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I have my front 4 teeth crowns(had a bike accident...

I have my front 4 teeth crowns(had a bike accident years ago) last year my 3 year old head butted me and knocked one out! I took the opportunity to save and buy all 4 new ones because I never really loved the original ones anyway. It was a long, expensive,(out of pocket) experience. And last week my toddler (1yr old) knocked one of my brand new (year old) teeth out and even shattered the tooth nub underneath the crown!! So I have been to two dentists this week and both gave me a different opinion. One said the tooth is too broken to get a new crown and that I need a dental implant. And the other said a dental implant is too risky if my jaw bone is too thin and breaks or can't support it, so he suggested a crown with a longer post . I'm so confused but I'm going to spend the next week checking out different dentists (cosmetic ones) to see which one to get(what my options are) I hate mouth work, I'm very scared, but I need a tooth. Would love to hear suggestions.

Tooth extracted (response to question below) also

Hi so sorry that wasn't clear.
I had the tooth extracted yesterday and I have a flipper for now. I have 3 consult apts in the next two weeks. My only option now is a dental implant because the tooth is extracted. (Super scared) but what I was trying to say was that underneath the crown the natural tooth was broken so the dentist said I couldn't get another crown because the natural tooth that the crown would be screwed into was too broken and too small. So he said I need an implant (screwed into jawbone) then a crown gets placed over that. The way I understand this is that the only good thing about this option is that it's a little stronger thus more permanent than a crown that gets screwed into a natural filed down tooth because that way weakens over time which is why this prob happened so easily. But the other dentist said the natural tooth, although broken, still had enough solid tooth (under the gum, not visible to me) to screw a bigger (not sure if he meant longer or thicker) post into it. and go with just a crown, without implant. Just like what I had before. He thought this is the better option because he said there is risk with implant and it's best to always try to save the tooth if you can.
This is no longer an option for me though because I had the tooth extracted altogether. I feel that the implant is better because it's stronger and I'm really hoping that because of its strength this is less likely to happen again. I can't go through this again. I have had bad luck with teeth and boobs, lol. I suppose it can still happen though because I still have 3 other crowns. Ugh! I just didn't want to keep drilling into an already weak tooth. I hope I made the right choice.

I'm brave for putting this up, so embarrassing

Pic of my missing tooth and my flipper tooth which I think came out great! If only it weren't so uncomfortable!

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3 consults

Have been to 3 consults
More confused now as to who to go to. I just want it to look good.
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