Mommy Makeover SAG-FLAB UP UP&AWAY TT, BA W/LIFT - Chesterfield, MO

32 y/o Mother of 4 with boobs to the floor. 5'3''...

32 y/o Mother of 4 with boobs to the floor. 5'3'' 136 lbs. (pics soon).
Glad I found real-self, The support you ladies show is awesome.
For 6 years i have avoided the mirror as much as possible. My daughter is 2 and is the completion of my loving family. boys 11,7,4 were all 7 lb. bundles of joy, baby girl was a whopping 9lbs and finished off the last bit of boob i had left.
Nov.6 I had my first consult and had so much fun trying different size and shape implants with the nurse. It wasn't until the Dr came in did it go down hill!!! He was nice and professional but wreaked of cigarettes. EXAM.. was told I needed a lift that i didn't want in fear of having an ugly scar and small areolas (no offence ladies). Here's the killer and what had me almost in tears, he explains that the space between my abs is too large and a TT will only benefit me if i opted to have a piece of strattice place between the abs then stitched together. bio-medically grown pig skin. at this point i had the oh hell no face, got dressed and made my way to the coordinator and giving an estimate of 18k.
FFWD to 2nd consult where i felt welcomed right away. I was informed of everything in detail before i was to undress to my shame. Consult was great and informative Dr went over previous pt before and after photos with me. EXAM i understand why i need the lift and NOOOO pig skin for my tummy YES!!!! now im on my way to happiness in me. and 2k cheaper with better outcome and a overnight stay!!! AWESOME
It pays to be patient and get more than one consult after all you have to put your life in someone else's hands and trust that they are able to meet your needs. Pre Op visit is not until FEB which sucks, got a promotion at work and cant take off the time needed until march...SMH im ready NOW
I had a consult with him and I think I am doing the mommy makeover next month with him! I am going to make my final decision Thanksgiving. Where else did you go for consults?
Dr. Rottler very nice staff was also very nice. I just felt as if I wouldn't get the result I wanted and didn't want to be experimented on I had asked if he had used strattice abdominally and he no but used it in breast reconstruction. Then the risk of infection wasnt what I wanted to hear.
I'm going to Dr. Kofkoff in less than a month for a tummy tuck. I really like him. Can't wait. Excited for you and look forward to following your journey:)

sag sag and MORE sag

big belly

8 months ago I was 176lbs currently 136lbs I lost everything but the belly.

I would love to see your "Oh hell no" face. Hahaha! But seriously, congrats on that promotion and on working your way toward a mommy makeover. Please keep us posted as you get closer!

Oh yeah, the 1st guy would have lost me at the smell of cigs too! Pig skin?! Glad you got a second opinion.

belly challenge

So I'm gonna make an attempt to loose as much belly fat as I can before the tt. Cardio before bed and lay off the burger king and steak n' shake and my love for large Pepsi's. Day 1 is 11/29. Huh!!!!

belly 2

Oooohhhhh! How I love a Pepsi!! I may have a glass once a week. My coworkers son lost 25lbs in 2 months just from cutting out soda and juice. Your surgery date will b here before you know it
Good Luck, so excited for you.

7 days until perfection!!!

Omg the home stretch is upon me, I'm so ready for this. I cant wait until I'm able to post pictures. I decided on 450cc but PS doesn't think it possible with a lift. Hoping for the best Praying for a safe smooth procedure!!!
Hope you are doing well anxious to hear how everything went! Please update when you feel up to it!!
Please keep us updated. I have booked my surgery for May 28th. with Dr. Koffkoff!
I'm going to try to take pictures of everything from the arrival up until discharge just so you ladies have an idea of what you may experience

ohh the pain

Ladies a mommy makeover is totally worth it from what I can tell everything looks great. As long as you stay on top of your meds you will be fine. I'm tired and the drains are driving me crazy will post pics tomorrow. I am loving the flat side
Well done. Looking forward to seeing your pics. Get on your feet asap it will help recovery. Welcome to the flat side. Happy healing x
I love the work Dr. Kofkoff did on me to. I am 3 months post and very happy.


Still can't stand up straight will post better photos later
What size implant did you wind up getting?
475 on rt and 450 on left I was leaning back in the recliner on these pics standing pics will be posted after shower today.
Ok sounds good anxious to see!

No energy and Im just being honest

The recliner has become my best friend but I am sure as hell sick of sitting in it! The drains suck and I just wanna heal already! I started stool softener and a mild laxative before surgery and still no action. Literally the poop is weighing me down lol im sure I would feel much better if I could just go ALREADY! I strongly suggest you ladies have 24hr help you will need it my husband and family has been awesome. If your ps offers experal ...(pain shot) get that too! and your good to go basically the down side is the CONSTIPATION. I don't really know what else to say so whatever questions you ladies have no matter what it is or if there is a pic from a certain angle you wanna see let me know, I will answer as long as im awake my tablet is here next to me.
I am having a lot of swelling in my belly. I haven't removed the CG since the surgery on Tuesday but my tummy is definitely bloated. Are you experiencing this?
Girl yes especially after eating try loosening the garment a bit that may help I find it hard at time to take a really deep breath


Hows it going? Do you have a post op appointment yet?
You are looking great post some more pics when you feel up to it!
Sure will

4/4 photos taken

Still lots of abdominal swelling
Do you have any pics of you currently? I would love to see how your swelling went down. I scheduled my mommy makeover with dr. Kofkoff in exicited
I have my consult on Tuesday,, I am so excited but scared how is your progress going are you happy with your final results? Look forward to more pics
your breast just gave me boob envy!! lol. You look great. I am scheduled in 12 days.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. K saved me from my own misery. I am so glad I decided to have him do my mommy makeover. He hears what your needs are and also uses his best judgment which most P'S have gotten away from. Staff is awesome surgery center is awesome. Thanks Dr. K

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