from the silicon therapy. Still healing and feeling better every day. Love the way my clothes fit now. Can't wait for summer?

Wearing my super cute bralettes

Feels so good to put on bras with no wire. Totally enjoying my new look.

2months post-op

So, I am healing well, still wearing the surgical tape. My PS would like to perform a revision due to my left side being a bit lower than the right side, I'm scheduled for June 25. I'm told it will not require anesthesia. Thankful for that! Otherwise everything is going well. I get to wear beautiful tops, I've been so excited about this, no restrictions on strapless clothing any longer. So delightful.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Singh is a very skilled, professional plastic surgeon. I have been seeing him for at least a year now and selected him to perform my breast reduction because I knew my results would be incredible. I am very pleased. He one of the best surgeons in the DC Metro area.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Your results are breathtaking!!!! I have my consult this afternoon...I would take your boobs as "the ones I want!" I'm 5'7" and a 34DDD/36DD. US Size you mind me asking what approximate size you are? That helps me with proportions.
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Sorry for the delayed response. We are close in size, I am 5'7' and a half. My bra size before surgery was 34 DDD and I am a size 8. So the results after surgery fit me perfectly. I am so happy and free now. Best decision I made. My top made me look bigger than I actually was because they were disproportionate with my body. Now it's a perfect fit.
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You look fantastic! They look like you were born with them! I understand why you are doing a revision, what great doctor to care enough to do it, but even if you didn't revise, you look great. You have healed so nicely, worth every penny!
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Looks like you are healing wonderful Congrats to you!!! I just added some new bras to my review Be sure to click Was this review helpful under my doctors review Click yes Let me know if you Cliked and I will click back the favor!!! :)
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How ya Hanging LOL lovely I should say HAPPY TO B here with ya ( pun intended) LOL
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Lol!! They're hanging!! I love your new bras, I'm going this weekend to get some cool colors, you've inspired me
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FUN take some Photos I been having a time with loading them today running some scans gotta reboot
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I had some bralettes I put them in a sack when cleaning my drawers out for my grandaughter I couldnt wear them the bottom lace kept rolling up URGHHH
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I Think your Size and Shape LQQK GREAT ! I LOVE the Bralette ! Where did you get it at ?
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Thanks much, I got it from Victoria Secret. Lots of cool colors
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Congrats I couldnt see anything wrong with your PHOTOS YOU LOOK TOTALLY AWESOME and look like my size I got the OK To buy anything my HEART DESIRED LOL I got some new sports bras and also 38Bs and one 38 C was a little roomy but I still bought it LOL I think I could have tried on some 36 B and Cs but I didnt I will another day cause I latched the hooks on the tightess settings so thats why I think I could go down to 36 but for now Im good as I sit with a summer top on and cami shirt and NO BRA LOL but IM home so thats ok LOVE LOVE LOVING MY NEW SIZE!!!!!!!!!!
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looking great. did your ps tell you to wear tape still?
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Yes, he suggests wearing tape up to 8 weeks, its amazing. My scars are so flat and seem to be getting lighter
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what kind of tape did you say you use? I had lots of past surgerys and have always used the blue paper tape from 3M Nexicare for sensitive skin it is breathable.Love it Im 5 weeks post and still using it
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Its a generic CVS brand, clear but pretty sticky free of rubber latex as I am allergic.
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You look great. The revision will be a breeze. I had a scar revision one week ago and it is an amazing feeling when you don't have to recover from general anesthetic.
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You look good did you decide you liked your size after all.I am one month post opt I kinda look boxy I know it will take more time I went from rather large to about a BIG B Small C I made that quite clear while my surgeon was marking me up.I have my second post opt appt Monday shall try to keep everyone updated!!!
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I am very happy with my new, small breasts. I was like this before having kids, glad to be back... I requested them small. As you can see I am still healing, give yourself some time.
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I to suggested smaller cant wait for some more changes as Im 52 so slower healer
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I think you look awesome, we can practically wear anything! !
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You BETCHA!!!!!
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You look fantastic
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Thank you!
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Thank You Perky Boobs
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you do look super cute, enjoy!!!!
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