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I am 48 and have two teeth that have really moved...

I am 48 and have two teeth that have really moved over the last few years. They are both in the front of my mouth. I thought hey why not get this taken care of before my 50th. The dentist had told me down the road I would probably lose them. I just thought I could get a retainer or something but oh no. I was told that this would work and be less painful and no one could tell. Ok. so no one can see them but I sure can feel them. My son got them to fix a very bad overbite. He is 13 and has autism. Been a tough few years for him with acne and middle school. I thought these would be less painful and look better. Thank the lord I am suffering with him or I would feel so bad. I was told that you just have a little discomfort the first day or two when you put in a new tray. All the girls at my dentists office have them. I thought great because I hate pain and I am a big baby when it comes to the dentist. My trays were so rough that my mouth is cut up, my tongue is killing me. I expected discomfort and some pain but this sucks! It's been three days now. I went back day two and had them file the rough edges down on mine and my sons. Our tongues won't heel and are mouths are sore and still seem to be cut up. I asked the dentist about the wax and they told me that wouldn't work. Well I am running out to buy some after I post this review. I have been popping Advil for 3 days and I hate to take any meds at all. Now I want to buy stock. I think Jim Beam and I have a date tonight. My poor son. He can't concentrate on school and is missing classes. Neither one of us want's to talk and I think I will be attending his speech class on Friday with him. I need to learn to talk again. My hubby said that alone was worth the money but he will pay for that!! I am glad I found this site to moan on. I wish I had found it sooner. I would have just put two fake teeth in instead. I have 9 attachments and my son has 12. They never told my about these. I felt blindsided. NOT GOOD FOR THE ROMANCE DEPT. Well if I have to suffer my hubbys gonna suffer too. Just call me fang! I feel like a dangerous weapon. (They call me 009). I can laugh now because my trays are out as I am enjoying a cup of coffee. As I get to the bottom of the cup I am getting more anxious and it's not because of the caffeine. I can't believe I paid for this, my son was only partly covered by insurance. I hope it's worth it! For this much money I better come out looking like a super model instead of me with two straighter teeth. Oh, I am using this as a weight loss program. I don't want to eat at all. They should advertise these trays for that purpose and they would make a mint! I will have to take before and after pictures. Glad were not alone in this. Hope everyone has a great outcome.

Day 4

Wow, I woke up today with no real pain. My son still has some discomfort. I have 23 yards of mulch to move so I am hoping it will take our minds off of our teeth. I was so happy to be able to concentrate on what I have to do instead of my mouth pain. I think I can live with this. I still feel a little like Rocky. I am ready to rumble with my mouth guards in. The speech teacher said I sounded fine. She only heard a little lisp. She is now going to look into them for herself because she was told she needs braces. Wow, I wonder if Invisalign will give me a commision! Oh, and I am two pounds down. WOOHOO!! I am going to take advantage of that aspect of wearing these things. I was so glad I could see everyones before and after pictures on this sight. It really made me feel better and now I have something to look forward to. They really do work. My son felt better after seeing those pictures. I'll be back to update again!!

Two weeks in and all is calm! Keep calm and smile on!!!

Well, Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. It really has helped my son and I to keep our heads up. I was over the pain by day 4 but my son took a little longer. He is better now. For some reason we are to wear our first pair of trays for 2 1/2 weeks. Don't know why but we won't switch to our second trays until Sat. the 10th. I still talk a little funny once in a while. My son sounds fine. I still feel like I am ready to join the NHL or fight with Mohammad Ali! I remember my field hockey days and I want to carry a hockey stick with me. When I am at the store or talking to someone I don't know I find myself apologizing and explaining about my Invisalign. They will usually tell me that they didn't even notice. HMMMM. I don't know if they are just being nice. I can't wait to try the next set of trays on. I just hope the pain is not as bad. Oh and I am down 6 lbs. I am telling you they really need to market these as a weight loss program along with fixing your teeth. Much less invasive then stomach staples. I'll update in a few days after we put in our 2nd trays. Thanks again for the help!

Going well and still talking a little funny.

Hi all. My son and I are doing fine. We are in our 7th set of trays. I still trip over my words a little when I put in a new tray but my son has no problem with that. No more pain. Each new tray may feel tight but not for to long. Vacation was a little challenging because I was eating more and all through the day. My son and I would forget to put the trays back in. We have such a repetitive schedule at home so on vacation we were crazy with meals and treats. I gained 5 lbs. Oh woe is me. We got back on track as soon as we got back home. I see a difference in my teeth so I am so happy that I did decide to do this. I hope it goes well for my son because he will have to wear his for a year and a half where I only have them for 17 weeks, I will keep the updates coming.
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Hi!  It's been three months now…I'm wondering how you and your son are doing in treatment :D.
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I've been wondering the same thing. It can be a tough journey when you start and all you feel is the pain and inconvenience. It's not till you actually see some improvement that you think- "Hey! I can do this! And I'm starting to actually see some change." I hope all is well with the two of you!
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Yay, welcome back, and with such great news!  How is your son doing with compliance?
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He is doing very well. Better than me at times. He talks with no problem and I sometimes still sound like I'm starting at the beginning. When I am tired or starting a new set I notice it more.The only time we had forgotten once or twice to put them back in after a meal was on vacation. We were out of our routines and you had to be more careful about them.
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AreYouKiddingMe was asking about you as well :).  Maybe you could update for us?

My daughter was just diagnosed with ASD (high-functioning) and she also has terrible teeth problems.  She's only 7, so too young for braces, but she will need the full treatment--headgear, braces, extraction of baby teeth that aren't falling out despite adult teeth coming in.  I'm wondering if your son has any sensory processing issues, and whether he seems to feel the discomfort more or less than you do.  And whether he was nervous at all in the beginning.  My daughter also has anxiety disorder.  Any info would be much appreciated.  I'm following you, so if you put it all in an update, I will find it.

Thank you!
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My son just turned 14 a week ago. At 7 this would have been to much for him. At this age regular braces would have been too much but the invisalign has been a life saver for his teeth. I think we are both the same when it comes to mouth pain since I am a big baby. Teeth cleanings hurt me for days. He is also battling severe acne at this time. Social anxiety also heavy at this point. He has sensory issues but I will say they have lessened with age. I know how difficult this all is for you and your daughter. Just take a deep breath and keep telling yourself that this shall pass too. There were some days that I didn't know what to do next and I just wanted to give up. Hang in there. I know for Evan the more I took him some place and got him use to the place and people it would get a little easier. Our Dental team is full of angels and are so understanding and helpful. Good luck and any info you need just ask. If I can help I will.
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Thank you for answering so quickly!  I'm glad to hear that his sensory issues have lessened.  Does he go to regular school, does he have interventions and the like?  I just found out a few hours ago that my daughter is getting kicked out of the tiny private school she's been going to for the past two years because they don't have the resources to handle her appropriately :(.  I haven't told her yet.  All but one of her (extremely few) friends go there.  She's never gone anywhere else.  I feel like someone kicked me in the head, I'm so lost.  And we're in the beginning phases of educational and psychological assessments as well, in order to confirm the diagnosis.  And every test is so traumatic for her.  I am definitely feeling like you said--just overwhelmed and shellshocked.  I am hoping that something wonderful and positive will come out of this, though.  Every ending is an opportunity for a new beginning, right?  Just need to find the energy to get through it!
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My son is starting 8th grade this year. He went to public school up until last year. He started 7th grade but due to severe social anxiety and some bullying he couldn't go any more. I had to pull him out and start public online school. He has been in therapy since last summer. He had become very depressed and with drawn. I wouldn't even leave him alone. We are in a better place now but we still have a way to go. I think I might see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a new phase with Autism. Puberty for boys is very difficult. This is what I was told and boy was that dead on. I know it is scare y and you may feel alone in this but trust me your not. It may be difficult now but don't give up. Each time she accomplishes something new celebrate. I use humor to get me through. Sometimes you will feel beat down by this and that's OK. I had my son diagnosed at 18 months so I have been dealing with this a long time. I am happy to help anytime. Ask me anything and if I can help I will.
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Thank you thank you!!!  I hope that your son starts coming out of his depression soon.  Social anxiety is terrible.  I've suffered with that (mine is generally brought on by depression, strangely enough, but then it is debilitating.)  I can't even imagine having to deal with that on top of all the other social confusion that goes with ASD.  So glad you were able to pull him from school to stop that insanity.  Is he doing well now with the curriculum?
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Yes, he is doing well with the classes. His grades are good. It doesn't help him with socializing because it's like pulling teeth to get him to go anywhere but that is improving with therapy He is going to start a group therapy this fall with his counselor but he is bulking on this right now. I have to force this issue because it is his next step to move foreword. He was fine until middle school which is hard for every child. I feel sorry for all the kids. It is such a hard time and all I hear is how hard middle school is for all kids. In my mind we should change how it is run. Oh well, I just hope I pass 8th grade with him, I didn't like it the first time around and I'm sure this time is going to be just as hard HEHEHE!!
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Yeah, I have to admit that I didn't do great in school either.  I mean, I got fantastic grades, but everything was terrible.  That's one of the reasons we've been homeschooling.  But so far I have not been adequate to the task for my eldest.  I'd expected it to be the way it is with one of my 4-year-olds:  that the children are hungry for knowledge, so you just kind of provide learning opportunities for them.  But since my eldest actively balks at reading and writing, that does not work as well for her.  But I have hope now.  I'm already feeling much more positive and excited than I did when last we spoke, so that's good :).
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I'm glad. I know it's hard to keep smiling so if you have a day where the depression and sadness is heavy than so be it. We moms are only human. I learned with my son I had to work with him not at him. I had to work within his mind not him in mine if that makes any sense. Hang in and remember there are so many of us out there. Just reach out. If I may ask what state you are in? I'm in Pennsylvania. Chester County. Just wondering.
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I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area :).
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I'm glad its going well for you. I have found the same thing - the only one who notices the aligners is you! Not others. Seeing them, feeling them, dealing with them -- is all you! As for the length of time you wear each tray, that probably depends on how diligent you are to sticking to the 22 hours rule. A very hard rule! I use a timer to keep me on track. Otherwise its surprising how the minutes slip away and add on. But I'm sure your dentist has a good reason to extend the timing of your trays. Good luck on tray 2!
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My email said you updated but I can't see it…?
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Hi!  Just checkin in to see how things are going for you….
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Hang in there. I'm only on tray 2. We all know how you feel. I think the big thing for me was not knowing all the "side effects". My sore mouth no longer has little blisters. I have learned not to run my tongue down the edges of the invisaligners to keep it from getting scratched up. You are right about not snacking because you don't want to put the aligners in and out any more than you have to. (I have 18 attachments and I cannot 'pop' my aligners out - I must pry them out of my mouth.) While it may sound like you lisp to you, people just don't hear it like you do. Hopefully the pain just turns into pressure. Right now the world revolves around your aligners. I feel the same way. Good luck to you and your son!
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Yay!  Time wins again :D.  It really is rare for the pain to last weeks, though we have a couple on here.  Glad to know you're not one of them!!!
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You poor thing!  You made me laugh, but I kinda feel bad, because you're in pain.  But it gets better!  I promise!  And the orthodontic wax does work, as long as everything is dry when you put it on.  I used it a lot in the beginning.  

I'm so glad you found us to moan on--that's what we're for!  Let me give you some names so you can look around the community :).  We have a growing number of people who are pursuing invisalign past their twenties.  We actually have a couple in their sixties!  But here are a few to get you started:

fab45mom is also quite new, but active here on RealSelf. She's 45.
Kristen1166 is 47 and a few months into treatment.
AreYouKiddingMe is fifty and just started April 1.
sheemoho just started April 17 and was having a little pain, too.

I look forward to following your progress and hearing that things are improving for you!
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